Dawn-Class Dreadnought

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The Dawn-Class Dreadnought is a starship manufacured in Sunset. Recently, 20 of these Dreadnoughts have been sold to Knootoss to serve as core heavy hitters in the Knootian Defence Force. These have been stripped of their classified weapon systems, and replaced by Knootian alternatives slightly down the weapons envelope.


For more information, consult the Sunset website].


Role: Combat Operations

Officers: 86 Command

Enlisted: 329 Maintenance and Support

Auxiliary: None

Length/Height/Beam: 500/60/330 Meters

Sublight Drive: Marathon Gravitic

FTL Drive: Warp

Sensor/Comms: Anima Fleet Network

Cost: 681 Billion Di-Coins

Primary: 17 Heavy Variable Plasma Arrays

Secondary: 18 Light Variable Plasma Arrays

Secondary: 124 Heavy Torpedo Tubes