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Kaeneian Defence Forces
The Tri-service emblem: Defence Solarri, Defence Guardian and Defence Terra.
Personnel (Defence Terra figures in brackets)
(males age 16-49)
Fit for military service
(males age 16-49)
Regular personnel strength


The Armed Forces of the Serene Union of Kaenei known collectively as the Kaeneian Defence Force (or KDF) externally and The Tri-Service Defence Forces internally, comprise three facets: the Defence Solarri (Responsible for orbital fleets and facilities outwith planetary bodies), the Defence Guardian (Responsible for the Union's "civilian" and military police forces) and the Defence Terra (Responsible for Kaeneian-at-arms and all ground combat). Their Commander-in-Chief is the Governor-General of the Serene Union (De-facto), currently Sophia Byzainti, and are managed by the Unified Defence Committee (UDC) of The Aengelistoria Dominica representing the Defence Solarri, Defence Guardian and Defence Terra.

The UDC is composed of the highest ranking officials of all three arms of the KDF; The Air Marshall-General of the Defence Solarri, the Commandant-General of the Defence Guardian and the Field Marshall-General of the Defence Terra, as well as the Supreme-Overseers (the civilian government ministers) of said arms under the Governor-General herself. Others may be added to the Committee as required though as always the Governor-General has final say and veto.

The KDF is charged with the defence of the Union and her extra-Terran territories as well as fulfiling any force-projection demands placed on it by The Aengelistoria Dominica. Following ascension to the Triumvirate of Yut and Non-Democratic Alliance the KDF is now required to contribute to the former's TYCS and the latter's Joint Operational Forces.

Defence Solarri

The KDF was formed in its current incarnation following planetfall of the Kaeneian convoy which journeyed from Solarri to Earth. One of the first Acts of Supremacy passed by the then-new Aengelistoria Dominica was to formally seperate the spaceborne fleets and the ground forces of the Armed Forces into the Defence Solarri and Defence Terra to address the rebellion which had spurned the journey to a new home.

Until recently the force projection abilities of the Defence Solarri were considered to be extremely modest in comparison to nations of similiar size and technological base. The lack of direct or indirect warfare, or the presentation of a recognisable threat led to arguable stagnation and a slowing of military research and development.

The Sketchen War later proved how costly the price of peace could be -- The Defence Solarri being pushed to its absolute logisitical and physical limit by the massive effort required to not only transport the Expeditionary Force of the Defence Terra to the Europan Conflict Sphere, but to mount the orbital battle required to pacify Sketchen aerospace assets. Following the successful but casualty-laden excercise a period of intense re-evaluation of the direction of the Kaeneian Armed Forces was undertaken, resulting the creation of the Mobile Conflict Managment Model.

The MCMM is the current cornerstone of the Defence Solarri's fleet makeup; the concept called for the construction of aerospace carriers of a size considerably larger than the then-largest capital ships -- each carrier laden with a versatile type of fighter able to engage other small craft as well as strafing runs against starships, as well as a mix of reconnisence and special-type vessels. Each Carrier also mounted powerful and numerous point defence cannons, ship-to-ship turrets and ordinance for capital ship/facility attack or defence.

To date the five fleets of the Defence Solarri have all successfully undergone conversion to the MCMM doctrine, with the decomissioning of the Khandriayata-class Destroyers and their possible transfer to the TYCS and NDA progressing nominally.


KDV Xiana DSC-68CC

Defence Solarri Ranks & Uniforms

Main article: Ranks and Uniforms of the Defence Solarri

In common with other space-borne organisations the ranks of the Defence Solarri evolved from more traditional blue-water planetary navies. There exists three types of personnel serving in the DS: Requisitioned Personnel, Enlisted Personnel (Including Non-Comissioned Officers) and Commissioned Officers.

Current Fleet Assets

The Defence Solarri encompasses five space-borne combat fleets, spread between the Serene Union's various territories throughout Sol. In addition, orbital facilities also fall under its juristiction, often administered in conjuction with the Department Scientia.

Each of the five combat fleets is named after a city of the Serene Union, with the capital and first fleet, Solarri, being given the priviledged status of "Home Fleet" on account of their relative experience as front-line units and personnel.

Prefix explanation

The registration and prefixes of vessels belonging to the Defence Solarri are explained with this example;

K.D.V Nevertravel DSC-23CC

K.D.V or "Kaeneian Defence Vessel" denotes the military status of the starship, as opposed to civilian or medical use. The next two letters highlight the department that has responsibility for the starship, in this example the DS stands for "Defence Solarri". The third letter in the first sequence denotes the weight class of the vessel which in the example again above, is C for Capital ship.

The two numbers following the dash are the construction record, and indicate when checked within the relevant databse, the age of the vessel. The final letter denotes the precise function of the starship, where CC in this case means "Conflict Carrier".

Fleet Listing

First Fleet

First Fleet (Solarri)

[Deployed E.C.S. (Earth Conflict Sphere) ]


K.D.V. Stayed Hand DSC-19CC

K.D.V. Unforgiven Transgression DSC-20CC

K.D.V. Khandrii DSC-21DE

K.D.V. Sorrowful DSC-22DE

K.D.V. Eternal Remeberance DSC-23DE

K.D.V. Unrepentant Justice DSC-24DE

K.D.V. Neannori DSC-25DE

K.D.V. Fortunate Intervention DSC-26ES

K.D.V. Aengelis DSC-27ES

K.D.V. Imitation Of Life DSC-28ES

K.D.V. Proffered Sin DSC-29ES

Second Fleet

Second Fleet (Byzantineri)

[Deployed M.C.S. (Martian Conflict Sphere) ]

K.D.V. Byzantineri DSC-30CC (FLAGSHIP)

K.D.V. Heartfelt Authority DSC-31CC

K.D.V. Shining Path DSC-32CC

K.D.V. Autumn Decline DSC-33DE

K.D.V. Nocturnal Musings DSC-34DE

K.D.V. Obscured Reflections DSC-35DE

K.D.V. November Rainfall DSC-36DE

K.D.V. Unconquered Tundra DSC-37ES

K.D.V. Murmured Fallacy DSC-38ES

K.D.V. Unwelcome Truth DSC-39ES

K.D.V. South Central Rain DSC-40ES

K.D.V. Faithless Drive DSC-75ES

Third Fleet

Third Fleet (Fortuna)

[Deployed J.C.S. (Jovian Conflict Sphere) ]

K.D.V. Fortuna DSC-41CC (FLAGSHIP)

K.D.V. Objective Destiny DSC-42CC

K.D.V. Silenced Night DSC-43CC

K.D.V. Celestia DSC-44DE

K.D.V. Saturn Rising DSC-45DE

K.D.V. Mortal Coil DSC-46DE

K.D.V. Great Beyond DSC-47DE

K.D.V. Reluctant Saviour DSC-48ES

K.D.V. Endurance DSC-49ES

K.D.V. Victory DSC-50ES

K.D.V. Liberating Wave DSC-51ES

K.D.V. Invincible Belief DSC-52ES

Fourth Fleet

Fourth Fleet (Meridiaa)

[Deployed D.E.P.S Deep-Space Exploration & Patrol Sphere) ]

K.D.V. Meridiaa DSC-53CC (FLAGSHIP)

K.D.V. Northern Light DSC-54CC

K.D.V. Unbroken Dream DSC-55CC

K.D.V. Affirmation Of Fate DSC-56DE

K.D.V. Lunar Rising DSC-57DE

K.D.V. Yesterday's Memory DSC-58DE

K.D.V. Decaying Dreams DSC-59DE

K.D.V. Admired Beauty DSC-60ES

K.D.V. Sacred Heart DSC-61ES

K.D.V. Triumph's Dominion DSC-62ES

K.D.V. Highest Adored DSC-63ES

K.D.V. Bright Summit DSC-67ES

Fifth Fleet

Fifth Fleet (Xiana)

[Deployed E.C.S (Jovian Conflict Sphere) ]


K.D.V. Time's Arrow DSC-69CC

K.D.V. Westward Journey DSC-70CC

K.D.V. Foreboding Sky DSC-71DE

K.D.V. Sincere Reunion DSC-72DE

K.D.V. Serenity DSC-73DE

K.D.V. Fulfiled Destiny DSC-74DE

K.D.V. Resurgent Union DSC-75ES

K.D.V. Requiem's Mourning DSC-76ES

K.D.V. Rampant DSC-77ES

K.D.V. Lithe Acceptance DSC-78ES

K.D.V. Sweetness Follows DSC-79ES

Defence Terra

Whilst the Defence Solarri ensures the ability of the Serene Union to defend her territory outwith planetary borders, and also maintains sole control of ship-to-planet and atmospheric transport/fighter/bombing capacity it is the Defence Terra which is tasked with waging any ground war on behalf of the Union. The larger of the two facets of the KDF in terms of manpower the Defence Terra is the final defence against invasion and (Admittedly counter-productive to the concept of self-defence initially) the decisive wave in attack.

Ranks and Uniforms

Main Article : Ranks and Uniforms of the Defence Terra

The ranks of the Defence Terra have remained unchanged in much the same way as any modern land army has retained the same basic command structure throughout the centuries. Unlike the Defence Solarri which has had to make changes to account for the vastly different nature of its operations from which its organisation originated the Defence Terra has refined due to its static mandate, and has therefore retained the same ranks for generations.