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Metropolitan Province of Deioprañiva
Rañy Žitu Deioprañiva
Flag of Deioprañiva
State Baranxtu
Capital Deioprajji Make
Official (province)

Governor Nedlani Lehugrami
Location in Baranxtu

Deioprañiva is the name for a major Baranxtuan metropolitan area, and the province it constitutes.

The province of Deioprañi Make was split from Dorista in 1943, and during the 2006 Reforms, counties from both Doristas were included to the province, creating Deioprajjiβa.

Deioprañiva is the center of the Western Industrial Belt. As a melting pot for Baranxtiman, Asuanituan and Marani cultures it has also developed quite a strong tourist economy.


Deioprañi Make, the name of its capital, is derived from Masenar Dajoprañ Makca, meaning "City of Deioprañi". Deioprañi was a king living in the 15th century CE; he founded the city and made it the capital of the Masenas kingdom.

When the city state of Deioprañi Make was enlarged to include also counties that had not yet merged with the city physically, the suffix -va was added, which means "area around" in Baranxeï.




Regions and Districts

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">Deioprajjiva-regionssmall.png
The regions of the Deioprañiva.

In total, the Deioprañiva is subdivided into 92 electoral districts.

The Deioprañiva is further divided into 10 regions, which are however called "cities" in this province.

The ten cities are:

  In Baranxeï In Masenar In Qi
1 Anihuramaxe Añiramaki Neanura
2 Sinala Sinala Tinala
3 Inuramaxe Inoramaki Neinna
4 Āþ-Deioprañi Make Dajoprañ Maki-Xha Neduperani Ea
5 Ağiš-Deioprañi Make Dajoprañ Maki-Iti Neduperani Isne
6 Āŋ-Deioprañi Make Dajoprañ Maki-Pha Neduperani Fan
7 Seakirija Seokeriji Seokela
8 Seamera Seomera Seomira
9 Āþ-Avara Makana Xha Loe Ea
10 Āŋ-Avara Makana Pha Loe Fan





<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">deioprajjivaflag.jpg
The flag of Deioprañiva.

The current flag of Deioprañiva was adopted in 2006 after the reforms.

It is a symbolical representation of the province; blue stands for the ocean, the light green for the shore, the dark green for the inland and the brown for the hillocks on the border with Āþ-Dorista and Āŋ-Dorista.