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The United Commonwealth of Delesa
La République de Delesa
Gemeinwesen von Delesa
commonwealth-1.jpg coatofarms.png
Flag and Coat of Arms of Delesa
Motto (English/Latin on Coat of Arms): United We Stand, United We Win

Full Map:[1]
Capital St. Myhre
Five largest cities St. Myhre, Port Hustlings, Russograd,
Portsmouth, Montreal
Spoken languages - Official English, French

 - Monarch
 - Prime Minister
 - Governing political party
· Constitutional monarchy

King George III
Lester Geddie
Progressive Conservative
Establishment 1222
 - Total (2024)

1 bil+
Currency 1 Commonwealth Credit (Ç)
Time Zone DNTZ
National Constitution Charter of Rights and Freedoms
International abbreviations
 - sport

Internet TLD .ucd

The United Commonwealth of Delesa also know as La république de Delesa(french), Gemeinwesen von Delesa(german), Содружество наций Delesa(russian), is a nation based on the democratic system of government. Much like the Nation of Canada, the country has three branches of government: Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary. The Supreme Judicial Court includes a Chief Justice Judge ,six Associate Justices Judges that serve with the CJJ on the supreme court, and four Alternate Justice Judges. Delesa is made up of 9 provinces and 10 main islands and many more smaller Military occupied and Corporation owned islands. There is the House of Commons that Local MPs are voted into, serving a term of 4 years unless a vote is called earlier due to failing vote of confidence. The other have of goverment is the Senate. Senate has a total of 60 members and they are the last form of government to look over new laws and such before it is given to the King for final reviewing and then offical signing. Senators are apointed by the Royal King. 20 at a time every 4 years, while 20 new ones enter the senate, the group that has been in power for it's 3 terms or 12 years is dismissed.


Offical Country Name: United Commonwealth of Delesa
Previously known as: The Kingdom of Delesa
Form of Government: Constitutional monarchy with two legistive bodies(Senate and House of Commons)
Government Leader: Prime Minister Lester Geddie
Capital: St.Myhre
Offical Language(s): English, French
Other Language(s): Gaelic, Italian, German, Russian
Offical Currency: Credit
Religions: Delican 60%, Protestant 21%, Roman Catholic 6%, other 13%
Nationality : Delesians
Ethnic Groups: Delesian 81% (including english), French 9%, Irish 6%, Other 4%
Technology Level: Modern technology (MT)
Ethnicity : 91% Caucasian, 9% Other
National Motto : United we Stand, United we Win.
National Anthem : There'll always be an Delesa
National Animal : Delesian Lion

Life Expectancy: Total: 77.85 years
Male: 75.02 years
Female: 80.82 years

Median Age: Total: 32.5 years
Male: 31.3 years
Female: 34.0 years

Adult Literacy: Total: 99%
Male: 99%
Female: 99%

National Anthem

There`ll always be an Delesa

I give you a toast Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you a toast Ladies and gentlemen
May this fair land we love so well,
In Dignity and freedom dwell.
While worlds may change and go awry,
Whilst there is still one voice to cry!

There'll always be an Delesa,
While there's a country lane.
Wherever there's a cottage small
Beside a field of grain
There'll always be an Delesa
While there's a busy street.
Wherever there's a turning wheel
A million marching feet.

Red, white and black
What does it mean to you?
Surely you're proud
Shout it loud
Delesians awake!
The Commonwealth
We can depend on you.
Freedom remains
These are the chains
Nothing can break.

There'll always be an England
And Delesa shall be free
If England means as much to you
As Delesa means to me.


Region : Atlantian Oceania

Capital City : St. Myhre

Largest 4 Cities : Port Hustling, Montreal, Portsmouth, Russograd

Climate: Various

Lowest Point: Bowl Valley -86 m

Highest Point: Mount Delesa 7,647 m

Natural Resources: Coal, copper, lead, molybdenum, phosphates, uranium, bauxite, gold, iron, mercury, nickel, potash, silver, tungsten, zinc, petroleum, natural gas, timber.

Natural Hazards: Tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquake activity, hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires, flooding, permafrost, and snow storms.

Tourist Info

The Commonwealth is a nation of many faces. The nation has 11 islands, 9 provinces, and several different climate zones. The northern island is called King Leo Island. Its a large island, that is fairly flat and recieves large amounts of snow fall every year. There are two provinces, Ontario to the west, and Manitoba to the east. Then in the south is the largest of the islands. Its called King Charles Island. It contains three provinces, Alberta, Juno, and Arizona. The large of the island is boreal forest and plains, but in the west past the Rocky Mountain Range is a scorching hot desert and the entire province of Arizona. To the east of the range, and in the north is the province of Alberta, which has many oil fields and planty of farm land. Alot of farm land is owned by the government. And to the south of Alberta is the province of Juno, home of the national capital, St.Myhre. Two of the largest cities can be found here along with the lowest point. There is a river that runs from a city in the mountains in the north called Auglium, and runs all the way south to St.Myhre where it feeds out into the Charles Strait. To the south-west of Arizona is the island of King Fredrick, the home of the single province of Quebec. This is where the famous Delesaian Whiskey is brewed. To the east of Juno is a cluster of 6 smaller islands. The islands are called the Virgin Isles, also the name of the province. They have a interesting history, once taken over, left then retaken in a 4 year long bloody war with Kreatvye. And the south of King Charles island is the King Victor island. It is home to two provinces of Omaha to the west, and Normandy to the east. And close to the middle is the Delesa Canal. And the largest city in all Delesa is located here, Port Hustlings. Once you get out to the coast of King Victor Island its only kilometres of wounderful beaches and sparkling ocean. While the shores of the Virgin Isles is rocky jaggaed shores. Port Hastlings is a serious tourist attraction with the beaches, amazing hotels and tradional buildings.

This nation is deep into the sport of football(soccer). The nation has its own premier league. You cant walk into a gas station or conveince shop without seeing a TV on and the cashier watching a intense game. A new football stadium has just be completed in St.Myhre. Yes football is a huge thing and as a tourist you cant come to Delesa and not go see a game, well thats if you could get tickets. Most teams are known for selling out most of their games. And the stadiums can atleast facilitate 75,000 people. The stadium in St.Myhres, the Delesa National Football Centre, can contain 125,000. So if you drop by the nation go see a game in one of our many in all regions of the great nation. Delesa is also famous for its whiskey brewed in Quebec.

Government & Politics

Political Parties

Party Leader Description Percentage of Seats in the HC Seats in the HC held of 270
Progressive Conservative Party Lester Geddie The Progressive Conservative Party (PCP) will be guided in its constitutional framework and its policy basis by the following principles: A balance between fiscal accountability, progressive social policy and individual rights and responsibilities; Build a national coalition of people who share these beliefs and who reflect the regional, cultural and socio-economic diversity of Delesa; Develop this coalition, embracing our differences and respecting our traditions, yet honoring a concept of Delesa as the greater sum of strong parts; The Conservative Party will operate in a manner accountable and responsive to its members; and much more. Lester Geddie is serving his 2nd term as Prime Minister, with a large lead. 48.5% 131
National Liberal Party Peter Rowdy The National Liberal Party of Delesa (NLP) believes that the dignity of each individual man and woman is the fundamental principle of democratic society. All political organization and activity emanates from this guiding principle. In accordance with this philosophy, the Liberal Party of Delesa believes in the promotion of the fundamental rights and freedoms of persons, under the rule of law, and commits itself to the protection of these essential values and their constant adaptation in light of the changing needs of modern Delesian society. Since Peter Rowdy took control of the party, they have not been able to catch up to the PCP. 23.3% 63
Green Party of Delesa Kip Gordan The policies of the Green Party of Delesa (GPD) are founded upon six fundamental principles: Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Participatory Democracy, Non-Violence, Sustainability, Respect for Diversity. Kip Gordan has been able to use his new growing powers as more and more people move away from the CPD party and DAP, to propose new and better laws to save the environment. 14.8% 40
Delesa Action Party Adrien Léopold The Delesian Action Party's (DAP) key proposal is "the right to work". We believe that anyone who wants to work should be able to find employment at a wage that will allow self-sufficiency. Our ultimate aim is "full employment." Period! We believe that the right to gainful employment is a fundamental right and we will cooperate with the provinces and municipalities in the development of a form of "guaranteed annual work" to provide meaningful expression for people displaced by technology. The vast majority of unemployed Delesians want to work, be self-sufficient and part of their communities. Individuals will be given the opportunity for self-fulfillment while contributing to a higher quality of life for all. Almost no power from the voters due to weak leadership and and no clear idea of what the party plans are. 8.8% 24
Communist Party of Delesa Ford Ralph Delesa's party of Socialism, the Communist Party of Delesa (CPD) has been in the forefront of left wing Delesian politics (the only Socialism party now), fighting for jobs, democratic rights, Delesian independence, peace, socialism and working class internationalism. The CPD is a voluntary organization of like-minded Delesians based on the principles of Marxism-Leninism whose ultimate goal is the creation of a Delesian socialist society. We strive to promote the broadest possible unity of the working class and its allies against all forms of oppression and to bring all these forces into the daily struggles of working women and men for jobs, social justice and democratic advance. More and more voters are moving away as the idea of Socialism is proven to be a bad idea to voters 4.4% 12

Form of Government:
Constitutional monarchy with two legistive bodies(Senate and House of Commons)
Meaning, the monarchy has no real political power, but is a power figure. The face of several more famous Kings are on the federal bills and coins, and the people love the current king and queen. King Edward III & Queen Alexandra I.

Voting System:
Prime Minister & House of Commons(HC) -First Past The Post- Elections held every four years. And you vote for local Members of Parliament(MPs). Each MP has a party they are in. And the most amount of MP’s in a party are voted into office, the Party Leader is made Prime Minister. There are 30 MPs (for each party) in each province. The province is divided into 10 sections and one MP gets a section he runs in, and those people in that section vote for those local MPs. Total 180 seats. Senate - There is 60 members in all. And it is divided in groups of 20. And every 4 years, the oldest group, that has been in power for 12 years, is removed and a new 20 brought in. And so on and so forth. The public doesn’t vote, but the the King and Queen apoints respectable people.

Ruling Party

National Conservatives

  • Head of Government and State (also Commander in Chief): Prime Minister Lester Geddie

A heavy drinker of the Quebec whisky, loves being Prime Minister, and is on his second term.

  • Commander of Commonwealth Armed Forces: General Gordan Brigman

A friend of Lester, but still earned his place as Head of Military, starting out as a private in the reserves at the age of 15. Attended the Royal Military Collage then the Royal Officers University.

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Chase Surreal

CEO of Delesa West Tradeing Co. The largest trading/shipping company in the region. Attended the Royal Military Collage.

  • Minister of Internal Affairs: Sam Warehouse

CEO of D4 Industries. Attended the Royal Navy University.

  • Minister of the Treasury: Randy Price

Exellent friend of Lester Geddie, former Presedent of the National Bank of Commonwealth.

  • Minister of Education: Arthur Mickle

A former University teacher at the University of Port Hustlings.

  • Minister of Health: Clyde Bartman

A former Brain Surgeon-Doctor at the St.Myhres General Hospital. Attended the Royal Officers University.

Delesa Armed Forces


Famed Units

  • Old Guard Regiment(Army)
  • 1st Airborne Regiment(Army)
  • 1st Special Forces Airborne Regiment(SFC)

Overseas Claims

The Commonwealth has 2 over seas Territories/Colonies/Incorperated States-Provinces

The Colony of Terra Delesa

The Protectorate of Cesibia - A country that the Commonwealth acquired after the victory in the Commonwealth-Kreatvye War (1940-1978).

The Commonwealth also had two previous inhabited islands in Azazia possession - Axcliffe


Short Version

1222 - The Kingdom of Delesa was established by King Charles I.

1278 - King Leo I in led the ‘Holy Unity Wars’ in which he invaded the(now known as) King Victor and King Leo islands, as well as King Fredrick Island and the Virgin Isles, but died in the Campaign in the Virgin Isles, when struck down by an arrow.

1340 - King Leo II completed the campain. Many momuments were errected of his father, of which many were destroyed in the Socialist Revolution War by the Socialists in the occupied lands.

1347 - King Leo II created a system of classes of citizens. There was 3 levels. The highest was the Royal and Knights, 2nd was the Nobles and Clergy. The bottom was the peasants. This system was called the People’s System.

1809-1815 - War of Independence or First Failed Coup War between the Loyalists and Separatists, in which Delesa was introduced to the future mortal enemy of Kreatvye, who took the side of the Separatists. Separatists defeated, but Kreatvye didn't return the Virgin Isles, and didn't show up to the surrendering of the Separatists.

1862-1864 - Socialist Revolution War - Government vs. Socialist Revolutionaries(mostly peasants) - The out come was a Governement vicorty, barely.

1866 - King Edward II created a Constitutional Monarchy government after the pressure from the people over the blood shed of the revolution.

1868 - With the new government power, the People’s System was abolished and the Universal Male Suffrage brought in, which meant all adult males where able to vote. Also a Charter of Rights and Freedoms was created, guaranteeing rights to all citizens of the country.

1876 - A new title was given to the country, instead of Kingdom it was changed to the Commonwealth. Along with that, the former Pound currency was replaced with the Commonwealth Credit.

1895 - Delesa Soccer League established.

1918 - The Government allowed women to vote.

1940-1978 - Commonwealth-Kreatvye War (also known as Kreatvye War) - During the War of Independence (1792-1819) when the Separatists surrendered, Kreatvye didn't give up the Virgin Isles. This war is about retaking back the islands. The islands were retaken, and the government was pushed on to take the fight to the homeland of Kreatvye. The war continued until 1974. During the war, several times(some times as long as a year(once) to several months) a cease fire was declared, but either one side or the other fired on the other and it continued, or one of the sides would not settle for the peace conditions. But in 1974, the Kreatvye Government was defeated, and a Incorporated State was established. Huge celebrations were held after 38 years of war, and its now been declared as a national holiday. October 4th, the day the government officially surrendered.


See Commonwealth Sports


Misc Delesa Organizations

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">United.Airlines.767.jpg
A United Airlines commercial aircraft.

The National Delesa Bank - NDB

United Delesa Airlines - UDA

Delesa West Trading Co. - DWT Co.

Delesa Universities

St. Myhre
Delesa (in St. Myhre)
Port Hustlings
Fort Ottawa
Fort Eagledale

Delesa Military Schools

Royal Military Collage – Russograd

Royal Officers University – Russograd

Royal Artillery University – Gander

Royal Calvary University – St. Myhre

Royal Navy University – Port Hustlings

Delesa Royalty

See Delesa Royalty

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