Democratic Conservative Party

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Демократическо-Консервативная Партия
Democratisch-Conservative Partij
Established 1147 A.S.
Economic ideology Liberalism
Social ideology Moderately Conservative
Political ideology Constitutional Monarchism
Party leaders Maurits Treurnicht, Leo Luis
Senate Seats 0
Duma Seats 34

The Democratic Conservative Party is the fourth most important political party in Taraskovya and draws support mainly from the Dutch-speaking citizens of the Grand Duchy. It is part of the Loyalist Coalition with the Conservative Party.


The Democratic Conservative Party was formed by former Knootians on the Europolis Islands, who were formerly active in the RCPK, in the wake of the restoration of the Grand Duchy. The DCP quickly spread as a popular movement into the former territories of the Vortex Corporation.


The Party is very similar to the ruling Conservative Party in its policies towards the economy, religion, civil rights and the environment and in most cases it will vote along the same lines.

National and Cultural Issues

  • Constitutional Monarchy: the DCP goes a bit farther in its democratic aspirations than the Conservative Party in that while it sees the Grand Duke as a unifying element for Taraskovya, it wouldn’t mind seeing the Grand Duke’s quasi-total veto powers reduced.
  • Federalism: the DCP wants to preserve the autonomy of the fiefdoms and is generally supportive of decentralization.
  • Multi-Culturalism: the DCP promotes the idea of a “multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and peaceful Grand Duchy” with special emphasis on the rights of Dutch, Taraskath and other linguistic minorities.

Economic Issues

  • Free Market: the DCP is a capitalist party. It also tends to follow the Conservative Party’s economic policies.
  • Free Trade: a difference between the two members of the Loyalist Coalition is that while the Conservative Party is moderately protectionist, the Democratic Conservatives are openly in favour of free trade and an open market.

Foreign Policy

  • Open minded approach: the DCP is not as isolationist as its bigger Conservative friend. The Party also supports strong ties with liberal market economies, such as Knootoss for example.