Der Angst

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Der Angst
Flag of Der Angst
Motto: "Homo Superior"
National Anthem: None
Region Sisgardia
Capital None, DA is entirely urbanised
Official Language(s) Angstian
Leader Officially, Frank Ishii, Sarah Ishii (Symbolic only) and Sakurai Aramaki. Inofficially a wide and constantly changing mixture of different individuals
Population Vaguely Undefined. Decidedly below what NS statistics claim, though
Currency Platin Coin (Value undefined, Inflation varies. Supposed to be roughly 1/2000 of an Euro) 
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The Hypocrisy of Der Angst is a relatively small nation with various territories scattered throughout the solar system and a distinct tendency of blowing up in the wrong moment.

Including various kinds of posthuman subspecies as well as several other kinds of sapient species in its population, and featuring a reasonably wide array of cultures, it is one of the more diverse nations known. Of course, said diversity also results in the nation being comparatively unstable.

National Information

Traditional Long Form: The Hypocrisy of Der Angst
Traditional Short Form: Der Angst
Abbreviations: DA
Form of Government: Varies, Currently Anarchy
Locations: Sisgardia, Earth; Six Islands, Earth (One being located near Weyr, in the central Pacific); DAM, Moon; Daedalia Angst (Semi- Independent), Mars; DAJ, Jupiter (Callisto, Ganymede, Europa (Moon), Themisto, Thebe); DAN, Neptune; DAT, Triton; Omeldor-1, Kuiper Belt



Der Angst proper is located on the Antedammia peninsula of the Sisgardian landmass. Bordering the uninhabited areas of Heffescia in the west and North-West Antarctica in the south- west, the rest of Der Angst's territory borders the sea, with the Technocratic Republics and Alizaria being almost visible from the eastern coast.


The altitude differs greatly, and can reach up to 3000m in the northern areas, while the south tends to be more even. However, due to its hyperurbanised characteristics, this differences aren't nearly as visible as they once were. Kilometer- high skycrapers and arcologies, combined with vast underground complexes in stripmined areas, make the landscape look far more even than it actually is, or rather, was.

Sunshine is rare, rain normal, and while storms aren't a daily phenomenon, a constant, rather strong (westerly) wind is common in many areas. The temperatures differ between -10°C & +30°C, with regional differences.


The environment is unique. While hyperurbanisation removed most of the original environment, bioengineering labs created a new one, based on the conditions hyperurbanisation offered. However, practical issues weren't the only issues the scientists cared about, and so, an excessively diverse wildlife, be it plants or animals, developed, featuring psionic creatures like the national animal, the Psionic Magpie, cybernetically enhanced animals, plants in forms and colours deemed unthinkable and other such oddities. Hence, it isn't all that surprising if one suddenly sees a pink lizard climbing the walls of a random skyscaper, hunting fire- breathing quetzacoatlesque things flying through the air, nor would it be surprising if one sees a Psionic Magpie trying to steal one's wristwatch by way of dulling its victim's senses.

Another thing is the sheer poisonousness of the Angstian environment. As mentioned above, DA took a unique route to deal with environmental damage: Rather than enforcing standards upon the industry, it produced a new environment (And, for that matter, a new people) that could survive the vast amounts of chemical waste and radioisotopes released. Of course, there are massive regional differences, depending on industrial concentration and development, traffic (The standard fuel for cars are, after all, radioisotopes) and other things, resulting in some areas being dangerous even to the native population, while others are reasonably pleasant, even for 'normal' foreigners.


Overall Specifics

The Angstian Economy, being one of the larger (Though not one of the largest) economies of the world, works with a (small) trade surplus, this resulting in a somewhat nasty, though not dangerous inflation of about 1.25%/ year. Exports could be larger, but the Angstian tendency of producing for their own, specific needs, rather than for the export market reduces the possible success on foreign markets, though the weak currency tends to boost the market shares a little.

The native market is, however, truly excessive, and the people tend to enjoy lots of luxurities bought on the giant market, the sheer consumer power of the population being almost ludicrous. Of course, everything has its downsides, in this particular case, the amount of waste produced, of energies used, the sheer prospect of wealth limiting the Angstian society to a rather rational point of view somewhat incompatible to its more spiritualist neighbors like CairnTarra, although the society did somehow manage to prevent itself from turning into retarded consuming monkeys, with education playing a major role that will be explained further down this article.

It might be noted that the Angstian Economy/ Industry doesn't suffer from any kind of regulations, due to it holding the political power for about two generations, this resulting in a free, yet admittedly not entirely beneficial development of the industrial sector, which is responsible for the unique characteristics the Angstian environment, as well as the Angstians themselves have.

Primary Sector

The Agricultural Sector doesn't seem to mind DA being an entirely urbanised nation. Extensive underground installations, together with genetically engineered plants on the roofs of the Arcologies & Skyscrapers, capable of surviving in the hostile environment, make the Agricultural Sector one of DA's healthiest Industries.

Yet, exporting its products isn't all that common, since the extensive genetic manipulations, together with the environment and its tendency of enriching the plants with lots of dangerous chemicals tend to scare potential customers away, this resulting in severe overproduction, one of the major problems Angstian Agriculture is suffering from.

The Mining Sector is somewhat comparable. While the Sisgardian Territories have been pretty much stripmined, with the Six Islands not being far behind, the Off-World Territories, as well as mining operations in the Kuiper- and Asteorid Belt manage to satisfy DA's need for further ressources. Yet, exports are, again, rare, not due to safety concerns, but simply because mining in space is more expensive than mining on Earth, rendering the markets of earth based nations with actual mining ressources inaccesible for the Angstian Mining Sector.

The competition on Earth also means that DA's space mining is only competitive for its own off- world colonies, not for its earth territories. Yet, imports are less massive (Yet, most certainly large enough) than one would expect, mainly as a result of DA protecting its own Mining Sector with subsidies, since it is considered a Strategic Ressource.

Secondary Sector

Overall, Manufacturing is a reasonable, yet not overly large sector, Automobile Manufacturing suffers from constant problems (Although it is slowly getting better), and unlike mining, it isn't subsidised, so, while the Industry is able to satisfy most (But not all) native needs, exports are comparably small.

There are, however, exceptions. The Angstian IT Sector, being one of the largest in the world, booms, and while exports are not reaching the level of The Most Glorious Hack, they are still one, if not the, most important product of the Angstian Economy, additionally, it is also incorporated in the less successful sectors. The same is true for the Publishing Sector, with Angstian Publishers holding a major position in the World Market (It might be noted that this is, in fact, the case for Sisgardia as a whole, too).

Arms Manufacturing is a somewhat special sector. While the Angstian Arms Manufacturing is certainly successful, many of its products are based on Angstian Specifics (Psionics, Cybernetics), and the amount of products exported is comparably small, with the production of Space- based weapons being a major focus.

The last important sector is the production of drugs. Again, since most drugs are Angstian- specific, exports are less than what one would expect from the sheer size of the Sector, yet, it plays a fairly important role for the internal market.

Tertiary Sector

The Tertiary Sector is generally well developed, without being especially strange, or special, although Space- Service- Stations (SSS, renowned for their excellent Pizza) are some kind of oddity.


Education is the main focus of not only the Government, but the people in general. Three years Kindergarten are mandatory, followed by a minimum of nine, usually twelve years in school, (3/6/3 system), three years Primary Education (Native Language, Basic Math, Basic Sciences, Basic Culture, Basic Arts and Sports), six years Secondary Education (More advanced, preparation for the more simple jobs) and (usually, but not mandatory) three years of Tertiary Education (Preparation for medium profile jobs or university), (usually, two student exchanges (one during secondary, one during tertiary education) are offered for the most skilled students in the linguistic subjects), after which three (master) or six (quasi- doctorate) years at university will (likely) follow. With approximately six hours of classes/ six days a week (On average. Four hours/day during primary education, six hours/ day during secondary education, eight hours/ day during tertiary education), from first grade on, the whole process is rather time- consuming, yet successful. School uniforms are compulsory, which is somewhat odd, considering other aspects of the Angstian society.

For those who fail in the first attempt, the possibility of evening schools to increase their qualifications does always exist, allowing for a significant amount of later graduates to enter society.

It might be noted that DA's population has an overproportional amount of extremely high qualified graduates (doctorates etc.), which does, logically, impact other aspects of the society, be it the culture or the economy.

The system itself is, however, rather biased. While Angstians have an almost unrivaled sense for science and technology, and a tendency of speaking between four/ five and six/ seven languages, the arts do not receive even remotely the same kind of attention, be it philosophy, history or something else, this resulting in Angstians being significantly less knowledgeable in this areas.

It is also necessary to note that due to the distinct differences of the Angstian physiology, 'learning' in DA is significantly different from 'learning' elsewhere. The possibility of simply downloading necessary information into one's brain makes a number of basic learning procsses unnecessary, allowing more time to be invested in training logic, causal developments and other, secondary processes.

Another major focus not usually included in the curriculums of 'normal' nations is the excessive psionic training, as well as the theoretical knowledge regarding this particular subject, Angstians students receive.

Last but not least, it ought to be noted that while the technological knowledge is excessive, other kinds of knowledge' (In its broadest sense) suffer. Social skills, compassion or modesty are outright unknown, the massive specialization aiming at productivity not being able to train this kind of skill, resulting in Angstians generally suffering from socialisation issues.


General Characteristics

The Angstian Military is... Odd. While it did start out being a relatively conventional force during the first years of the current era, it has , by now, developed far beyond that, though not always for better.

Angstians are cowards. This results in the military employing drones, rather than human combat units. While the death rate is indeed reduced, costs rise, and logistical problems shift into new directions. One might also note that Angstian soldiers, that is, sentient, biological units, have been known to be less than disciplined, eventually resulting in critical problems (Them shooting each other, rather than the enemy), as well as, ideed, cowardice, with giving up positions far earlier than necessary.

The drones used range from extremely small, bird- and insect sized units for guerilla warfare and reconnaissance/ surveillance up to several meters high warmachines. One will also note an extreme amount of diversification throughout the armed forces, this resulting in further logistical problems, yet including the advantage of unpredictability, a development based on the large amount of different mercenary groups providing defense over the years, now proving to be a significant factor in overall structures.

One advantage the Angstian military has is its extremely sophisticated communication-, as well as reconnaissance/ surveillance systems, this resultig in the ability to act within minimal amounts of time. Drones are controlled by way of operators who are sometimes controlling only one, at other times thousands of drones, operating from either nearby, from inside a larger drone, or from their living room at home. Nonetheless, most drones have basic combat functions programs and occasionally semi- sentient status, this allowing them to operate on their own, although bugs as well as rapidly evolving situations are a problem, this being the primary reason for operators to exist.

Operators tend to be young, usually recruited from online gaming clans, RTS & FPS fanatics, this resulting in an exceptional amount of schoolchildren being hired by the military (Part time jobs). Of course, usually, only the best ones are actually employed, while other, less experienced players/ operators actually pay the military in order to get a chance of experiencing the thrill of combat.

Special units are made up by sentients, immigrants (Foreign Legion) as well as Angstians, for jobs drones are not capable of doing, although another, perhaps the more important, reason is that this units are usually recruited from the genocidal freaks every society has, this turning the sheer existence of this units into some sort of alternative prison system. Logically, this units suffer from the problems mentioned above, disloyality, as well as a lack of discipline.

Weapons are reasonably advanced (Coilguns, particle weapons, telepathic weapons etc.), but tend to suffer from maintenance problems and somewhat complex constructions due to the general ambitions of their creators, preferring shiny to efficient.

Finally, it ought to be noted that psionic warfare is a major aspect of the Angstian Military and, by now, constantly in use, with its many facettes, ranging from outright destroying an opponent's brain to locating a target, from gaining to exchanging information, usually confusing Angstians, not to mention foreigners.

Strategy & Tactics

  • Strategy Attrition is to be avoided, although the success of this strategy is questionable. Angstian Strategy could be very sophisticated and detailed, however, more often than not, it consists of concentrating superior numbers within a limited amount of time to simply stomp a possible opponent, as done during the Shadow War. Theoretical strategies, intending total war by way of employing strategic biochemical and tactical nuclear weapons, exist, they have, however, never been used, and considering diplomatic problems, might never be used.
  • Tactics Hit and run seems to be the best possible description. While being quick with attacks, Angstians tend to retreat just as quickly. As a matter of fact, in the majority of engagements known, Angstian tactics were rather poor, occasionally comparable to a group of chickens being scared by a fox. Generally, staying hidden, and always having the option of retreat seems to be the preferred version, a version that is teached in the respective operator courses, too.


The Angstian Ground Forces are constantly suffering from a distinct lack of heavy equipment, although cooperation with GMC Military Arms helped this particular issue. Tanks (or rather, heavy drones), while existing in basically all possible forms, are rare, due to DA being entirely urbanised, this negating the effective use of tanks at home. On the other hand, the infantry (drones) are generally widely accepted and considered a working and efficient weapon.

A somewhat special case are the extremely light drones, bird- and insect like units capable of doing tremendous damage due to their innocent look, though their cost efficiency is an object yet to be discussed.

Traditionally, the Naval Forces, today the smallest of the four branches, like risks. Be it the Allanean War of Independence, when several carrier groups were risked (And saved only by the Peace Treaty, otherwise, their destruction on the hands of the Edolian Airforce would have been guaranteed) or the Shadow War, ships were risked easily, although the results were usually impressive, ranging from destroying GDODAD forces in the Shadow War to the quite literally perfect (No man lost) results of the Allanean War of Independence.

On the other hand, the naval forces suffered several changes in the general strategic concept, and were redesigned for more than just one time, this constant change weakening their overall capabilities. With the rise of the space forces, the naval forces received less and less attention, resulting in their current, relatively poor, state, despite being rather important for securing the connections between the Six Islands and DA Sisgardia, as well as securing the Underwater Bubbles, DA's subaquatic colonies.

For a long time, the Air Force was considered to be the most important branch of the Angstian military, as airpower was generally considered to be the #1 problem. However, with the rise of the space forces, this changed.

Reasonably successful aerial warfare against various opponents proved it to be useful, though not as efficient as it was supposed to be, the far more conventional approach of the air force (Compared to the 'Rough Rider' way the navy went) resulting in stagnation and mediocre success.

Today, the most important branch of the Angstian Military are the Space Forces. It's job, securing the traffic between DA Earth and its various extraterran colonies, isn't too hard, yet fairly important. Success is reasonable, the first two generations did never actually see any kind of serious combat, only the third generation did actually do significant space to space combat, defeating The Silver Turtle forces at Mars, and subsequently taking part in the destruction of The Martian Confederacy. FTL capacity does not exist, travelling to possible theaters takes between days and weeks, up to several months.


Claims that the Angstian Military uses an useful and reasonably efficient organisation are ludicrous. Chaos rules the day, with the effects tending to be odd (I.e. Majors overuling Generals, daily).


Allanean War of Independence. DA decided to help Allanea while it was being trounced by Edolia & Feline, mainly by way of sending several carrier groups on a suicide mission that did accidentally end in a complete success, although the only reason the fleets weren't exterminated was the soon following peace.

Coalition War. Minimal involvement in form of Angstian Space forces floating around uselessly, and a drone attack of moderate success.

Shadow War. Angstian Forces deploy, intending to prevent/ fight back a GDODAD invasion of Knootoss. Ground forces suffer from chaotic leadership and a lack of artillery, naval forces operate with moderate, the Air Force with exceptional success.

War with the Martian Confederacy. After a terrible mistake, various nations, including DA, trounce the Martian Confedferacy's space forces and begin orbital bombardments, after which the Martian Confederacy surrenders and ceases to exist as a political entity.

Glorious Humanities Psi Revolt. DA attempts to support the rebels without being officially involved in the conflict, but after a period of initial success, forces of the Drakonian Imperium manage to stop said attempts due to DA being unable to play out its complete ressources without risking severe diplomatic problems with important allies.


Distant History

Much has been lost during the time since the events of the past, and Archaeologists are still working to regain the lost knowledge, this occasionally resulting in significant chunks of the Angstian History needing revisions.

Nonetheless, some basic knowledge was kept over the generations, other knowledge was gained, rediscovered over the years, before hyperurbanisation and the poisonous environment destroyed much of what was still hidden, sealing the door to the past, forever. In any case, some basic knowledge on the events of the past 30000 years is still known and kept as a precious bridge to the past.

~28000 b.c.: The first homo sapiens arrive in DA. The Angstian Paleolithic does, of course, lack a significant amount of cultural remains, however, rich findings of 'tool' deposits and first signs of cave painting can be counted as basic evidence regarding the first signs of human life in DA.

~8000 b.c.: The neolithicum begins in DA, a 'village culture', based on small scale agriculture, is established. The 'Cat Cult' develops, basic cultural signs (Primitive temples, shrines, graves) and 'intercultural' trade are common, possibly developing together with Old Angstian. Pre- Human cultures are possible, yet, clear evidence is not existing.

~3000b.c.: The first city states develop with populations in the thousands, up to about ten thousand. The 'Cat Cult' becomes the dominant religious cult in DA, at the same time, the bronze age begins. Later, Celar becomes the dominant city state, its only serious competitor being Catar. Growing wealth and specialization result in new cultural advancements, especially literature (Tale of Razeel (Lyric). Huge sculptures of cat- goddesses, the largest is 15m high. Large international trade relations, intercultural exchange, largely based on the first (Old Angstian) writing systems used in DA.

2511 b.c.: The Daraganian Empire is established. Daraga I conquers most of DA and subsequently becomes a legend. He is the first to name the region 'Der Angst'. Significant technological developments (Chariots, Various pre- industrial production techniques, New weapon systems) Result in further economic growth, however, cultural variety vanishes (Possibly due to the Empire's tendency to censor basically everything). Military expeditions to regions outside DA begin, although this Imperialist Experiments tend to be of only temporary success.

2199 b.c.: The Daraganian Empire falls apart as internal conflicts rip it apart, thus, the old city- states regain their power. Technological decline ensues, but several important achivements in literature and arts ('A weird man's tale', The Statue of Granak, the Temples of Basur). Overall, constant 'Border Skirmishes' tend to hurt trade relations between the various, distinctly non- autarchic, city states, although most conflicts tended to be pretty minor ones.

1801 b.c.: First major invasion. A surprise attack by foreigners (One might add that the culture this foreigners brought with them was on a level comparable to the Angstian culture) results in the quick conquest of the various city states. For ~100 years, DA is part of a larger empire, for the following 200 years, it is devided between several smaller 'Follow Up' empires controlled by the foreigners, and for the 300 years following this, different 'Imperial' factions fight each other in DA, with the native populace dying for the sakes of their (numerically insignificant) invaders. A massive cultural and slight technological decline ensue, an apartheitesque system is installed, with native Angstians becoming 'second class' citizens, as a result, secret societies to fight the Invaders are created (Soldats being the first and most important among them). Old Angstian begins to decline, and with the language, tlarge parts of the cultural identity are lost, too.

1199 b.c.: The foreign kingdoms are destroyed by another invasion from the outside, however, this time, the invasion actually proves to be somewhat useful, as its advanced technology brings the iron age upon DA. Nonetheless, politically speaking, DA stays being divived, being nothing but a plaything for foreign powers and their feuds with the invaders founding a dozen 'nations' and fighting each other. For 400 years, there`s nothing but chaos. Culture and technology fail to redevelop, however, due to this new foreigners being a more 'liberal' kind, native Angstians gain a position equal to that of their invaders, slowly assimilating them. The influence of the secret societies rises, Soldats becomes a state within the state (Or rather, the states).

799 b.c.: The 'Seven Republics' gain power. After years of (Small scale) war, the secret societies finally achive their goal. The foreigners are forced to leave DA, although they are strong enough to prevent further Angstian expansion on the continent. The Seven Republics (Basicallly, the seven largest cities, with some additional territory around them) create an alliance, and begin to expand their seapower. Massive technological and cultural achivements (Mass production of glass and different colours, theatre plays ('The lonely Man', 'A Cloud's Shadow'), lyrics ('A Woman's Dreams'), epic literature ('Daragans tale', 'Dream of the Sun') result in the Seven Republics entering an age of prosperity and knowledge. Colonies on other continents are founded, 'early age' capitalism develops, the Seven rebublics are effectively becoming the major power of their time (Although inferior in raw numbers, their ressources and holdings elsewhere result in them being able to withstand assaults from the land based powers, even though they lack the ability to assault said powers by themselves). With cultural growth, Middle Angstian develops, giving the people a new (Yet old) identity.

210 b.c.: The Seven Republics are defeated by yet another invasion. The two nations invading, are, alone, inferior to the Seven Republics, however, combining their ressources (One on the ground, the other on the sea), they manage to eventually destroy the Seven Republics after a long and brutal war. Nonetheless, the cultural and technological standard survives the political and military defeat ('The Moon', 'Death of an Eagle', The giant grave of Katara the Great, development of primitive flamethrowers). However, the two nations succeeding in destroying the Seven republics fail in actually using their new acquisitions, and several minor powers invade the territories known as DA, one after the other. Still, the influx of new ideas results in more cultural achivements, even though the native culture (Especially Middle Angstian) declines, slowly.

605 a.d.: The Angstian Kingdom is founded. With the final defeat of the latest foreign invaders due to the secret societies regaining their former strength due to Christian Influence (I.e. The construction of a 'new' culture based on Christian influence, yet still using many of the legacies of the past generations), the once rich culture of DA lacks variety. Technological development is basically zero, indeed, many advancements of the past are lost. Hatred of foreigners (Xenophobia) increases the process of isolation and leads to the slow decline of the Angstian Kingdom shortly after its foundation. The only really positive development of this time is the (slow) development of New Angstian.

1201 a.d.: The 'Angstian Kingdom' is destroyed by the next great invasion. The already weakened Angstian Kingdom falls viction to the far superior enemy coming out of nowhere, wiping out about 50% of the population. As a result, everything surviving the cultural and technological decline during the past 600 years is destroyed.

1295 a.d.: Another invasion. Who would have thought that? DA falls victim to the southerners, effectively becoming a source of slaves for the aforementioned south. The population decreases, constantly, large parts of formerly agricultural territories become wild wastelands or woods. However, the secret societies rise once again, regularily eliminating the 'Governeurs' of the ruling invaders. The people suffer, famines plague the land despite the constant population decrease. Nonetheless, the influx of foreigners from the south results in some basic cultural, and even technological, development, although the standard of the Seven Republics isn't reached. Important literary works, folktales, become some sort of native Undergroudn Culture (Lyrical works like 'The day will come' or epic texts like 'The old Age, the new Age, and the Darkness in between').

1598 a.d.: The Vatican intervenes, and defeates the southern 'Masters'. While the defeat of the former 'Masters' is positive, the Vatican takes its chance, and enforces it´s own rule over DA. The people face oppression in a way they haven`t witnessed since... Well, before the Vatican intervention, and the only real positive point is that slavery finally finds an end. It might be noted that the Vatican manages its overall impressive results by way of cooperating with the native Underground movements, rather than by way of fighting them (Like all former invaders did), although this changed, over time, over various disputes.

1692 a.d.: The 'Second Republic' defeates the various Vatican forces. The Second Republic tries eerything to regain the glory DA had in the time of the 'Seven Republics', partially successful. Some smaller colonies are founded (For example in The Island of Rose), and trade relations prove to be reasonably profitable. Finally, after nearly 1100 years, the technological and cultural decline ends and is replaced with a new age of achivements (Steam Engine, ' Tales of Freedom', 'Heaven and Earth', Palace of Mirtan).

1815 a.d.: The Second Republic is destroyed. As it seems to be usual, in Angstian History, the dream ends rather quickly. During the great wars of the later years of this age, the Second Republic is destroyed in a war that lasts for 26 years, eventually falling victim to a multinational coalition including Knootoss. However, the cultural and technological development doesn't stop like it did in previous ages. Excessive nationalism rules the day, although DA fails to regain its freedom. Soldats on the other hand, frees itself from the Vatican's influence, although it keeps being a rather devout, Christian organisation. Important cultural ('Cry of an Angel', 'Slaughter of the Innocent', 'Spring' (Drawing)) and technological (Microbiology, Chemistry) developments ensue in a time of Aggressive Peace.

1848 a.d.: While overall developments continue, the coalition that broke DA's pride is weakened due to internal disagrements. Various splits inside DA's territory result in the developments of micropolitical entities, often enough featuring only a few, sometimes even only one city. They are generally suffering from being incapable of securing their own independence, though, and while direct foreign control is fading, indirect control through monetary means results in DA staying a split up and dependent territory, or rather, approximately a hundred territories, ruled from overseas. However, at the same time, a growing, militant and nationalist movement begins semi- regular revolutions (Failing ones, though) and regular acts of terrorism against various kinds of governmental institutions, this resulting in this time being dangerous (For those living back then) and full of romanticism (For those living after them).

1919 a.d.: With the end of a rather aggressive period in overall world history, and the entanglement of various occupying or 'controlling' parties in DA, DA does, eventually, manage its reunification and (Sort of) independence (It is, however, still largely dependent on former occupying powers, and as such, its diplomatic options are somewhat one- sided, although a careful balance between varying 'allies' can, occasionally, be managed). Still, DA's capacities are nowhere near its former self, and this, together with varying kinds of internal troubles (Recession, occasional revolutions and the likes) result in a relatively isolationist policy.

Occasionally being 'forced' into the greater world and its conflicts, it was occasionally occupied, for a short number of years, although never actually conquered, as its (Theoretical) sovereignity was never seriously questioned.

1991 a.d.: After a period of relative peace, chaos ensues with the just established order breaking down, a recession hitting (Again) and the generally peaceful life of the population ending in semi- anarchy, this being some sort of hint at later developments in DA, turning it into what it is today.

Recent History

After a period of isolation and chaos, DA reemerges as a sovereign entity with the New Republic being formed on January 28th, 2003. The first years were somewhat chaotic, with DA lacking a deeper understanding of the deeper geopolitical structures of the Multiverse. Early contacts to the GDODAD can be considered proof for the rather confusing politics of these times.

This begun to change a few years later, with the Ienotheisan Crisis, when Iesus Christi and The Reich attempted to invade the gender (male)- discriminating regime of Ienotheisa. Der Angst sides with a Lavenrunz- led coalition to stop Iesus Christi, and subsequently becomes a member of SATO. After Co- Founding the WBO with Aerigia, a first, though small, step to establishing Der Angst as a widely recognised nation has been done.

What followed was a brief period of Military Adventurism and (failed) attempts of creating an Angstian Sphere of Influence, most notably DA's partaking in the War of Allanean Independence. While the military results were exceptionally successful, the diplomatic attempts of harvesting its fruits failed miserably.

Shortly afterwards, a one- day revolution enforced a first regime change, with the old President (Who attempted the establishment of a semi- Dictatorship) being removed, and Rezo taking his place.

It was during this time (a time marked by constant hassles with the leftist terrorist organisation CACE) that the basic development of, and the first experiments with Psionics started. However, this proved to be problematic, as during a visit of President Rezo in Reichskamphen, a revolution, the Red Bracelet War, started.

Gaining control over basic reconnaissance means & approximately 1/3 of the military, an insane hunt on everything foreign begun, Ambassadors from Knootoss & Endless Islands falling victim to the attackers.

However, SATO RDF's responded quickly, and with the arrival of Knootian, NYNJ, Territorial, Lavenrunzian, Syskeyian & Menelmacari forces, the war was, eventually, finished with the Red Bracelet rebels losing after the Battles of Mönchengladbach & Hagen, although further actions by The Reich led to several thousand victims from bioweapons spread secretly by Iesus Christi.

However, the allies had been betrayed, as the Red Bracelet rebels were, in fact, only puppets, manipulated by the Psionics who had come into existence a few years ago, an attempt of breaking the chains the normals had created for them, to gain control over the nation. Yet, even the Telepaths hadn't known the whole truth, for they, in turn, had been deceived by a group of Industrial Magnates, the Associates.

A regime change proved to be inevitable, as President Rezo had been killed during the war, while visiting Reichskamphen, due to a rebellion starting there, too (It must have been a very busy time, for rebels). It were the Associates who eventually succeeded in gaining power. Hiring the later Indiastani empress Kestrel Amea, at that time a rogue assassin, to execute Hans Gruber, the telepath orchestrating the Red Bracelet rebellion, they secured their influence.

With foreign influence & investments growing, DA was rebuilt reasonably fast. It was around this time that a serious space program was started, beginning with first generation interplanetary vessels and a small colony on the Moon and later two more in the Jovian System (Ganymede and Callisto).

Yet, after a long and peaceful time, things begun to change with the Coalition War against Arda For a short while, Der Angst took part in it, though only by wasting fuel for naval assets and an (Admittedly successful) attack on the Pro- Ardan space forces.

However, assets were quickly redirected with the outbreak of the Shadow War. Muttering about Copyright Infringement and a possible lawsuit by JMS, Angstian Forces were deployed in Knootoss, fighting The Brotherhood of Nod, The Silver Turtle, Whispering Voices, Thelas, Dyelli Beybi & Fasta Benji forces with reasonable success.

Unknown to the public, this conflict had been sparked by manipulations of the Knootian electrions, executed by various nations on both sides, including Der Angst.

Learning from their mistake, another reasonably peaceful period begun, mainly featuring further expansion of DA's off world assets (Neptune, Europa). It was during this peaceful and productive times that the old psionic projects did eventually reach their goal, with DA's native human population ending up as almost entirely psionic, this removing a major source of internal struggles.

As a minor event, Drow were discovered in northern DA while the total urbanisation of DA continued. After several civilian casualities, a military campaign begun, a campaign that, despite the obvious technological superiority, had to face distinct problems due to the fighting happening underground, an environment for which DA hadn't actually developed any skills. However eventually, the campaign was successful, with the few remaining Drow forming a subsociety, semi- integrated in the larger and already rather complex Angstian society. Furthermore, an influx of Neko's added yet another species to DA.

Yet, slowly, things begun to change. With foreign influence undermining the local culture, resistance begun to form, and the influence of the associates begun to decline, as Nationalists and the technocratic Mad Scientists Conference gained political Influence. Yet, it didn't instantly spark another major event.

With technology progressing, and DA attempting to increase its security at Jupiter by way of taking part in the formation of the Jovian League, Operation: Roundhammer started, the invasion of Ardan holdings on Mars. While DA was only marginally involved, engaging The Silver Turtle space forces in Martian Orbit, forces of the Martian Confederacy joining the battle without announcing their intentions led to a secondary conflict, with Der Angst, United Indiastan, Tarasovka & The Vortex Corporation attacking and eventually defeating the Martian Confederacy, this resulting in its end as a sovereign political entity and DA, The Vortex Corporation, Tarasovka, Bajon and Kajal Mars occupying its former territory (Parts of the Territory DA gained were later sold to The Territory).

Again, a rather peaceful period begun, disturbed only by the semi- official involment in Glorious Humanity's civil war. However, this period found a sudden end when in one moment of utter horror and agony, 70% of the population died, with another 20% being driven insane by something that has yet to be understood. For now, DA ceased to exist as a national entity, leaving various factions fighting for dominance or independence.

Species, Ethnicity & Culture


Posthumans have developed due to Der Angst's constant attempts of turning its people into something better (Read: More Productive and Efficient). The main group are Psionics with only minor cybernetic enhancements, however, there are also smaller groups of immigrants prefering the longer lifespan of the non- psionic with far heavier cybernetic modifications to the rather short lifespans of the Psionics.

Drow are one of the oldest species to be found in DA, they do, however, tend to keep to themselves, usually underground. It might be noted that the presence of the Drow was unknown for several thousand years, until the tragic fate of two cave exploring expeditions resulted in their discovery and a short, yet bloody, war, until the removal of the more fanatic Drow elements resulted in an (unstable) agreement of sorts between the Drow and DA.

Neko are catpeople, and generally accepted in the Angstian Society, even though their origins lie in mystery. Only few know that the original neko came to DA following a deal with the The C'tan, in order to develop species- specific bioweapons.

Humans are basically unaugmented immigrants, usually absorbed into the Angstian society within one to three generations.


The Human/ Posthuman groups in DA are based on Western European (60%), Japanese (20%), Slavic (10%) & Chinese (10%) origins.


Based on their ethnic background, mainly a result of being conquered several times during the more distant past, the Angstian Culture (One might think that the plural 'Cultures' should be more appropriate) is a rather wild mixture of languages and habits, based on the origins of its people, its overall structure and specifics. It's also part of a constant, rapid and somewhat chaotic development, this making it one of the more agile cultures.

Sexual taboos are almost unknown and the individual is everything, while loyality is a secondary issue (Backstabber-Culture). Non-Angstians, as well as non-augmented people are generally seen as inferior (Or, perhaps more to the point, backward), although the average Angstian tends to hope that this Outsiders will one day be assimilated into the Angstian culture and its technological progress (It might be noted that the average Angstian defines social progress as little more than the effects of technology, this forcing it into a secondary role. The most advanced technology equals the most advanced society. The fallacity of this 'argument' is obvious, but few are disturbed by it). The general sense for the arts, may it be music, sculptures, drawings or something else, is extremely diverse, although a general tendency to simple forms and less-than-bright scenes does exist.

The language is complex, the original Angstian, developed (With breaks and gaps) over five thousand years, has been replaced by a mixture of German, English, French, Japanese, Russian and Chinese, although this origins are rarely noticeable, apart from the general problem that there are barely two Angstians speaking Angstian in exactly the same way, due to the inherent complexity of the language.

Religion is just as diverse as the languages. Although the ancient cults still have their (small) circles of (relatively) faithful worshippers, Christianity is the main faith, followed by Buddism, Shintoism and the somewhat erratic Tech Faith. Atheism (In its semi- religious as well as its critical forms) plays a major role, too, at least when it comes to numbers (Its political influence is somewhat less, due to certain inherent features of atheism preventing it from becoming a united, self- contained and independent force).

Foreign Relations

Der Angst is a member of the Sisgardian Fellowship of Nations, as well as the World Technological Entity, and has further bilateral agreements with Tarasovka. It is also a member of the Jovian League and has relatively close relationships with The Most Glorious Hack, GMC Military Arms, Menelmacar, Britmattia, The Territory and Treznor.

Important Organisations

Mad Scientists Conference
Red Bracelets
Bureau for Metasensory Perception
The Associates
Kusanagi Technologies

Important People

Hans Gruber
Desty Nova
Mr. Morden
Kusanagi Sakurai
Kusanagi Aramaki
William Morgan Clark