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Flag of Deutsche-Demokratische
Motto: "Auferstanden aus Ruinen"
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Region Europe
Capital Hauptstadt, East Berlin¹
Official Language(s) Deutsch
Leader Chancellor Anna Kohler
Population 1.163 billion (Jan 2005)
Currency 1 Mark (Ostmark) = 100 Pfennig 
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East Germany or Deutsche Demokratische Republik (German Democratic Republic) is a reforming authoritarian nation with Communist roots from former Soviet occupation.


East German roots come from after a great war with Soviet neighbors which saw the division of the Greater German nation, and the creation to two split Germanic worlds. East Germany, as it became termed due to it's geographical location, became as close to a capitalist country as communism would allow becoming the most economically sound communist nation in the region.

The nation briefly struggled over its goal for a government after the end of communism that would grant freedoms to the people, however would still govern the people in an orderly structured manner. The idea of a Meritocracy have swept over the nation during this time period which caused an immediate split in the nation. The nation continued to struggle after the assassination of Chancellor Verena Schörkhuber. Her murder was obviously premediated as she was hospitalized in a automobile accident only days before. The lack of national security, and conflicting opinions threw the nation into an immediate civil war between the Northern States and Southern States of East Germany.

Currently there are many differences between the East Germany and other German parts of the region. The split has produced very different lifestyles, wealth, political beliefs, as in the East you'll find a much more liberal rather than conservative atmosphere.