Diamond Cup Season 4

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First Round

Midlothian Rovers 2-0 Greenville
Clearbrook Town 1-0 Springston Town
Pelican Bay 3-0 Ennis Town
FC Terrell 1-1 Azle Sporting (1-1 AET) (Azle Sporting wins 5-4 on penalty kicks)
Cottonwood Sporting 0-0 Keenshire (0-0 AET) (Keenshire wins 4-3 on penalty kicks)
Rockwall Rovers 0-0 Lancaster Place (0-1 AET)
Bedford City 1-2 Post Oak Bend
Seven Points FC 3-0 Cleburne United
Venus FC 1-0 Forest Hill
Denison Palce 1-0 Hatch Springs United
Tontovilla 2-1 Burleson AC
Real Combine 1-0 Josephine
Farmers Branch FC 2-2 William FC (2-3 AET)
Prosper United 2-0 Westover Hills
Sherman Wanderers 0-1 DeSoto FC
Kellar FC 1-2 Tolar

Second Round

Shallowater FC 4-0 Venus FC
Seven Points FC 2-1 Real Combine
Royse City 1-2 FC Commerce
Post Oak Bend 0-1 Reno Wanderers
Annetta City 2-0 Lancaster Place
Ovilla City 3-0 Saint Paul United
Clearbrook Town 0-3 Hickory Creek AC
Keenshire 1-0 Prosper United
Pelican Bay 2-1 Tolar
Azle Sporting 1-1 William FC (2-1 AET)
Rendon Place 2-0 AC Godley
Garrett Sporting 3-2 Abernathy Sporting
Trinidad FC 5-0 DeSoto FC
Maybank Place 0-0 Natalia FC (0-0 AET) (Maybank Place wins 4-2 on penalty kicks)
Midlothian Rovers 0-0 Tontovilla (1-0 AET)
Granbury 0-1 Denison Palce

Third Round

Ruffage United 1-0 Stinnett West
Seven Points FC 1-1 Lockney Town (1-1 AET) (Lockney Town wins 2-1 on penalty kicks)
Ovilla City 1-0 Kaufman Wanderers
Garrett Sporting 1-1 Denison Palce (2-1 AET)
Pelican Bay 0-1 Annetta City
Three Rivers FC 1-1 Shallowater FC (2-1 AET)
Schulenburg 3-0 Holliday FC
Rendon Place 2-1 Real Malakoff
FC Elkheart 1-0 Keenshire
Ansonbrough 5-0 Azle Sporting
Lakeside AC 2-1 Highland Park FC
Hickory Creek AC 1-1 Sweetwater Rovers (1-2 AET)
Trinidad FC 0-2 Reno Wanderers
Yorktown 1-1 Edgewood United (1-2 AET)
Maybank Place 1-0 Midlothian Rovers
AC Newark 2-0 FC Commerce

Fourth Round

Ruffage United 6-1 Lockney Town
Ovilla City 1-3 Garrett Sporting
Annetta City 0-1 Three Rivers FC
Schulenburg 3-1 Rendon Place
FC Elkheart 0-3 Ansonbrough
Lakeside AC 1-2 Sweetwater Rovers
Reno Wanderers 1-0 Edgewood United
Maybank Place 1-1 AC Newark (2-1 AET)


Ruffage United 2-0 Garrett Sporting
Three Rivers FC 2-1 Schulenburg
Ansonbrough 0-2 Sweetwater Rovers
Reno Wanderers 1-0 Maybank Place


Ruffage United 0-2 Three Rivers FC
Sweetwater Rovers 1-1 Reno Wanderers (1-1 AET) (Sweetwater Rovers wins 3-0 on penalty kicks)


Three Rivers FC 0-0 Sweetwater Rovers (0-1 AET)

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