Dissolution of the Prudentian Empire and Aftermath

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The Prudentian Empire was broken up in 1801 in order to avoid a large scale civil war that would no doubt cause chaos with such a large entity. Emperor Handus III of Aden who rose to the helm of the Empire, died without a heir in 1799 as his children died in infancy. After some political manuvering and minor skirmishes for the next 10 years, the states of Prudentian Empire split. While it averted conflict in Harberian lands, it caused a major political vaccum and turmoil in Aerigian lands.

Great Riots of Aden and The First Aerigian Civil War The great riot of Aden, which started on August 25, 1812 and ended five years later, was what shaped Aerigian history for the next century. It was a riot in large proportion protesting the great injustice in the Imperial and Feudal systems in the past. More than 15,000 have estimated to have died in this uprising.

The prime driving force behind the riot/The First Aerigian First Civil War was The Great House System inspired after The Royal Malkeri Courts. As The Great Houses, which consisted of many ethnical and hereditary ties fought for control of the country, the working class employed by these Houses also took up arms in rebellion to berate their working conditions. As the Houses were drawn by their conflict with one another, the Republican side grew strong, lead by Grand Cardinal Thomas Sinclair and a multitude of enslaved and low-wage workers rising up from their rights.

In the end Cardinal Thomas Sinclair from the Holy Mother Mary Cathedral, resumed control over Aden. However, the countryside was errupt with chaos for the next 20 years as the nation was embroiled in a largescale civil war. The Aerigian state under the Empire was repartitioned into Joaoia, Aerigia and Sachsen-Dresden, representing the three dominant ethnic groups that lined Aerigia's lands.

Shocked as The Republicans took power in Aden, The Great Houses struggled and banded together to re-institute a Loyalist system. The ensuing was the First Aerigian Civil War, and lasted for thirteen years until 1826.

The Republic of Aerigia was declared on March 9, 1826. And The Republic was quickly involved (in four years) in what The world known as The Slaver War.