Donn Shearer

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Competition Medal Record
Gold Tyrellia Men's Heavyweight Judo

Donn Shearer won a Judo Gold Medal for his home country of Starblaydia at the Tyrellian Ylompic Games in the Men's Heavyweight division. By defeating two fellow Atlantian Oceanian competitiors, Pepe Kullen of Spruitland and then Oscar Malik of Krytenia, he not only sealed his place in Starblaydia's sporting record-books, but also a money-spinning contract with the Starblaydi Wrestling Alliance.

Though somewhat frowned upon by his amateur-status colleagues for the move into 'staged' professional wrestling, Shearer's presence rejuvenated the flagging SWA franchise to help put it back on top of the ratings in the wake of the Ylompic Games' enthusiasm for Starblaydi winners.