Dr. Anthony Raymond Wittrock

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Dr. Anthony Raymond Wittrock
Rank 4th President of the Canadian Republic
Term of Office: 1998 - Present
Predecessor: John Turner
Successor: Incumbent
Birthdate 24th August 1958
Place of Birth: Victoria, British Columbia, Federal Republic of Canada
Spouse Rochelle H. Wittrock
Children Lindsay Rhonda Wittrock
Profession Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer
Political party Liberal Party of Canada (LPC)
Languages spoken Pacitalian, English, French, German
  • Doctorate in Political Science
  • Master's of Law in International Law
  • Master's of the Arts in Leadership

Sr. Sen. Rt. Hon. Dr. Anthony Raymond Wittrock, K.O.V., LL.M., LL.D. (Hon), DA.PSci, MA.Lship (was born on 24 August 1958) is the fourth President of the Federal Republic of Canada.


Anthony Raymond Wittrock was born on 24 August 1958 at the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to two loving parents, Raymond Frederick Wittrock and Heather Ellen Wittrock (legal name; Avanza Elena). His name on his birth certificate is, Antonio Ramone Wittrock.

His Parents

President Wittrock's father, Raymond Frederick Wittrock (born 03 October 1935 in Swift Current, Saskatchewan)is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Wittrock Corporation, a vast technological company that is responsible for management of subsidaries, as well research and development. His mother, a daughter of a Pacitalian Immigrant to Richmond, British Columbia (born on 25 July 1937) got a master's degree in health care management and got an Administrators job of the Greater Vancouver Hospital Authority.

Early Life

After Anthony was born his family moved back over to the Mainland Region of British Columbia where they would reside in North Vancouver where he would attend Vancouver Preparation School from Kindergarten to his senior year of high school. During his secondary education, he would meet and start dating a Rochelle Helen Miller, where he would propose to her the night before their graduation where she would accept.

Throughout his Intermediate, Middle and Secondary education he became to be known by the student, parent and teacher body as a student leader after running each year for student council, successfully. His senior class would nominate him as the Valedictorian and Leader of the Graduation Class of 1975 at the age of sixteen.

Anthony would later attend the University of British Columbia to study Political Science and Leadership Studies where he would excel and show a very successful performance in his education. He would graduate from his undergraduate studies with full honours. From there, Anthony Wittrock would continue at the University of Victoria in British Columbia to receive his Masters in Political Science and Leadership Studies. After receiving his bachelors’ degree, in 1979 Anthony and Rochelle would marry during the summertime.

His only child, Lindsay Rhonda Wittrock was born while he was writing both of his master’s degrees. Throughout his education, his parents paid for and looked after his family until after receiving his doctorate degree in Political Science where he would write on International Politics in the next century. He would also start studying Law during his doctorate studies.

In 1985 after he recieved is Masters in Law for International Law he would apply and be accepted by the Foreign Service of the Federal Republic of Canada and be placed on assignment in the Federal Republic of Victoria and Capitalist Republic of Pacitalia.

Life as a Diplomat

Anthony Wittrock is a distinguished diplomat of the Foreign Service of the Federal Republic of Canada. During his five-year term with the Service starting in 1985, he was stationed in two nations, whom had very close relations with Canada; Pacitalia and the Federal Republic of Victoria. Anthony showed leadership qualities in the foreign service scene when he was stationed in Victoria, where he would draft a Free Trade Agreement for both nations and resolve disputes with their indigenous peoples (Maori) by making assessments and recommendations to increase the morality between both, the solution was a success, in the result he was given the highest honour of the Victorian Government and received the Most Honourable Knight of the Order of Victoria. The second person to hold the title and the only one currently living.

Anthony Wittrock as the Ambassador to Pacitalia was given the appointment by President John Turner in the Spring of 1990 where he would be responsible for a unique relationship with the Pacitalian nation in the creation of an Exchange Program between Pacitalia-Canada that'd allow post-secondary students to have a opportunity of a lifetime to live abroad in a foreign nation, be educated and learn the culture of the nation for various lengths of time.

Political Life

Anthony Wittrock was absorbed onto the political scene at the age of twelve while he watched and paid attention to international and domestic politics of the 1960s. He had a great interest and shared the same opinions of Prime Minister Lester Pearson. During his secondary education at the age of fourteen he joined the Liberal Party of Canada and formed his own club after school for students at the Vancouver Preparation School, by the time he graduated there were twenty-five registered members of the party that met two times a week to discuss about Canadian and International Politics.

Wittrock would continue is political involvement throughout his post-secondary education at the University of British Columbia after being elected President of the Club twice where he would become a highly skilled debater. While working on his doctorate degree he was active in the federal unionist cell of the Liberal Party to keep Canada from splitting working up to 1982 where he was disappointed in the break up of the nation and many others.

Anthony in 1995 would run for Parliament for the federal district of Victoria, where he would receive seventy-eight percent of the vote where he would represent the Liberal Party of the Federal Republic of Canada in Parliament until stepping down in 1997.

During Wittrock’s time in Parliament he introduced legislation in 1996 to decriminalize homosexuality as a mental disorder and as well create Gay Rights, eventually would give birth to legislation that he campaigned for during his run for Presidency of the Canadian Republic to allow homosexuals couples to marry and have the same legal status of heterosexual married couples.

In 1997, Anthony stepped down after President Turner offered him a job in the Presidential cabinet and to be his successor. Wittrock was given the appointments of Secretary of State and the Secretary Responsible for the Canadian National Intelligence Agency that was a collective of various other directorates and councils.

When President Turner announced in January of 1998 where he would not seek re-election after being elected twice by Canadians as their President. He motivated, encouraged and endorsed Wittrock to run in his place where in July of 1998, Wittrock was elected the fourth President of the Federal Republic of Canada.

Honourary Degrees & Statuses

Knight of the Order of Victoria (status).

Doctorate of Law in International Law awarded from the University of Victoria in Victoria City, Australis, Victoria

Favourites of the President

  • Favourite type of pop


  • Favourite Cola

Pink Bunny Cola

  • Favourite Sports

Ice Hockey, Baseball, Golf, Football & Soccer

  • Favourite Hockey Team

Vancouver Canucks

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Seattle Mariners

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BC Lions

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Neraguamo Sapuntoli