Dr. Yusuf Amin

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Dr. Yusuf Obote Amin
Political Position(s): Vice-President of Gécamines and the MIBA, Director of Carpathian Uganda, General in the Armed Forces of Zaïre
Term of Office: February 26, 2006 - present
Predecessor: None
Successor: Incumbent
Birthdate: January 19, 1966
Place of Birth: Kinshasa, Zaïre
Nationality: Zaïrean
Ethnicity: Kakwa-Ngbandi
Spouse: None
Profession(s): Politician, career soldier, corporate executive
Political Party: Mouvement Populaire de la Révolution
Languages Spoken: Kakwa, Ngbandi, Tutsi, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Parthian Farsi, Pacitalian, English, French, Kiswahili
  • Doctorate of Business Administration
  • Doctorate of Industrial Technology
  • Doctorate of Military Studies
  • Master's of Arts in International Economics and Finance
  • Master's of Accountancy
  • Master's of Project Management

Yusuf Obote Amin, D.B.A., D.I.T., D.M.S., MAief, MAc, M.P.M., Vice-President of Gécamines and the Société Minière de Bakwanga, Director of Carpathian Uganda, Guide of the Armed Forces, the Teacher's Voice, Generalissimo of the Zairean People, and General in the Forces Armées Zaïroises, was born in Kinshasa to Ugandan and Zairean parents: Mary Obote and Nasih Amin. He grew up in Zaire during the reign of Mobutu Sese Seko as a Mobutu supporter. He is also a personal friend of Léopold Mobutu - the current President of Zaïre.


Yusuf Amin was born on January 19, 1966 to Mary Obote (a Zairean widow) and Nasih Amin (a Ugandan Colonel) in Kinshasa, Zaïre. He was born into a very pampered lifestyle considering his parents were heavy supporters of the first Mobutu regime. During this time, Mobutu's reign was heavily centralized and generally undisputed. However, as time passed, his rule became challenged by several groups. Colonel Amin - Yusuf's father - was charged with the responsibility of suppressing the revolutionary movements attempting to topple the totalitarian regime. His father was responsible for the deaths of possible thousands of political dissidents and anti-Mobutu militants. For this reason, Yusuf became a fanatic for his "Great Teacher."

At age thirteen, during the internal wars against Mobutu supporters and enemies of the regime, Amin joined a local Mobutu and began arming himself with anything from assault rifles to improvised explosives devices. He began fighting for Mobutu as a militiaman in his early youth before entering the Armed Forces of Zaire. Due to his social status, Amin was immediately placed as an officer in the Zairean Army. Yet, this was not the cause for his quick rank. More-over it was his intelligence, studious nature, and unwillingness to compromise that allowed him to be promoted quickly.

While in the military - and some suspect while he was in the militia - Amin was accused of raping the daughter of a small-scale chicken farmer outside of Kinshasa when the farmer refused to house the militia. According to the girl, she was forced to have intercourse with the entire local wing of the militia before watching her parents be executed. This accusation was never proven and the young girl was thrown in prison for sedition. This incarceration - and Amin's appetite for carnage in the line of duty - have caused many to rethink the accusations and begin to believe them.

While in the Zairean Army, Amin entered the Zairean Kinshasa University and majoring in military studies. Soon after becoming one of the youngest individuals in the world to achieve a doctorate in the field, Yusuf went onto other majors including: business administration and industrial technology - both which he achieved a doctorate in. Later in his college years he achieved master's degrees in international economics and finance, accountancy, and project management. This massive amount of intellect nearly forced the Armed Forces Administration to advance him to the rank of Le Général du Forces Armées Zaïroises (General of the Armed Forces of Zaire) by the age of twenty.

Among the title of General, Amin also received several honorary titles such as: Guide of the Armed Forces, the Teacher's Voice, and the Generalissimo. Some speculate that due to the latter, that Amin is also the leader or "spokesman" of Syndicate. However, this is mostly considered rumor; but as never been officially denied by Dr. Amin. Yet, the Zairean government as well as the TriPetal Board of Directors have denied the fact.

As Général, Amin served until 1997 as one of the key-players in the internal strife to keep Mobutu in power until his removal in 1997. After the collapse of Mobutu's regime, Amin was charged with crimes against humanity was found guilty and placed into a Zairean prison. According to Yusuf, he suffered "far worse crimes against a human than he ever committed" while in prison. Yet, due to "record inaccuracies", these accusations cannot be proven or disprove.

In 2006, upon Leopold Mobutu's claim to power, Amin was released from incarceration and reinstated into the Zairean Armed Forces at the rank of General. Soon after this occurred, Dr. Amin created the corporation by the name of TriPetal marketing pharmaceutical and biological technology products around the world. As the only public corporation in the world marketing Dystorium, melange, and sapho, the TriPetal Corporation has gained massive amounts of revenue, making Amin a multi-billionaire.

In 2006, Amin was made governor of the Zairean province of Uganda. This has allowed the multi-billionaire to gain even more revenue from gobernmental taxes, making him the second wealthiest men in Zaire - only surpassed by the President himself. In 2006 he was also made Vice-President of Gécamines and the Société Minière de Bakwanga.

Also in 2006, Amin was placed as Director of Uganda after TriPetal became a subsidiary of Carpathian Global.


Funneling of TriPetal funds

Amin has been accused of using TriPetal profits to fund terrorist and rebel organizations around the world - including the Syndicate. Investigations have been attempted; however, the lead investigators have always been found either dead or they simply go missing. For this reason, as of early March, investigation attempts have entirely ceased and corporate records of TriPetal have been refused to be released into the public domain.

Terrorist accusations

Some (due mostly to his honorary title of "Generalissimo") speculate that Amin is actually the leader or "spokesman" of the oligarchical collectivist, terrorist group by the name of the Syndicate. For these reasons - and others (including: disappearing investigator, unstated profits, etc.) - several watchdog groups have kept an eye on Amin and his activities; or at least what they have access to (which isn't much considering his security details and rank within the Zairean bureaucracy).