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The Militaristic Dominion of Dregruk is a massive nation that is in an almost constant state of war. The citizens are taught from birth to respect the Government and to always consider a career in the armed forces.

Flag of Dregruk
Motto: Smells like napalm, tastes like chicken!
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Region Lancre
Capital Ghastopol
Official Language(s) English
Leader High Punisher Hrrachen
Population 6.45 Billion
Currency Ghastian Ruble 
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The Military of Dregruk

Dregruk prides itself on having one of the most powerful armies in the modern world, combining vast numbers of troops with effective firepower.

The average soldier in the Dregruk army can expect up to 3 years of rigorous training before he is sent to the battlefront. During this time, he will be taught the basic skills of aiming, maneuvering, stripping and re-assembling a standard assault rifle (See "Weaponry of Dregruk") and often how to endure the psychological ordeal of modern warfare. The training contains very little theory work, following the belief that any theory taught to a grunt will be immediately forgotten when the bullets start flying and the ground starts exploding. To make up for this, the men will be put through thousands of simulations of various war-time scenarios, ranging from trench warfare and full frontal assaults to amphibious landings and urban warfare.

However, the army has been known to reduce training of soldiers in major times of war from the standard 3 years to a mere 10 weeks, in order to keep a continual flow of men and equipment to the front.

Other branches of the military are considered secondary to the army, but are still above international standards of effectiveness. The air force, for example, is a relatively recent addition to the military wing, following the disastrous campaign against Troon (See "Major Wars and History") in the mid 20th century.

Society of Dregruk

Due to the largely oppressive nature of the Government, organised crime (When able to avoid sharp punishment from the police) can be a large problem in some cities, with the exception of the Capital, Ghastopol. Some cities, such as Boiderung City (called "The Boil" by its inhabitants) are completely under control by gang lords, most notably Anguillo Juilianni, head of the Juilianni mafia family.

Dregruk has large rich-poor divides, ranging from homeless down-and-outs to commercial billionaires, such as Giarc LaGord. Taxes on income are relatively high, allowing the Government to devote obscene amounts of money to Defence. Social Welfare is unheard of, meaning that only the strongest in society (Or the richest) can keep going. As far as religion goes, the nation is almost entirely atheist, a result that's credited to the in-bred cynicism of every citizen.

If a citizen is convicted of a crime, he or she can expect a reprimand of varying degrees of severity. A conviction of shoplifting, for example, is a fine the equals twice the value of the goods which were stolen. One half is given to the store owner in compensation, the other half is put into the Government's treasury. However, punishments for heinous crimes (Such as rape or murder) are extremely severe. A convicted rapist can expect castration and solitary confinement for the rest of his days. Murderers are tied to a chair and left alone with their victim's families, to be given whatever fate the family can dream up.

International Relations

As far as the people of Dregruk are concerned, every other nation on the planet is a potential enemy. Therefore, alliances or Non-Aggression Pacts are worth next to nothing in the big picture; Dregruk is just as likely to attack an ally as it is to attack a nation it's never had any contact with before.

Dregruk does however produce some of the worlds finest whisky, and generates large amounts of revenue from exporting it.

Over the years, Dregruk has had the most contact with Falastur, Sirocco, Troon and (the now-deceased nation of) Slutbum Wallah.


Despite the fact that the nation is rooted in war and the making of it, Dregruk still boasts a healthy and vibrant culture. The Dregruk concert halls are world famous, drawing in visitors from across the globe. In the making of films, most are made in times of war to maintain public morale with tales of bravery and heroism against the evil, sadistic enemy of the time. However, the country does turn out some spectacular movies, though they often are vast displays of computer animation, pyrotechnics and violence. What they lack in plot, the make up for in terms of sheer awe. The list of box office smash hits include "1000 bullets, 10 seconds", "30 Days to Armageddon" and "Nuclear Winter", all of which have delighted foreign audiences as well as the citizens of Dregruk.

Weaponry of Dregruk

The standard Grunt in the army can expect to be given a standardised weapon, most likely an Frinchak Mark III Infantry Assault Rifle (FIAR). However, many receive the tried and tested Cronholm-Lofte Bolt Action rifle, which has been in service since the beginning of he 20th century. While this may seem appalling that the military hasn't concerned itself with providing better weaponry to its troops, the C-L Rifle has proved on numerous occasions to be more accurate, powerful and effective than most modern rifles. This is largely due to the upgrades that have been added to the basic design and operation of the rifle over the years. Officially, both the FIAR and the C-L rifle have been discontinued at are to be sold as surplus by the Mercer Trading Company; the main rifle of the Dregruk Armed Forces is now the Drake 472.

In the thick of battle, the army occasionally make use of the Carrington M201d MK-VII Railgun, a fearsome piece of modern technology that was "liberated" from a previous conquest. The gun is a massive piece of anti-tank weaponry, capable of punching a hole in the armour of most army vehicles at huge ranges. However, the gun takes obscene lengths of time to cool down and reload, making it extremely slow firing. It also requires a hefty power source, which happens to be the weapon's biggest flaw; a bomb, shell or even a conventional hand grenade can obliterate the weapon (and crew) in seconds.

Major Wars and History

Dregruk was more or less a barren countryside with a few rag-tag tribes that were involved in almost constant in-fighting. However, the tribes (for an unknown reason) joined together and sacked the entire neighbouring country of Jilankeet. The tribes soon came to realise that they were far stronger together as a single, super-tribe than they were as individual ones. The name Dregruk was formed from the first letters of each of the largest and most influential tribes: Drakkor, Reiom, Erdism, Grammit, Ryuk, Urgrub and Klarg. This sudden cementing of the tribes, and with the improvements to their way of life thanks to the Jilankeet people, the nation of Dregruk was born.

While the nation gained civil and economic understanding, it retained the battle-lust of its forefathers. This allowed the nation to turn out almost insane soldiers in its many, many wars.

The most bloody war in Dregruk's history occurred at the dawn of the twentieth century, against the neighbouring nation of Troon. Until that point, Dregruk considered its military tactics ("Chaaaaarge!!") to be unstoppable against any opponent, ignoring the fact that the majority of its previous conquests had been directed towards largely primitive peoples who hadn't developed industrially to the same extent as Dregruk. This, however, was most assuredly not the case with the industrial powerhouse of Troon, whose highly advanced scientific research had made it significantly more industrially efficient than Dregruk. Their development of airpower proved to be their most effective weapon against the invading troops who found themselves incapable of fighting back. The eastern corridor of Troon was annexed by Dregruk, but not the entire nation. A shaky alliance has held in place since then.

The Dregruk Empire

Having spent the vast majority of its time crushing smaller countries into submission, stealing their best technology and moving on, Dregruk recently took the decision to form an Empire. It asked the denizens of Lancre to willingly become protectorates of the newly formed Empire; they were offered discounted weaponry (chiefly napalm) and protection, in exchange for their unerring loyalty to Dregruk itself. After a quick spot of propaganda, Anyland, Raging Penguins and even the UN Delegate Determined Cows threw their lot in with the Empire. With an already powerful base of power, Dregruk now sets its sights on annexing smaller nations to increase its iron grip on power.

After relations splintered over issues regarding Dregruk's authority in the region, Worcester XXVI was quickly and efficiently brought under Dregruk rule. It is now the first "Resource State" of the Empire, its natural resources strip-mined and its soldiers under Dregruk leadership.