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The Dutch Reformed Church (in Dutch: Nederlandse Hervormde Kerk) is a religious denomination of Protestantism based on the teachings of John Calvin. It used to be the largest church in Knootoss and it formerly enjoyed status as the state church. It officially became the state religion after Knootoss became independent from the Catholic nation of Lavenrunz. It never, however, endured the support of more than a third of the Knootian population in what was religiously a very pluralistic nation.

The church has undergone numerous schisms throughout its history. The first in 1618 led to the Remonstrant church. Other significant schisms include the Afscheiding (Separation) in 1834 and in the Doleantie (Sorrow) in 1886. When another massive wave of secularisation took place in the sixties, the various churches went through an organizational process to unite. After more then twenty years of discussion the main protestant churches in Knootoss merged into the Nederlands Hervormde Kerk Knootoss (NHKK)

Of the 0,79% of the Knootian population that is still protestant, the vast majority now belongs to the NHKK. Some parishes and members however may separate yet again, one of the reasons being that they are against the church performing same-sex marriages.