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This article deals with Dwarves as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

Dwarves are a squat race of humanoid creatures famed for skill with forging, long beards, and subterranean civilization. They usually range from 4-5 feet in height, with some notable exceptions among the Nardukher ruling family of the dwarves in Northwestern Liang. Most of them like a good axe as a hand-to-hand combat weapon, and have served on a wide variety of battlefields on the side of good.

Dwarves of Starblaydia and Cockbill Street are also known for their sporting achievements in games such as Football (Soccer), Ice Hockey and Rugby Union. Ausserlander dwarves are noted for their diplomatic skill, as seen in the Ausserlander delegation to the United Nations

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