Dyelli Beybi

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Dyelli Beybi
Flag of Dyelli Beybi
Motto: Semper Dyellia
Region The Federated Klatchian Coast
Capital Cyro
Official Language(s) English, German (Dyellian dialect), Moskauan
Leader Prime Minister & Tzarina Alexia ap Adam
Population 8.995 billion
Currency Klatchian Kronor 
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History and Politics

The United Socialist Republics of Dyelli Beybi is part of the Federated Klatchian Coast. The Dyelli Beybi navy shelled The Hague during the Shadow War

Dyelle Beybi was responsible for the launching of nuclear missiles against the Drakonian Imperium. This event set off a chain of internal events leading to a Socialist uprising and destruction of the existing Tzarist Government (The Dyelli Beybian Civil War). This culminated in the massive Battle of Bath, between Tzarist forces from Fasta Benj and Socialist troops from Dyelli Beybi.

The fallout from this event led to collapse of the Fasta Benj Government and the assimilation of Fasta Benj's Eastern Provinces into the budding 'Union of Socialist Republics'.

In the period of the Republic, Dyelli Beybi was lead by Otto Himmler and then Eamon Collins . The country expanded, absornig part of former Evilpsychoticguy (New Dyelli) as well as purchasing large tracts of land in Northern Klatch, the Dyelli Beybian Arctic Territories (D.B.A.T.). Along with the 'Djel Valley' and 'East Benjia', each of these regions became semi-autonomous.

Paranoia in Dyelli Beybi lead to the increasing power of the Intelligence Service or Cheka, which grew to the peak of its power when the Chief Constable, Felix Dzerzhinsky was ousted by Tania Fradkov who then supported Pierre Soult in a bloody Revolution to seize power in the central Dyel Valley Region.

While initially successful, Soult faced problems from other States, with East Benjia and New Dyelli never truly supporting him and the D.B.A.T. declaring independence. Soon rival forces were allying against Soult. A joint Army led by Alexia ap Adam, the daughter of the late Tzar Richard IV and Lunchtime O'Booze marched South from New Dyelli, through East Benjia and into Cyro itself. The inspiring leadership of General Chiang Ming led to the New Army being christened the Ever Victorious Army.

With the overthrow of Soult, Parliamentary elections were possible once again. Alexia ap Adam was crowned Tzarina, then immediately elected Prime Minister as well, creating what many international observers saw as a massive concentration of power. In her short rule of the country she has become known for her idealism, religious fervour and unquestionable integrity (a trait rare in any Dyellian).


The Djel Valley is a large, mostly inhospitable desert (c. 1,938,275 square kilometres). It is bordered by Mountain ranges to the West, North and East, meaning that it exists in a rain shadow. The sea to the South ensures that occasional rainfall occurs along the Southen Coast, land in this area is arrable and heavily farmed. The West of the Valley is the site of the Djel River, which runs North, from Vrak to the Sea. The area near the river is similarly heavily farmed. Temperatures in the Valley range from around 50 degrees celcius at the peak of the day to below zero at night. There is less fluctuations in Coastal zones. Being fairly equatorial, there is little seasonal fluctuation in temperatures.

East Benjia, is a large crescent shaped piece of land on the West side of the mountains that msake up the Western border of the Djel Valley. The area is mostly grass plains, which stretch Westward into former Fasta Benj. The temperature here is more pleasant than the Valley, with the temperature usually lying between 20 and 40 degrees celcius. Two large offshore islands, 'Murphy Island' and 'Lobster Island', are popular tourist resorts. The Republic of East Benjia is approximately 171,991 square kilometres.

New Dyelli lies to the North of East Benjia and North West of the Djel Valley. This area is cooler still, and considerably wetter than the two Southern Republics. It is characterised by dense rainforests in the East, with grass plains, similar to those found in East Benjia in the South and West of the country. Temperatures here rarely exceed 30 degrees Celcius, although they do drop to close to zero, especially during Winter. Large areas of New Dyelli are wasteland, the lasting effects of nuclear weapons launched at EvilPsychoticGuy during the Racinia Crisis. New Dyelli is around 775,310 square kilometres.

The D.B.A.T. or Dyellian Arctic Territories share no land borders with the other three Republics, but rather are in the North East of the Klatchian continent. The area is extremely inhospitable, with permafrost in the North, with tundra and pine forests extending across the rest of the area. During Summer the temperature rarely exceed 10 degrees Celcius, with only around 6 hours of darkness. This is inverted in Winter, with the temperature remaining perpetually below freezing point. The D.B.A.T. is the largest Dyellian Republic, at 3,080,888 square kilometres.


The Dyelli Beybian opperates in a manner similar to that of a Communist State, with all Companies being at least 50 percent State owned. It relies heavily on the export of automobiles, dairy products as well as oil, titanium and iron extracted from the desert. Chief imports include timber and textiles.

Dyelli Beybi uses the 'Klatchian Kronor' a currency accepted just about universally in Klatch.

Racial Groups

  • Djellians (63%): Caucasians, usually have dark hair and dark eyes. Are usually shorter than average. 7% of these belong to a sub-group known as the 'Moskuans' who inhabit the D.B.A.T. and speak their own language.
  • Leeans (15%): Asiatic people, generally resemble Koreans/Japanese. Originally from the State of EvilPsychoticGuy (divided between Vrak and Dyelli Beybi following the collapse of the dictatorship in that state.)
  • Benjians (12%): Another Asiatic people, generally resemble Malays. Originally from Fasta Benj.
  • D'Regs (7%): Arabic nomadic culture. Mostly dwell in the deserts in the East of the country.