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The People's Republic of Dyonistan
Region: Region of Rineu
Capital: Unknown
Motto: freedom
Official Language(s): Unknown
Religions: Unknown
Government Type: Liberal Democratic Socialists
Currency: Gulden
Leader: Dyon

Dyonistan is nation in Rineu.


Dyonistan is a liberal country (we tend to be a libertarian society). Dyon is the democratically elected leader.


The description of the country as provided by the Government of Dyonistan is as follows:

Our country tries to give its people true freedom, we as a government are here to serve our people, and only our people.

We, the government, try to be as small as possible, and let people explore there own world.

Not much is forbidden in our country, we only have 1 rule: No violence.

When a person commits violence, it is allowed for others to use controlled violence to make a civil arrest.

There are not much laws in Dyonistan, and we try to keep it that way, we don't want things to be complicated. At this moment people have to pay income tax, but we as the government are trying hard to end this stealing from our part.

We respect international law, but we don't feel obligated to follow international law on every aspect. (for instance: we as a government don't criminalize use of any drugs whatsoever)

Commercial companies are encourages to invest in our country, we would like to develop our country to a great international nation. Our nations dream is to explain to the rest of the world the beauty of being really free.


Dyonistan is based in Rineu.