East Asian Dominion

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East Asian Dominion
Forum: none
Population: ~35 nations and political entities
Delegate: Armenia - Cilicia
Founder: Fiat Lux Colleges
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

East Asian Dominon is a massive region containing many fast-growing entities as well as long-established nations. The region contains a diverse mix of government types and forms of social organization. The current UN Delegate, coming from Armenia - Cilicia, works hard to represent the region's interests in the NS-UN.

Quick facts

  • Largest population - The Democratic Workers Union of The Icy Angel
  • Most capitalist state - researching
  • Most socialist state - The Kingdom of Spectremia
  • Largest Gross Domestic Product - The Barren Wastelands of Shihuangdi ($55+ trillion)
  • Smallest Gross Domestic Product - The Kingdom of Spectremia ($70+ billion)
  • Highest GDP/Capita - The Corporate State of the Terra Corporation ($42+ thousand)
  • Lowest GDP/Capita - The Kingdom of Spectremia ($69.36)
  • Regional breadbasket - The Democratic Workers Union of The Icy Angel
  • Narcotics haven: The Lawless Zone of the Null Islands
  • Most psychotic: The People's Republic of Mao Zhedong China
  • Most compassionate citizens: The Buddhist Lamadom of Tibet FCR
  • Safest nation: researching
  • Most dangerous nation: The Lawless Zone of the Null Islands

Individual Nation Entries