Eastern Noble

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The Federation of
Eastern Noble
Emblem of the F.E.N.
Flag of Eastern Noble
National motto: Forever Advancing, Forever Free, Forever Noble
National anthem: O, Glorious Nation
Region Free States of Gaia
Capital Fort Sparrowberg
Largest City South Laheim
Population Approx. 288 million
Suffrage All Citizens of age 18 or above
Official Language(s) English - Noblean Dialect
Grand Premier
UN High Ambassador
Parliamentary Capitalist Democracy
Leon Sirius
Jónas Ernst

13 October 1628
ISO Nation Code ENBL
Currency Noblet (π) (NBLT)
Time Zone 12
• Summer (DST) 13
Internet TLD .enf
Calling Code +173
National Symbols
 • Sport
 • Animal
 • Fruit
 • Flower

Skeet shooting
Black Panther
UN Status Member(3)
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The Federation of Eastern Noble


Public holidays








F.E.N. External Intelligence

This division of the Federation military was founded in 1846 in order to obtain information about other nation's military movements and objectives. This sector also attempts to sabotage hostile attempts against the Federation.

F.E.N. General Infantry

The General Infantry (G.I.) Division is a ground based infantry assault group. The soldiers in this division gain are trained to use standard M-16 Assault Rifles, M-1911 Service Pistols, and fragmentation grenades.

F.E.N. Vehicular Ground Division

F.E.N. Navy

F.E.N. Air Force

F.E.N. Elite Forces


Defense against Entropy in the F.E.N. Departments (Counterintelligence)

F.E.N. Technologies Research

F.E.N. Special Operations Group


*Master Ground General is the highest rank of both G.I. and V.G. Divisions during wartime
**Elite Commander is the commander of all divisions during wartime.
Pay Scale General Infantry Vehicular Ground Naval Air Force Elite Forces
Commissioned Officers
** Master Ground General* Master Ground General Fleet Admiral Marshall of the Federation Air Force High Commander**
O-10 (****) General Infantry Chief of Staff/
Vehicular Ground Division Chief of Staff/
Chief of Naval Operations/
Air Chief Marshall/
Commandant of the Elite Forces/
O-9 (***) Lieutenant General Lieutenant General Vice Admiral Air Marshall Lieutenant General
O-8 (**) Major General Major General Rear Admiral Air Vice Marshall Major General
O-7 (*) Brigadier General Brigadier General Commodore Air Commodore Brigadier General
O-6 Colonel Colonel Captain Group Captain Colonel
O-5 Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Commander Wing Commander Lieutenant Colonel
O-4 Major Major Lieutenant Commander Squadron Leader Major
O-3 Captain Captain Lieutenant Flight Lieutenant Captain
O-2 1st Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant Lieutenant, Junior Grade Flying Officer 1st Lieutenant
O-1 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant Ensign Pilot Officer 2nd Lieutenant
Non-Commissioned Officers
Special Sergeant Major of the General Infantry Sergeant Major of the Vehicular Ground Division Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Chief Master Sergeant of the Federation Air Force Sergeant Major of the Elite Forces
E-9 Command Sergeant Major/
Sergeant Major
Command Sergeant Major/
Sergeant Major
Master Chief Petty Officer Chief Master Sergeant Sergeant Major/
Master Gunnery Sergeant
E-8 First Sergeant/
Master Sergeant
First Sergeant/
Master Sergeant
Senior Chief Petty Officer Senior Master Sergeant First Sergeant/
Master Sergeant
E-7 Sergeant First Class Sergeant First Class Chief Petty Officer Master Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant
E-6 Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant Petty Officer
First Class
Technical Sergeant Staff Sergeant
(Eligible for S.O.G.)
Sergeant Sergeant Petty Officer
Second Class
Staff Sergeant Sergeant
E-4 Corporal Corporal Petty Officer
Third Class
Enlisted Personnel
E-4 Specialist Specialist Senior Airman
E-3 Private First Class Private First Class Seaman Airman First Class Lance Corporal
E-2 Private Private Seaman Apprentice Airman Private First Class
E-1 Private (Recruit) Private (Recruit) Seaman Recruit Airman Basic Private


Civil Rights & Liberties

Legal System





Standard of Living


Diplomatic Missions

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