Ecclesia Britanniae Parvi

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Ecclesia Britanniae Parvi (the Church of Britannia Parvus) is a religion which originated in Britannia Parvus, and is now the state religion in Britannia Parvus and practiced, to an extremely small extent, in a few other nations in England.


The creed of the EBP, as it is sometimes known, is somewhat similiar to that of the Eru-Christianity of the Federation of Sentient Peoples, although it does not recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah but as a powerful angel. Services are held entirely in Latin, and, usually, almost entirely in song.


The King of Britannia Parvus is officially the head of the EBP, although some Kings have disregarded and neglected this role in the past. Thus the Archbishop of Marlowe is, as the most senior Bishop in Britannia Parvus, effectively the leader of the EBP, and the centre of the religion is the Cathedral of Saint Xavier in Marlowe.


The Litterae Sacrae Ecclesiae Britanniae Parvi, to give it its full name, is the Holy Book of the EBP. It is relatively short, containing an account of the creation of the world according to the EBP and a few other religious texts, such as commandments. It is written entirely in Latin.