Economy of Allanea

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The One Day War

The One Day War resulted in the systematic destruction of Allanean industrial economic capability due to physical damage via ortillery. Transportation infrastructure (railroads, ports, and highways) were all directly targeted, as were factories, power plants, power distribution centers, and oil refineries. Economic agriculture was destroyed through the use of genetically engineered locusts designed to consume the hemp crops, but sunsistance agriculture was deliberately left untouched, as were merchantile economic structures although their effectiveness was greatly reduced by the destruction of communication infrastructure wherever it would not cause undue direct harm to civilian populations.

After the One Day War

After the One Day War, Allanea was immediately occupied by the Federation of Sentient Peoples and received reconstruction aid both from them and friendly nations such as Weyr despite constant violence against the Sentient Peoples occupation. Transportation reconstruction with Weyr automatic track-layers reported to lay track at sixty miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) can be expected to be somewhat shoddy and in need of constant maintenance in lieu of replacement; and reports indicate that the Allanean economy has been rebuilt to almost entirely it's pre-war capacity. This does not prevent the Allanean government or its popular leader Alexander Kirillovich Kazansky from consistently and commonly making multibillion dollar transactions, possibly because of international aid loans or intelligent foreign investment. Currently, over 20 nations and corporations have invested in Allanea's developement, including, but not limited to Reichskamphen, Northrop-Grumman, Vastiva, The Merchant Guilds, Endenia, Chardonay, The Cottonmouth, Doublethinkland, Japanese States, Samtonia, Terronian, The Beltway, Pantocratoria, The Islan States, Crazed Marines, Space Union, The Maccabees, Nikolaos The Great, Langola, New Imperial Rome, Jeruselem, Mangala, Anatania, Lycae, Derscon, Axis Nova, and Greater Islands.

In more ways than one, the guide still applies today.