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Flag of Edolia
Motto: "Ab quöque dë facultate, ad quemque dë necessitate."
Geography of Edolia
Region Haven
Capital Blätterschplitt City
Official Language(s) Edöliani, Mandarin Chinese
Leader Impërator Erik von Blätterschplitt
Population 3.566 (12/18/04)
Currency Socialist Union Monetary Unit (SUMU) 
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The Socialist Union of Edolia is a large, economically powerful socialist nation with a population of over three billion people. Much of its recent history has involved ongoing conflicts with one of its oldest enemies, the United States of Allanea. The country's democratically-elected legislature and judicial system share power with an executive branch led by the Impërator Erik von Blätterschplitt. Edolia has one of the world's best education systems and its citizens are considered some of the smartest in the world, consistantly scoring in the 99.5th percentile in UN intelligence surveys. Much of its domestic and foreign policy is centered around its membership in the Union of Socialist Republics. Its economy is based on information technology and pornography.

Recent Edolian History

Shortly after Edolia entered the world stage, it joined in the United Alliance Against Oppression and Tyranny (UAAOT), although soon after left it the alliance, after participating in the invasion of The Bisons, a nation which was also a member of the alliance.

After leaving the UAAOT, Edolia, along with Feline and a number of other nations, worked to found the United NationStates Anti Oppression and Tyranny Organization (UNAOTO), a relatively unsuccesful alliance, although it would later evolve into the United Alliance of Progressive States (UnAPS).

The Christian Insurrection was launched in response to the Church Tax, which unexempted Edolian churches from business taxes. Allanea intervened in the conflict on behalf of the Christian rebels, and was then attacked and occupied by Pilot, an ally of Edolia. The occupation -its responsibility was later handed over to the Edolians- did not last long, however, as the Allanean government-in-exile launched a counter-invasion into Allanea -sparking the Allanean War of Independence, and with the support of Der Angst and the Empire of the Eternal Dawn, forced Pilot and Edolia to withdraw from Allanea, leaving Edolia with only the Allanean province of Axackal.

Some years after the war, Edolia again invaded Allanea, after the latter nation attacked Gore-2004. In response to Edolian tanks crossing the border from Axackal into Allanea, the New Conservative Alliance, including The bisons, launched a massive fleet and set sail for Edolia. The Edolia-NCA war also ended inconclusively, as the NCA was reluctant to press the assault, and little actual fighting was done. By the end of the war, all had returned to the status quo.

When Allanea launched an invasion of Axackal, prompting the Allanea-UnAPS War, Edolia and the rest of its allies fought a long, defensive fight against the Allanean forces. The war was inconclusive, although the reputations of all sides were badly tarnished by the end. Although Allanea was unable to take Axackal, it had suffered some 5 million casualties at the hands of Edolia and its allies. Edolia's dead numbered at nearly 100,000.

The future of Edolia is uncertain. Although the power of the Impërator is still quite strong, new signs are showing of an erosion of imperial power, in favor of a more fully democratic system of government.



Relief map of Edolia

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