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Type: Elves
Location(s): Sisgardia, Tavaroth, Gargaroth
 : A Kerrudar some two hundred years ago.


History of the Eduyab'Kerrudar

Untill some 980 to 970 years ago the Kerrudar did not yet exist on the world stage of NS. Originally they were Shakhtal; Taraskath that had left Tarasovka over 1100 years ago following 'The Strife'. This group of Shakhtal travelled west across the sea of Aelios to the land of Tavaroth where they would build a kingdom that lasted for only a short hundred years but would greatly propel the land forward as well as foster many Tavarothian/Tarakath offspring that would be called Vareil.

When the Shakhtal realised that their kingdom was being overrun by the armies of one of their old vassals they employed their powerfull magic to destroy these invading armies and in the process glassed nearly an entire province in the South Land. It was this act that would result in the end of this group of Shakhtal and would usher in the Eduyab'Kerrudar; The Desert People.

When the land of Tavaroth had been so mutilated by the Shakhtal's magic it drew the attention of the only creatures that were truly native to the land; The Benodic. While the Shakhtal were powerfull the Benodic proved to be more capable and they twisted the Shakhtal's essence and chained their minds under their magic. The historical account of why the Shakhtal had been altered rather then simply wiped out have been lost but it seems certain that the Shakhtal had a bargaining card as the Benodic in one of their most rarest moments ever confronted the Vareil conquer and stated simply; 'Your war is over. The enemy is no more. Harm their descendants and you and your blood shall be unmade.'

With these simple words the Kerrudar were saved from being hunted by the human armies and they rejoiced for they took pleasure out of their new forms and minds. Were once they were immortal the Kerrudar now stood as long living but mortal creatures. Their old grey skin had now taken the colors of bronze and obsidian and their eyes glowed with the light of the setting sun over the sand. But the manipulation by the Benodic went beyond their bodies and even those Kerrudar who longed for their old forms were incapable of resisting the need to join the rest of their people as they left the fertile South land and headed into the Deserts of the East and North Lands.

For nearly a hundred years the Kerrudar lived seperatly from the new human Empire untill the self crowned emperor; Dumar Taurain approuched their greatest clan and offered a formal peace to the Kerrudar as well as a wager. Once more the details of this wager have been lost but it is known that Dumar won and he succeeded in binding the Kerrudar to the Taurain family as long as the Taurain's remained 'Honorable'.

Now only a few generations later all Kerrudar are 'pure' as all those who were once immortal have passed away from old age or the dangers of the desert.

Appearance of the Eduyab'Kerrudar

The Kerrudar are more 'animal'like then many elves. They walk with grace and pride but their motions are those of hunters rather then 'civilised' court members. They skin ranges from light bronze to deep obsidian and their eyes are pale with a light glow in them that reminds people of a setting sun. They have four sharp canines and their muscles are more wiry.

Biology of the Eduyab'Kerrudar

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Culture of the Eduyab'Kerrudar

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Additional Data

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