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Estados Unidos de Edward City
United States of Edward City
edward_city.jpg USECCoatofArms.jpg
Flag and Coat of Arms
"Unidos hasta el Fin"(Spanish)
Ode to the U S E C


Capital Edward City D.C. (pop. 13 million)
Largest City Reach (pop. 54 million)
Official Languages Spanish, Catalan, English, German
 - President
 - Senate Leader
 - Governing Party
Federal republic
Albert Mainzer (PSOE)
Jon Bordas (EDP)
Partido Socialista Obrero Eduardiano
 - as Kingdom
 - as United States
Accession to the United Region of Friends 2006
 - Total
 - % water

560,501 km²,
Population (2025)
 - NS population
 - Roleplay population

GDP (FY2024/25)
  - GDP/capita (USD)

National animal
Grey Penguin
Currency Edolar
Pronunciation (IPA) /iunaited esteits of eduard siti/
Internet TLD .usec
Calling Code +971

The United States of Edward City is a country of The United Region of Friends, comprising nine states, a city-state and several territories. It's bounded on land by Work Damn you Work to the north and Insert States Here to the east an by sea with Insomnia Island and Americana Libertariana to the south and with Austria-Edwardia to the west. The United States is a federal constitutional republic with Edward City DC its federal capital.

The nation was founded by four colonies declaring their independence from the Austria-Edwardian Empire on December 26, 1875 as the new nation, the "Kingdom of Edward City." It adopted the current constitution on December 30, 1914 after the Declaration of Federation. The country greatly expanded in territory throughout the 20th century, acquiring further territory from Austria-Edwardia. The USEC is a declared nuclear weapons state with great military, political and economical influence around the URF. Actually, Edwardian nuclear weapons have been placed in orbit as the URFian government has recently banned nuclear weapons and its placing on URFian soil is illegal.


Main Article:History of Edward City


Common names and abbreviations of the United States of Edward City include the United States, the U.S.E.C., the U.S. of E.C., the States of Ed (informal), and Edward City (colloquially). The earliest known use of the name Edward City is attributed to the Edwardian Independentist leader Edward Klër who was elected Mayor of Edward City (known as Palma de Mallorca at the time) and changed the name of the city to Edward City and later, the nation was called Edward City in honor of the capital city and of the king.

The phrase "United States of Edward City" was first used officially in the Constitution, adopted on December 30, 1914 (before, the United States were known as "The Great Kingdom of Edward City").

The most common adjectival and demonymic form for the United States is Edwardian. This term is used for U.S.E.C. citizens living abroad, and for cultural characteristics ("Edwardian language," "Edwardian sports") and is rarely (at least not in English) used to refer to people not connected to the U.S.E.C. The word "Edwardian" has been especially controversial in Austria-Edwardia, where speakers refer to themselves as "Edwardians" (or "Eduardianos" because of the fact that Austria-Edwardia is a Spanish speaking nation) and use the adjective "estadounidense" to describe a person from the United States of Edward City.


The United States of Edward City is the URF's tenth largest country by land area.

The Continental United States are bounded by Insert States Here] to the east, the Edwardian Sea to the west, the URFian Ocean to the south, and Work Damn you Work to the north. Several territories , such as the Falksea Islands and Reach, are largely held for their past or present strategic value to the military. Deciduous vegetation and grasslands prevail in the eastern U.S.E.C., transitioning to prairies, boreal forests, and the Blacky Mountains in the east, and deserts in the southeast. Reach is home to many of the inhabitants of Edward City.

Neighbouring Nations

NW: Work Damn you Work N: Work Damn you Work NE: Work Damn you Work
W: Austria-Edwardia Edward City E: Insert States Here
SW: Insomnia Island S: Americana Libertariana SE: N/A


Edward City has embassies in:

Nations who have embassies at edward city:

  • Cookesland
  • Watanda
  • TeraHammer
  • Imperial Aaronia
  • Mationbuds
  • Pacitalia
  • Van Luxemburg
  • United Ed States


Edward City is well known for it's beaches and it's hot temperatures. This transforms Edward City into one of the greatest places where to go in summer.

List of touristic companies in Edward City:

Space Technology Industry

In Edward City, Space Technology Industry is led by the ECSA, the official national Space Agency.

Political Division

Edward City is divided into nine States, a protectorate and a Colony.

State Capital
Mallorca Edward City DC
Menorca Mahon
Ibiza Eivissa
Formentera San Francesc
Southern Edward City Miniadia City
Northern Edward City(Eastern Atnesia) Byovicha
Romelia Romelius
Kuma Anderania
Visinia Abissinia


Protectorate Capital
African Edward City Golden Port

Colony Capital
Reach Reach

Ten Major Cities

City State Population(as of 2025)
Reach Reach Colony 53,285,379
Edward City D.C. Mallorca 13,479,995
Mahon Menorca 12,946,462
Manacoria Mallorca 12,583,385
Solleria Mallorca 10,446,319
Eivissa Ibiza 9,746,875
Incator Mallorca 8,957,897
Amberes Amberes 8,151,239
Anderania Kuma 7,184,346
Raccoon City Menorca 6,385,349


Main Article:Constitution of the United States of Edward City


Age Structure

  • 0-18 years:27%
  • 18-52 years:43%
  • 52-more years:30%

Life Expectancy

  • Male:104,3 years
  • Female:109,2 years



Percentage of Population who speaks it


In 1890, by order of King Edward I, the Edward City Expeditionary Corps was created giving birth to the Edwardian Armed Forces.

Military Alliances in Edward City is member:

Defence Ministry Branches:


The government of Edward City is based on Edward City DC, Mallorca.

Office Incumbent
President Albert Mainzer
Vice President Juan Carlos Rigo
Second Vice President Alex Martinez
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Alvar Obrador
Minister of Economy and Finance Jaume Company
Minister of Defence Pedro Bodes
Minister of Justice Daniel Higón
Minister of the Interior Pedro Xacla
Minister of Agriculture anf Fishing Roberto Añejo
Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism Xisco Alemany
Minister of Work, Social Affairs and Inmigration
Minister of Health and Consumption
Minister of Housing
Minister of Public Administrations
Minister of Culture Alvar Obrador
Minister of Education and Science
Mininster of Public Works
Minister of Environment Pau Alcover
Minister of Presidency Alvar Obrador

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Date English Name Local Name Remarks
January 1 New Year's Day Día de Año Nuevo
Cap d'Any
Arguably the largest celebration of the year.
February 23 Edward City Armed Forces Day Día de las Fuerzas Armadas
Dia de les Forçes Armades
Formation of the Edward City Army, is a free day.
April 12 Astronautics Day Día de la Astronáutica
Dia de l'astronàutica
The Day Yuri Gagarin became the first man in Space, in 1961. Not a day off.
May 1 International Labor Day Dia del Trabajador
Dia del Treballador
Celebrated on May 1.
May 9 Europe Day Dia de Europa
Dia d'Europa
The day when Robert Schuman presented his proposal of a organised and United Europe in 1950. It is mainly celebrated at the European Union.
December 26 Independence Day Día de la Independencia
Dia de la Independència
Is the anniversary of the foundation of Edward City.
December 30 Edward City Constitution Day Día de la Constitución
Dia de la Constitució
Aniversary of the ratification of the 1914 Constitution.


Its news industry is leaded by the World News Company Channel and followed by the Edward City Channel 7. The major readers number newspaper is the Edward Herald, followed by the Raccoon City Times and the World Link, (a cyber newspaper).

edward_city.jpg The United States of
Edward City
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Cities and Towns: Reach, Edward City DC, Mahon,

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States: Mallorca, Menorca,

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Commonwealth of Edwardian Nations: African Edward City, Reach, SkylineHeavyIndustries, Keron-, -Borginia, Sagitaron, -Vekta-, South Sahrani, GroBdeutsches Reich, Beimar, The Eleven Colonies, Boldinia
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