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The Kingdom of Einmyria
Flag of Einmyria
National motto: "In diversity we are united."
National anthem: "The Kingdom Beckons" by Jasric Feodora
Full Map (800 x 629 (81 kb))
Region Federalist Europe Alliance
Capital Quetzal
Largest City Eyric
Population Hundreds of Millions (Nov 2007 est.)
Suffrage All citizens over 18.
Official Language(s) English and Einmyric Dialects
Sovereign Monarch
HRH Queen Joanne
1 March 2007-?
ISO Nation Code KOEI
Currency Kingdom of Einmyria Dollar (KOED)
Time Zone +8GMT
• Summer (DST) Not used
Internet TLD .koei
Calling Code +212-4
National Symbols
 • Sport
 • Animal
 • Fruit
 • Flower

Sepak Takraw
Komodo Dragon
UN Status un_member.gif
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The Kingdom of Einmyria is a relatively young, large, safe nation within the Federalist Europe Alliance and is largely remembered for it's annual three-day Oktoberfest as well as it's numerous forest conservation areas. Its compassionate, hard-working, cynical population is ruled by a constitutional monarchy. The Sovereign Monarch for Einmyria is Her Royal Highness (HRH) Queen Joanne, who has so far granted the populace the freedom to live their own lives but watches carefully for anyone to slip up.

The enormous, corrupt government juggles the competing demands of Education, Social Equality, and Defence. The average income tax rate is 27%. Crime -- especially youth-related -- is totally unknown. Einmyria's national animal is the komodo dragon, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the Kingdom of Einmyria Dollar (ISO: KOED).


Ancient Beginnings?

It is unknown when the Kingdom of Einmyria came to being exactly, as the city of Erdu (now Quetzal), in which the royal records were kept, was sacked and burnt many times during the Dark Ages due to the lack of a centralized military. The earliest reliable accounts of the Kingdom are from Ancient China, by way of a famous account of well-traveled Buddhist monk Fan-Zi (梵仔), during the beginning of the Tang dynasty. He had travelled to the mystical kingdom of 'Er-mi-ya' (鲕秘雅), in 620 A.D., and spoke of it's pungent cheese and spirits festival in great detail (see also The accounts of Fan-Zi).


The Kingdom of Einmyria is one of the smallest nations within the Federalist Europe Alliance. Einmyria has temperate weather conditions, meaning that the max/min temperature is 32 degrees Celsius and -15 degrees Celsius respectively. The Mediterranean Sea meets the Einmyrian coast at the southern part of the nation, and relatively steep high mountains make up the rest of it's borders. Einmyria also has three main great lakes: Lake Omnia, Lake Puritas, and Lake Faraway. Einmyria's development has been clustered along the southern coast as well as the shores of the lakes. Einmyria's capital is Quetzal City (previously known as Erdu), but the economic center is Eyric.


The citizens of the Kingdom of Einmyria are usually referred to as Einmyrians.

Ethnic Groups: Given that the Kingdom borders several nations and it's citizens have a historicity of being well-traveled individuals, the Kingdom of Einmyria is quite metropolitan and is comprised of a large population of mixed heritages. Ethnicity, therefore, according to some Einmryian social scientists, has taken a place of less import.

Language and Literacy: Einmyrians utilize English as their lingua franca for business purposes, and usually know one or two Einmyrian dialects (which vary significantly by region). In the course of their education, Einmyrians are usually taught another foreign language, and this is usually either French, Dutch, or German, although Indonesian and Chinese have become increasingly popular. The Kingdom enjoys a 100% literacy rate, literacy being defined as those above the age of 13 who can read and write.

Beliefs/Faith/Religion: The Kingdom of Einmyria is predominantly free-thinker (about 90%) but welcomes all beliefs, religions and faiths that do "no harm" and "no foul." When the mandatory military service in the Kingdom of Einmyria was implemented, it came to clash with certain minority faiths which forbid the bearing of arms. The Kingdom of Einmyria has since proposed an alternative service--either community or government service--for all those who wish to opt out of the military service, breaking the deadlock to what could have been the nation's fervent issue of the century.

Pop Culture and Tourism

November 2007 Edition of Y Magazine featuring the standardized Einmyrian passports


The Kingdom of Einmyria boasts a healthy plethora of writers (among them notably R. A. Young, a.k.a Bernhard Bollpoll), poets, screenwriters, playwriters, and movie directors, perhaps due to it's socially progressive atmosphere, where it seems as if one can do almost anything within reason. If you wanted to know many of the issues near and dear to Einmyrian citizens, one only has to look as far as the nearest magazine stand, as one of the most widely-read monthly magazines is Y Magazine.


The government of the Kingdom of Einmyria supports it's own symphony orchestra, which often accompanies the Royal Einmyric Opera. It is said to be one of the finest in the region.


See Einmyrian Tourism Authority for more information.


The Kingdom of Einmyria is ruled by a constitutional monarchy. It has been labeled (UN Category) by others variously as a Father Knows Best State, a Corrupt Dictatorship, Iron Fist Socialists, and/or a Libertarian Police State. Einmyria joined the UN in 2007.

Einmyria's Hierarchical Governmental Chain of Command

List of Recent Einmyrian Sovereign Monarchs

Sovereign Monarch Reign
Queen Beatrice 2 October 1940 - 11 December 1961
King Alexei 11 December 1961 - 1 March 2007
Queen Joanne 1 March 2007-?

List of Einmyrian Government Ministries

Ministry Minister(s) Accountable
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alexander Leeuvenhoek
Ministry of The Interior Erica Solstein
Ministry of Agriculture and Economic Development Skuld Erengaard
Ministry of Culture and Education Galdric Umptyhump
Ministry of Manpower --
Ministry of Health --
Ministry of Justice --
Ministry of Energy and the Environment Wendy Rashid

The government has also funded and sponsored the following organizations:
Royal Einmyrian Anthropological Association


The Economic system in the Kingdom of Einmyria is said to be managed by a duality of powers: the Ministry of Economy and Development, and the wholly independent Central Bank of Einmyria, which sets the interest rate and controls the money supply. The ministry sets out economic policy that encourages development within the country, but also enacts laws upon which businesses and/or civil liberties of Einmyrian citizens are affected by.

Bartering Systems

The Kingdom of Einmyria uses several kinds of bartering systems in it's economy. Here are some main ones, which are outlined below:

System Types System Description Level of Usage
Barter Various Good A for Good B. The users define the value and worth of a good.

Example: A stuffed komodo toy = 2 Sepak Takraw lessons

Monetary Dollar ($), Centime (Ct) The monetary system, which is governed by an independent central bank, utilizes paper and coin currencies. The paper currency in use is the Kingdom of Einmyria Dollar (ISO: KOED) and coin currency in use is the Kingdom of Einmyria Centime, where 100Ct = $1. This is mainly used in urbanized settings, and for foreign exchange purposes.

Example: $21 - 99Ct = $20.01

More recently, there have been calls for more environmentally friendly forms of exchange. Among those technologies currently under government consideration is a DNA-specific charge card which recognizes the person's identity and requires a PIN number.

Voluntary Indebtiture Various An ancient system that can be described as a limited patron-client relationship. This system prescribes the use of voluntarily indebting oneself to the person you wish to get goods or services from, with a set contract stipulating length of tenure and the services provided.

Once advocates are hired by both parties, all must agree to the terms and conditions of the contract, as it is legally binding. If a contract is broken or there are loopholes, the same advocates are contracted to settle on behalf of their respective client.

As many of these relationships involve sexual services among consenting adults, the advocates are ethically trained by the government. In the Kingdom of Einmyria this process has been legalized, standardized, and regulated in order to ensure the well-being of the parties involved.

Non-Sexual Example: Janus is contracted to Erica for four years as her apprentice in order to get the skills needed to become a Einmyric Cheese Taste Master. In return Janus must work for Erica in her Einmyric Cheese export firm in order to fulfill the requirements of the contract. Afterwards, if Janus is successful or exceeds the requirements, Erica may bequeath Janus with a patron-gift of some amount of dollars in order to set up his own firm.

Sexual Example: Fabian is contracted to Alice for two years under the stipulation that no harm comes to him while he is in service and that he is not lent out to others. For Fabian, he is allowed to stay at Alice's many properties and enjoys the many goods Alice owns, like her Rararri 4000 sports car. For Alice, she may call Janus to task in many arenas--as her personal assistant, chauffeur, lover, and so on. If either party is unsatisfactory with the arrangements, like the fact that Fabian is being overworked, he may ask his advocate to speak on his behalf to negotiate with the other party, and so on.

Critics of the legalization process say that the legalization process is merely a facade to cover the truth; that a large number of voluntary indebtitures occur outside the purview of the government system due to the wait, hassle, and red-tape of the advocate system. The contracts that are made outside of government purview are usually those dealing with the criminal underworld, corruption and nepotism, which has been skyrocketing. A government spokesperson has admitted that while not perfect, the government has made available the advocacy process for those who wish it's protection, and that the government is still working on a system to decrease the amount of corruption.


Black Market Economy

There is a flourishing black market economy for the following products:

Good Reason why it is a black market good Availability
Black market price (high/low)
Komodo Dragon meat The kingdom has made the komodo dragon a protected species. However, in certain regions of the country, there are those who eat the komodo as a traditional delicacy meat, with dishes such as komodo dragon sausage or steak. The people of these regions are more likely to circumvent the rules and either provide or eat such an item. It is yet to be seen whether the government is turning a blind eye. Common Medium
Human Organs Although the government has made organ donations mandatory, there still seems to be a lack of supply of human organs, which has led some people to sell their organs. As the government has outlawed the selling of organs, the exchange has become a black market trade, with high risks if parties are exposed (this has led to possibly unhygenic operations in less than desirable situations, which in turn has made the government increase the penalties if caught by the law). Typically, organ sellers are those of lower economic backgrounds, and the organs are bought by the rich. It is unclear whether the sellers really gain all that much from their sale, as the exchange is usually mediated by a third party, who pockets a large percentage. Rare High
The Royal Harp, a Weißbier which HRH Queen Joanne was rumored to favor at this year's Oktoberfest.


A substantial private sector is led by the Book Publishing industry, followed by Furniture Restoration and Cheese Exports. From current sales figures, it seems that Einmyrians really love to read, and why wouldn't they, with free speech in place? Furniture antiques continue to be highly prized within the kingdom, and sought by furniture collectors abroad. Furthermore, Einmyrians take great pride in their traditional cheese-making abilities, making it a major export today. Uranium Mining used to be a major industry but since the government has taken a stance to protect a rainforest in the southwestern region from Uranium Mining (Uranium Mining is a stable energy source for the country's largely nuclear power plants) the situation has changed quite a bit. Other well-known industries within the Kingdom of Einmyria include spirits making (of which beer is a major good) and caviar production.


Telephony: According to a 2007 survey, only 45% of households in the Kingdom of Einmyria have a land-line as many have switched to VoIP. About 70% of those surveyed have a mobile cellular in addition to their land-line.

Television: The Kingdom of Einmyria currently has two Public Television stations, and about twelve private channels. In regards to the public stations, one (KOEN3) produces the local news as well as government-sponsored productions in movies, dance, art, and music. The other (OASIS) is government funded but entirely privately run, educational channel (which can be said to be a mix of National Geographic, the History Channel, and Discovery Channel programming).

Radio: The Kingdom of Einmyria produces two main radio broadcast channels--one in regards to the daily national news, and the other, with traffic updates. Einmyria is also the base for several hundred private stations, with many completely online. As Einmyria takes a "copyleft" approach to intellectual property, many stations are not required to pay royalty to the music companies or the artists. This has created a very liberal cultural atmosphere for many ground-breaking, avant-garde artists to showcase their works.

Internet: The internet country code for the Kingdom of Einmyria is .koei. It is estimated that up to 70% of the population are connected to a 10mbit connection or better.


As an environmentally conscious nation, the Kingdom of Einmyria has a unique transport situation. Many of it's citizens prefer taking public transport (which includes, for many large cities, the use of buses and the subway) as having a private car is seen to be a very costly investment. Car-sharing efforts are usually the norm for those who wish to utilize the convenience of a car, where members pay a certain amount and book the car in advance for a number of hours, and returns it to a predetermined location where another member will use it. The government has also outlined a plan for everyone to switch to alternative fuel source vehicles completely, so the market for gas guzzlers is very low at the moment.

Many citizens have resorted to bicycles and/or a scooter for short distances. For transport across the great lakes, Einmyria has a well-established system of timely transports by hovercraft. For regional transport, Einmyria has a well-established railway system.

As a small nation, Einmyria does not have airports for public use, but is considering the Aeroscraft prototype as a possible environmentally friendly alternative for both commercial and freight use.


The military in the Kingdom of Einmyria is separated from the government's chain of command, and has traditionally been prominent in times of emergency (such as war, unrest, and natural disasters). The head of the military is the monarch, and all generals must all swear fealty to the monarch when he or she is coronated, just as every citizen must swear fealty to the monarch when he or she enters the military.

The Kingdom of Einmyria requires compulsory military service from it's citizens, both male and female. Once a citizen has reached the age of majority (18, when he or she is allowed to vote), he or she will have to choose her path of service. The period of compulsory military service for all citizens is two years, and reservist training (a two week refresher course each year after the compulsory period) will end when the citizen reaches 40. For all those who feel strongly against the bearing of arms and wish to opt out of the military service, the government has provided alternative options--either community or government service--for the same duration. According to insider information, the balance is currently 85% military, 10% government, and 5% community service, due to the incentives and perks the military gives it's citizens (subsidized goods, etc.). Einmyrian royalty must equally serve with other citizens of Einmryia, although traditionally they have chosen community service and government positions instead of a military position unless at times of war.

Due to the kingdom's State Secrets Act, the strength of the kingdom's military power and size is unknown, although Interpol reports suggest it is formidable. Interpol reports also seem to suggest that there is an intelligence agency in existence within The Kingdom of Einmyria, with Intelligence officers deployed throughout the world, but there has been scant information on this issue as all suspected members have disavowed all knowledge.

Recent Issues in the Kingdom of Einmyria

  • Scientists regularly clone human beings for research purposes, the latest Harry Potter book is a bestseller, the government awards prizes to television shows featuring stereotype-breaking minority roles, and citizens get to choose where their tax go towards.
  • Gambling is outlawed, citizens are barcoded to keep track of their movements, euthanasia is illegal at this point in time (people are supposed to focus on researching cures; how would they do that for incurable diseases if subjects aren't available? Others might also feign euthanasia but actually mean for homicide.), and hunters have been known to lose limbs while attempting to 'play tag' with their prey.
  • Einmyria is notorious for its citizens' infidelity, businessmen have been raging over recent 'gender equality' policies in the workplace, prime commercial land is being swamped with archaeological teams, and small businesses are gobbled up almost daily by corporate giants.
  • The mob and the police have recently had numerous clashes in the back alleys of Einmyria's cities due to the government's steadfast anti-casino stance, inheritance tax has recently been abolished, the Einmyria Enquirer offers weekly cash prizes for 'most blasphemous song, story, or cartoon', and all-natural foods are becoming a major fad.
  • The nation has opened its arms to an influx of refugees, the government is spending millions on renovating the public transportation system, soylent products are an expensive commodity due to a lack of volunteers, and citizens can be frequently spotted going about their business stark naked.
  • There have been reports of people marrying housepets, citizens are expected to be proficient in at least five languages, it is illegal for police officers to carry out searches due to strict privacy laws, and abortions are routinely performed in Einmyria's hospitals.
  • A niche industry catering to S&M enthusiasts has sprung up, major cities are suffering under water rationing, religious organizations are being forced to leave the country or pay income taxes like everybody else, and scenic mountain valleys are flooded with water as damming projects get underway.
  • Government-run brothels can be found on every street corner, crime suspects are forced to submit to blood testing, 'Mountain Doobie' is widely regarded as the nation's favourite drink, and voting is voluntary.
  • Programmes of questionable content are shown at peak-hours, the military frequently holds bake sales to raise funds, the people elect the Supreme Court justices directly, and copyright laws have been abolished.
  • Corporations donate huge sums of money to favored politicians, computer users are buried daily in thousands of unsolicited emails, the nation is currently revamping its entire education system, and senior citizens can usually be found doing heavy manual labour.
  • Eight year-olds can be seen lighting up in public areas, strict term limits have been applied to all elected offices, children are brainwashed at a young age to accept "Love and peace!" as a way of life, and anti-government web sites are springing up.
  • Citizens must pay to enjoy Einmyria's pristine beaches, the people are famous throughout the region for their bleached-white teeth, elevator music has been replaced by thrash metal played at maximum volume, and door-to-door salesmen are frequently beaten up by 'vigilantes'.

koe-emblem.jpg The Kingdom of Einmyria koe-emblem.jpg
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Literature and Media: Y Magazine
Tourism: Einmyrian Tourism Authority - Ruins at Oricon, Ex Libris


Royalty: HRH Queen Joanne, HRH King Alexei
Ministries: Foreign Affairs, Energy and the Environment
Personnel: Alexander Leeuvenhoek, Roselle Fairbanks, Bernhard Bollpoll
Organizations:Royal Einmyrian Anthropological Association

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