Ekāna River

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Ekāna River

A man fishing along the Ekāna River

Origin Ferreiro Lake
Mouth on the eastern coast of Ethan Smith
Basin countries Ethan Smith
Length 186 miles
Source elevation 5153 miles above sea level
Avg. discharge 1700 m³/s
Watershed area 5000 square miles

The Ekāna River starts at Ferreiro Lake in the central part of the nation, winds down the Greater Chomla Mountains, flows through the city of Mendebideya and ends at the eastern coast of Ethan Smith. At the mouth of the river is Kamike Island with the city of Veno Erri on it. Kamike Island is an alluvial island, made because of the large quantities of silt flowing through the river.

The banks of the river a rich and fertile. This is one of the main reasons the area is the "breadbasket" of the nation. Farming is mostly done in the vicinity, and it used to be the main source of economy for Mendebideya County and Veno Erri County, the two counties that touch the river.