El Caminos in Texas

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El Caminos in Texas
The Lone Camino Flag
Motto: Don't know what I want but I know how to get it
National Anthem: Underneath the Weeping Willow
Region Texas
Capital Laredo
Official Language(s) English, Rukialkotta, Spanish
Government Protectorate
 - Head of State Sultan Gardab Woltzten IX
 - Administrator General Ramses Calhoun
 - Total 8,743 km² (3,376 mi²)
 - % water 0.55%
Population 213,615
Currency Opst (ECOP)
Timezone Central (UTC-6)
 - Summer (DST) UTC-5
Internet TLD .ect
Calling code +5320
NS Sunset XML
The Wenaist Protectorate of El Caminos in Texas, generally known simply as El Caminos, is technically a sovereign nation in the Valley region of Texas. In fact, it is a puppet state under the control of Gruenberg, which grants it freedom of self-government and limited military protection in exchange for economic and diplomatic favours. Noted for its libertarian laws, El Caminos is a unitary state run on somewhat direct democratic principles, with some concessions to practicality.

With an area of 8,743 km² and a population of 213,615, El Caminos is one of the world's smaller nations. It is geographically isolated, being mostly surrounded by unclaimed territory as a result of itself only having been granted statehood very recently. It has a continuous coastline in the west, on which is situated its capital, Laredo. Despite its small population, it enjoys one of the highest GDP per capita ratings in the world, a flourishing economy and a high standard of living. Its population is quite ethnically diverse, mixing Hispanic and Texan natives with Gruenberger expatriates; it has also proved a popular tourist destination and property ownership by foreigners is widespread.

Run for many years as a small, self-governing anarchist commune, El Caminos was purchased in late by 2005 by Gruenberg, seeking to establish relations with Texas. It was initially given the status of a Grand Duchy, with Princess Jianna Woltzten appointed to rule it; in 2006, it was granted independence so as to allow its brief entry into the United Nations, but the status was not revoked once it resigned. Nonetheless, Gruenberg retains significant influence over its affairs, but while the independence is thus only nominal, the citizens of El Caminos have voiced no major objection to this state of affairs.


The nation is almost universally referred to as El Caminos, which means "the roads" in Spanish. When first created as a Grand Duchy, its name was El Caminos in the West, after a song by the band Grandaddy. Chosen by Princess Jianna Woltzten, the name was not popular with its citizens, who later voted by referendum to change it to El Caminos in Texas. El Caminos is known for its extensive road network and as an innovator in automotive design and manufacturing, but this is merely a fortunate coincidence.


El Caminos is of average size within Texas by land area, though it has a significantly smaller population than most other nations. It has a coastline on the Mexican Ocean, along which most of its population is concentrated. The territories it borders are mostly sparsely inhabited tribal districts operating on lines similar to pre-colonisation El Caminos.