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Elenore Amy Romney-Burke


85th Prime Minister of Kanami
In office
Political party Republican Socialist
Preceded by Steven Koolridge

1st February, 1981
Carmina Gadalica, Kanami
Spouse Joshua Berke
Profession Politician, Diplomat,Prime Minister
Religion Protestant
Languages English

Elenore Romeny is the second youngest Prime Minister ever elected in the Republic of Kanami, outranked only by Yasashii Himura. Meeting the minimal age range to even run for office, Elenore proves to be very wise beyond her years, leading her nation through good times and bad. She's well respected in her party and in the general public, as well as internationally.

Early Life

Elenore Amy Romney was born in Carmina Gadalica on February 1, 1981 to her parents Alexis and Mitch Romney, and at this time she was the youngest, having three older brothers and one older sisters. When Elenore was about 3, her father walked out on the family, leaving them all alone. With her father absent Elenore really looked up to her older sibblings; always following them, always wanting to play with them. Elenore was already proving to be rather intelligent, and was allowed to start pre-school early. Alexis Romney was very oriented in her family, especially Elenore. She always tried to be there for her kids regardless of how hard she had to work to make end's meet, Elenore grew very attatched and barley missed her father at all. Although angry about his leaving, it seldom botherd her in her grade school years.

Whenever Alexis couldn't be with all her kids, their grandfather would come and stay with them. Elenore learned a lot from her grandfather, including ethics. Pretty soon she was a very moral person and very active in her religion. Whenever she faced prejudice she made attempts to stop it, all by the lessons with her grandfather. Unfortunatley her grandfather died soon later, leaving the family alone yet again.

As time was growing the once close family of 5 was growing distant. Elenore could sense change in her brothers and sisters. Then one night tragedy struck the family yet again, Elenore's eldest sister, Lacey was broadsidded by a drunk driver, who was extremly intoxicated on illegal alchol, Elenore was hit the hardest, of all. Just as life seemed to get back to normal, things began to deteriate more. Alexis found out her son's were all taking drugs. This came as a shock to Elenore who was always taught to treat her body as a tempel, and not abuse substances that were outlawed for good reason. The night her brothers were busted they snuk out of the house and went to a rave. All of them died from overheating attributed to ecstacy use. The family was torn, everyone was gone, and Elenore had a lot of trouble sleeping. She began to suffer horrific nightmares and spent a great deal of nights sleeping with her mother. A year later Elenore was put in therapy even though Alexis could barley afford it. While they did have the option of going to a free psych-councling clinic which was composed purley of Psychologist, but Alexis felt Elenore need a profesional psychiatrist, although much more expenisve, she went with the profesional.

After Elenore was counciled, she felt a need to make her mother proud. She never learned to drive, she always took public transportation, and she always carried a taser with her as well as a police whistle and mace. This kept her mother relived. And as Elenore entered into Junior high, she began self-teaching her self everything and anything she could, including polotics. Her grades were superbious and she skipped several grades and went to high school early and graduated within 2 years.

Political Education

After her graduation Elenore began educating her self in polotics. She strived to join Parliment and help make her country better, and make her mother proud of her last daughter. She studied up on various parties of Kanami and was rather shocked about some of the parties belifes, especially that of the Liberal Party and Democratic Parties. Both were strving to end the ban on drugs alchol tobbaco and other products of that nature. It made it hard to chose which party to go with and she decided to pick a party later.

Elenore contiuned her hot streak in education, as she aced her way through college, graduating with a Bachelors in Philosophy, Sociology, and Business. She was even given an honary Bachelors in Art. As she began to work for her masters, Elenore met Nancy Novoty who was a strong supporter of the Republican Socialist Party Nancy convinced Elenore The R.S. Party was exactly what Elenore was looking for in her political education, as it had a strong sense of social and moral values. Elenore was convinced and subscribed to the party. Once Elenore had achived her masters at 22, she decided she wouldn't persue an Doctorate or Ph.D. for a while. She applied to join on Parliment but was rejected. However Prime Minister Steven Koolridge was too imprssed by her resume and had to put her somewhere, he appointed her as an ambassador to the United Nations, and she served for about a year but left due to personal discuss of the U.N.'s dictorial policey, and the resolution allowing nuclear weapons.

Campaing for Office

After leaving the U.N. Elenore still didn't get a job on the Parliment but went to work for Nancy Novoty, in the R.S. Head Quarters. Upon Steven Koolridge's early retirement, she was personally nominated by Nancy for office. Elenore ofically was put on the ballot by a narrow margin, and the campaing began. Elenore's primary aims were to gain support by showing her support for the public.


Increase Power to the Public: More Direct Democracy, especially with senators and people addressing the Parliament. More funding into education, continue the ban on smoking, drugs and alcohol. Increase the private sector, but continue to keep it under Government control. Funding for Police and Fire, education, and the National Guard. Find better and cleaner ways of producing energy.

International Relations

Continue with the League of Nations, and continue relations with Kurona. Increase Humanitarian Aid, and Embassies in the world. Continue the spread of Democracy and Kanami’s beliefs. Do not hesitate to restore order in nations in crises, at the risk classified as a menace, and meddler. Increase Military Presence where it is needed, and mostly at the request of Governments.


  • James K. Polk (D) n-000251-tn-202176.jpg
  • Kurogane F. Soma (L) kurogane.jpg
  • Emmaline R. Harris (GP) bt.jpg


The Holy Empire of Naktan and Commonalitarianism completely condoned Elenore, supporting and funding her campaing. However, the supporter of Harris, Alkazar's smear campaign began to swing into action. Video footage of Romney injecting heroin was delivered to several news publication companies, as well as being spread on the internet. Although it was faked, it was incredibly convincing- Helfaer's Homeland Department had plenty of experience. Elenore was able to convince the public it was totaly fake because of her time spent in and out of Parliment and the R.S. and she even showed her arms right in public and went around with sleveless tops for a while. Commonalitarianism also helped with multiple interventions

1) Incredible amount of posters are purchased $300,000. College students and middle class people hired to plaster most major cities with posters proclaiming Romney With A Picture of Her as a Roman Centurion proclaiming Romney Roman Good For You.

2) Advertisements appear in several major newspapers with anonymous donors proclaiming how wonderful Romney is. $200,000.

3) Two minor free rock concerts are funded with pro- romney musicians telling people to "Rock The Vote". $500,000. Paid by anonymous donor.

4) 100 minor journalists are paid $300 a piece to write pro- Romney articles in small magazines all across the Nation. $30,000.

5) Radio spots are put in place which tell how wonderful she is on AM and FM stations. $1000 per spot. 100 stations. $100,000.

6) Small street stands where people stand around handing leaflets, buttons, lawn signs, are set up. 2 Good looking young men and women are hired for 3 days at $10 an hour for 8 hour day $440 for hire plus 560 for materials. $1000. 1000 stands. $1 million.

7) Someone writes several pro-romney popular legislation petitions. Hires petitioners to sign people up on petitions. They are wearing Pro-Romney material. 1 million per petitition. $3 million.

8) Minor adds appear praising the petitions and Romney on television spots in many minor television stations. $5 million dollars.

$10,130,000 for campaign. This has led to some to accuse of vote buying however Elenore feels it isn't because these aren't voters in Kanami. But non-the less very greatfull for their help.

Election Victory

After a long campaing, and some heavy mud slining, Elenore Romeny wins the election for Prime Minister. James Polk of the Democratic Party had this to say: "This just continues the reign of the Republican Socialists." Although few have compalints over Romney's victory. Succeeding a very well like Prime Minister Koolridge, she will have some work to do. Her innaugural address was on the first of March, she mentiond in her speech about a good democratic society. "A good democracy should be ran as a whole by the people who live there. Not by a bunch of fat-cats in the Parliment." Elenore told to us. "Now of course we aren't going to go to complete direct democracy, but we certianlly are going to give more voice to the people."

  • Romney (RS) 66.67%
  • Polk (D) 13.33%
  • Harriss (GP) 20.00%
  • Soma (L) 0.0%


  • Economic Growth Act: Lifted some of the really tight restrictions on business, and eliminated the Doubled Land Tax
  • Further Authorization of Force in Princstable: Authorized the contiunation of intervention in Princstable untill the war lord was brought to justice. (See The Princstable War)
  • The Kanami-Princstable Trade Agreement: Opend traid between Kanami and Princstable.
  • Child Protection Act: Gave special attention to child abuse, and increased laws on it. Now if a child dies from abusive and/or neglectful behavior, a parent and/or guardian can be charged with a max of 1st Degree Murder.
  • Amended -Homosexual Adoption Ruling: After the suprem court ruling that all gay/lesbian couples could adopt, annexations were made in order to maintain stability of the family.

1. Social Services will monotor 2. Background checks will be used when adoption (as are all adoptions) 3. Children should be taught hetrosexualism, and it's values. Once A child reaches the age of teens or adults, they can chose their sexual prefrence. Homosexualiy should not be forced on a child. 4. Special Attention will be taugt about the risks of Same Sex Marriage. (AIDS HIV etc)

  • Kanami Protectorate Pact: Adopted several colonies near Kanami and has Kanami almost acting as a parent nation to protect from foreing invasions, and imperial conquest.
  • Entrance to the Global Alliance of Sovereign Nations Authorized the entrance into GASN.
  • Authorization of Force: Authorized military force to take Hanover in order to protect Kanami soil and Kanami Protectorates
  • Entrance to the International Fair Trade Agreement: Entered into IFTA on a trial basis. Later repelead.
  • The Farmers/Ranchers Buisness Protection Act: Inacted upon LifeWyze's bioengeneering breakthroughs that threatend the farms of the world. Restricted Bio projects in that area, and protected the commerce of Farmers and Ranchers against Bioengeneering of genetic animals.
  • Withdrawl from IFTA
  • Entrance to The Global Defence Initiative
  • Withdrawl from GDI
  • Entrance into The Anti-Terrorism World Alliance
  • Motion Pictures Budget Relife gives a tax deduction to any and all filmakers foreign or domestic when filming inside Kanami.
  • Nuclear Prohibition Pact Bans the importing and exporting and creation of nuclear weapons within Kanami and it's allies

Hanover War

Main Article: The Hanover Conflict

Elenore Romney was well known for having a desire to mend relations with Stevid. However her plans fell apart when the CIA discoverd Stevid was occupying a large sum of islands near Kanami. The Hanover Island Dependancy had many in the Parliment as well as the nation worried. Stevid still wasn't quite a freind nation yet, and it wasn't known how they felt about Kanami since the Kuronan Storm Crisis.

Intel began to find Stevid was massing military presence there, and were holding prisoners arrested on the basis of their religion, not any real crime. In addition, Kanami had enterd a protectorate pact, that told Imperalist Nations would not trend near these small colonies. This only made her more and more nervous and Romney eventually tried to negotiate.

The political talks would take place in a large room in the Kanami presidential building where they would talk to each other on the subject of the Island Chain. Kanami had concerns with the surrounding regional islands that bore a close proximity to Hanover and the chain by at least 100 nautical miles while Stevid kept the interest of the Empire and Imperial Colonies at heart. Kanami also wanted to get detailed information from Stevid on the islands and why Stevid had occupied them, also why there were maximum security prisons placed on the islands. Stevid’s other agendas were to persuade Kanami that there was no threatening presence on the island other than a small defence force of ten places and a garrison of troops with armoured transports.

Kanami pushed for explanations and legitimacy in the Empire’s claims to Hanover and the island chain, they also presumed that Stevid was holding weapons of mass destruction on the islands and asked for information on whether they existed on the islands. A claim Stevid swiftly denied and condemned, Stevid also exclaimed that the islands were legally colonised by the Empire in the name of King Alistar I of Stevid in the year 2001. Soon after basic colonisation was established and a local government and constituency formed, the islands were deemed Stevidian and were officially recognised by the United Nations and multiple other nations that knew of the islands and there whereabouts. Kanami continued by bringing past engagements into the equation and the fact of religious prisoners being held in prison on the islands were debated. Stevid remained defiant and stated that the prisoners were being well treated while they awaited deportation, they continued to exclaim to the Kanami government that they should not be concerned with Hanover since they had gotten on fine without the knowledge of a Stevidian colony being so near to the mainland of Kanami- also that Stevid maintained a sovereign right to keep Hanover safe from foreign intervention without consent with the government. However Kanami still had great concerne over Stevid having bases so close to Kanami's waters, when they were barely on speaking terms. In addition, many nearby colonies existed that were extremly fragile, that could decended back into chaose if Stevid were to tread near them.

Talks continued for several hours before Kanami decided to draw up a Demilitarised Zone around the islands that the chain neighboured. Stevid politicians saw this as pointless since the airspace that they wanted the DMZ to include was not Stevidian and so a DMZ being drawn was pointless to both parties. However Elenore couldn't be sure Stevid jets wouldn't tresspass into these semi-private air-space as well as Kanami air space. They declined to sign; further arguments ensued about the islands and their legality, their purpose, their possible threat to Kanami and the government that controlled them. Kanami politicians continued to protest and draw arguments for and against the presence of the islands under Stevidian control but continued to claim that a DMZ would safeguard the peace they still held after the Kurona Strom Crisis. Stevid remained defiant, even arrogant to the treats and issues Kanami presented to them and walked out on the conference leaving Kanami, Aqua Anu, Kurona, and Magic Sorcery, routed in the room.

Elenore decided to fight fire with fire, and establish military units towards an island not far West of Stevid in the Otium Aqua Sea. Despite Kanami having the legal right to Unbeknowist to Elenore, it was a fierce war zone with the blood and bodies of many in it. In additon the CIA, the NSA, were counducting survalance and found several Stevid RAF jets were trespassing over Kanami Air Space as well as the colonies that were extreemly fragile, also a great deal of prisoners on Hanover were deemed political prisonders. Elenore felt this was grounds for war and declared Kanami would sieze Hanover.


From the Democratic Party

Elenore is often criticized by the Democratic Party for her domestic polocies as well as the way she dealt with Hanover. Many in the Democratic Party don't belive in her psudo-direct-democracy thinking it makes a mockery of a stable system, when joe-schmo comes and speaks to Parliment. Sentator James Polk's inital criticism is the large ammounts of money going into welfare.

From the International Community

Romney has often been called are scare-mongering, ignorant, religious zealots with vested interests in outdated methods, paticullarly in agriculture and social polocies. Crixum feels Romney is so strongly biased and hypocritical, when she tore up the LifeWyze flag on international news. Upon the modofication of Homosexual adoption, many criticized her strongly for her modofications. The Secular Empire of Maraque extends a condemnation of the Prime Ministers blatant attempts at passing discrimination into the bill that is intended for a good cause. Forcing the teaching of "hetrosexualism" to children of homosexual couples is blatant discrimination that implies that because the child is in a homosexual household that the child itself will become gay. Then there is the mention of when they'll be able to "choose" their sexual preference; this is false. No one chooses to be heterosexual, and no one chooses to be homosexual. Once they reach this age, nothing will change... they'll still be either heterosexual or homosexual since the day they were born. Regardless of whether or not they grow up in a homosexual or heterosexual household

Romney has also been criticized as a war monger by Stevid, and Independent Hitmen, as well as a busy body imperalist.