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The United People's Militia of Eluvatar
The Royal Confederacy of Eluvatar
EluvatarBig.png Eluvatar-Big.png
Flag of the UPME and the RCE
Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes
Map -coming soon-
Official Languages English, Eruvite, Sindarin
Religion Church of Eru, current Pontiff missing.
Ethnicity Dunedain, Minosian, Finn, Benn.
Capital Romenna, >90 million
Head of State Citizen Adûnakhôr / Imperator Peté Tar-Ilium
Foreign Minister unknown
 - Total 124.010 km²
 - Total (October 2006)
 - Density

Independence Independence from King Rat September 30, 2006
Government Type Uncertain
Nation Type Uncertain
National Symbols National Animal: Sea Serpent
National Colours: Teal and Purpure
National Flower: Lily
Currency Romennan Dukat
International Abbreviations
 - sport
 - government

Pronunciation Eh-Loo-Vah-Tar
Naval Craft Classification ERNS (Eluvataran Royal Navy Ship)
Internet TLD .el
Calling Code 318


Eluvatar is a nation in the region of The Lexicon. It has been there, in varying forms, for millenia, but was recently conquered and then lost by the (now defunct) Holy Empire of King Rat. It's current internal government is yet uncertain as there was a revolution just prior to defeat and a new government has not yet truly formed. Most of the nation appears to be controlled by the United People's Militias however.

Main Exports & Imports

Eluvatar produces Automobiles, Books, Weapons, and (until recently) Robot Oil. With the collapse of the PLTO however, Robot Oil appears likely to die as an industry due to the lack of marked. (PLTO contained the robot nation of 1100101).

Lawyers would frequently be contracted from Vulrikh.


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Language and Religion

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Wars and Military

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Economy and Crime

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Politics in Eluvatar is currently at the point of a gun as various "People's" Militias have the run of the country, but have not taken full control. It appears likely that Myrorian peacekeepers in King Rat might also be deployed to Eluvatar.


Eluvatar contains 9 traditional provinces, the first 7 being named after their capital city:

  1. Romenna
  2. Eldalondë
  3. Meneltarma
  4. Annuminas
  5. Anor
  6. Ilium
  7. Minos (Conquered 400 years ago)
  8. Finnland (Conquered 260 years ago)
  9. Bennland (Conquered 260 years ago)


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Diplomatic Relations & Embassies

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The United People's Militia of Eluvatar / The Royal Confederacy of Eluvatar
Major Articles: Peté Tar-Ilium
Cities: Romenna, Eldalondë, Meneltarma, Annuminas, Anor, Ilium, Finnseki, Besseki, Minos
Geography: Lake Lex, White Mountains, River An, River Or, River El
Languages: English, Eruvite, Sindarin
Miscellaneous: .el