Elves Security Forces

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Elves Security Forces
Flag of Elves Security Forces
Motto: I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar
Region The YoungWorld
Capital Raynor City
Official Language(s) Elvish and English
Leader Tobias Raynor
Population 8.013 Billion
Currency Silver Coins 
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The Start of the ESF and Elunism

7 nomading, 3 male and 4 female, elves had been told a prophecy that where an white tree that grew golden fruit would provide the founding for a civilization that would change the world. For several years the elves roamed, looking for this majestic place. Finnaly after 8 years and 8 days of searching, they wandered upon the white tree. It was then that a young elven girl pointed out that golden oranges and apples were growing upon the tree. After spending the rest of the day debating if this was the indeed the prophecised land, and not a coincedence, the elves began the first steps of creating a community. The next week was spent collecting wood form the local forests, and constructing buildings. When finsihed with the construction, they decided to name the community Gladerial.

After creating this community, the elves decided to grow their community, and thus paired up, excluding the young girl. To celebrate these pairings, each pair took a piece of fruit from the white tree and took a bite of it. Normally this would of been the right thing to do considering the elves relgion, but the prophet who told the elves about the white tree also proclaimed that they were never to eat from the tree, or else their immortality would be stricken from them. Immiedately after biting into their fruit, each elf lost thier eternal life, except for the young girl. The elves continued on with thier lives, producing offspring, and eventually thier wasn't enough space left in Gladerial and the elves began to branch out, each community setting up its own government and customs.

The young girl who did not eat from the white tree went on and lived a completely virtuous life, and was granted to become a Goddess by the Unspoken Ones. Her name was Elune, and learning from the original elves story, each elf from there on out tried to live their life like Elune. This way of life translated into a set of beliefs, and the official relgion became known as Elunism, which 90% of all elves pratice. The other 10% pratice Taoism, which is only tolerated because it supports no diety.

Forming the ESF

Thousands of years went by and the communities of the elves grew and grew without outside interference. This was in part due to the two large forests that circled the nation, effitively isolating it from most of the outside. The communities on the outside of the first but inside the second became known as "The Outter Kingdom" and its citizens became adept warriors. Over time they grew taller and more muscular than the the elves who lived inside the first forest, becoming the "Inner Kingdom". These small changes in the gene code came because of the constant warfare between the communities and the Troll and Orc alliance. But in the year 10,000 A.E. metal-clad pinkskins entered the elves domain. When one of these creatures were captured, it identified it and its kind as humans. It told of the many kingdoms of his kind in the outside world and tales of their exploits. The elves becamse so alarmed at these new creatures that the communities swore that if any became under attack from an outside force, that the others would come to its aid. This agreement became known as the Elven Security Alliance. With this new agreement in place, and danger to deal with, the elves began to spill all their recources into advancing weaponry and armor. This arms revolution, lead to many useful tools that the citizens could use in their everyday life. This time also gave rise to many fighting academies, in which one of the nations legendary heroes trained, Jas Hatire.

Modern Times

The elves eventually made an uneasy peace with the "humans" and their cousins the "dwarves" and "hobbits" or halfings. A few adventrous elves dared to explore this outside world, and when they returned with artifacts and tales of the outside world, they became instant heroes. They told their countrymen that they lived in a region called "The Youngworld" and that there were many human and elven kingdoms alike in the outside world. The elves, intruiged by the tales, began to engage in diplomacy with these outside nations. For the most part, the negotations were peaceful, but the nation somehow developed rivalries with others. None of these are more infamous than Tyranny. Multiple wars were fought amongst the nations for various reasons, even one for the leaders of the respected nations being related. Overtime, with the threat of conflict minamizing, the nation changed its name to the Elves Security Forces, reflecting the current politcal clamness and modern times.

A civil war broke out when Rosemary Angelotic, who was assumed dead with the rest of the House of Angelotics, lead a revolution in Gladerial. The Angelotic family had ruled the ESF since 16,789 A.E, but in 18,111 a group of radicals lead a revolution. Though the revolution was quickly put down, the radicals had infiltrated into the Angelotic mansion and had killed everyone, or so it was thought. Rosemary had hidden in the closet, and had fled to Chronorica till her return. When she returned, her operatives killed every Senator when they planeted a bomb in the Senate chambers during election day, and every member of the Military Council, except Edmund Duke and Demot Aldragian, when they shot down their plane heading to a peace summit. They had also tried to assinate the Zeratul Raynor, the current Great leader at that time, but failed as doctors saved his life in surgery.

In a quick a radical move, Tobias Raynor had the Dark Bows (the nations most secret agency) find his mother who held the codes to the cloning facilities. When he had the codes, he created a vast clone army, with starships and mechs. Intimidated slightly by the quick creation of the powerful new army, Rosemary agreed to meet Tobias in a secret location to negotiate peace terms. Oversaw by Artanis Raynor, cousin to both Rosemary and Tobias, the two worked out a peace settlement. Rosemary and all her eventual offspring would renounce their claim to the leadership in return for the creation of a memorial for the family. This memorial became the Angelotic Temple in Longview, which doubles as the nations largest football stadium.


The ESF is run through a strange, but somehow effective government. Their is the ruling family, who denotes a single member to be the "Great Leader". The Great Leader has the final say on all matters, and can do whatever they want to. Usually though, the Great Leader doesn't abuse their power and just does whatever is best for the citizens. The citizens do get some representation, as they are allowed to vote for Senators, every 5 years. The Senate basically draws up laws that the Great Leader either signs into law, sends back for editing, or simply disallows. All military action is controlled by the Military Council. The Council is made up of 9 members, all who have had to have had expierence in conflicts, or risen above the rank of Captain. To get on the Council , you must be recommended by your superior officer, and then be approved by the current Great Leader.

Unknown to most of the nation, a secret organization known as the Dark Bows, is the Great Leaders control over the outside world. The Dark Bows are trianed for espinoge, counter-intelegance, warfare, and peace keeping. Usually they are used in times of war or crisis to perform actions that the Great Leader would like to keep secret to the world. Most Dark Bow agents are Dark Templar or special humans who have mastered their latent psychic powers and have the ability to cloak themselves.


The ESF armed forces are heavily based upon their unique aircraft, the UF seris. The UF craft are specially designed to allow flight into anywhere in the universe, including entering and leaving atmospheres. The most common used craft are the X3, Curfion, and Curfion II. The X3 is outfitted to be a dogfighter or perform cover for the Curfions. The Curfions are essiantailly flying battleships, with the I using a system of turrets as primary weapons and a large Ion Cannon. The II was completly redone from the I, with the a seris of high powered lasers and the Yamato cannon. When fired, the Cannon's energies also creates and EMP wave, and anything within a 25 mile radius is effected.


The ESF enjoys a mildly warm climate in most of the nation. Though the western lowlands and the island of Capri have a very dence jungle atmosphere to it. The elves try to coexist with nature as much as they can while still being technologically advanced, and as such, many cities are divided into two. One city being the normal industrial city, while another in the trees. As such, most of the original forests in the ESF are still standing. The northern plains have a much colder climate, and used to be the home of the orcs and mountain trolls, though encountering one now adays is very rare.

Major Universities

Raynor University

Mar Sara Tech

Gladerial University of Technology and Skills

Valanari School of Robotics

Sharala Unviersity of Computers and Engineering

Char Sara Elunist University

Travesian Army Academy

Rinaldi Naval Academy

Hartdale University

Baysleef Air Force Academy

Turbani Tech

Monaven University

University of Hondo

University of Straightdale

Vernad University

Unversity of Longview

Everlin University

Capri Academy of Diving

International Sports

Long have the citizens of the ESF found enjoyment and entertainment out of various forms of competitions. Though the citizens enjoy a multitude of sports, the favorite by far is Football, or as how some human kingdoms called it Soccer, followed by Hockey, and Basketball. This could be in part due to the recent success of the national teams. The Marauders ( the Football national team ) won back to back Assegai Invitationals, and 3rd place in the 2005 (human year) Fort Europe Galaxy Cup. The Calcuttas ( Hockey national team ) also won the 2006 BNW Cup. The Marauders entered the Nationstates Wordl Cup, their first was World Cup 29. They have grown to be a decent power in the footballing world, and look to make their first trip to the Cup Proper in the upcoming Cup of 33.

Domestic Sports


The ESF has 3 domestic football leagues: The Green, Star, and Premier. The Green League is where amutuers begin thier carrers, while the Star is for the semi-pros and those not ready for the Primiership. Only the best of the best are allowed in the Premier League, and this leads to many close and entertaining matches.

Green League

Current Champs - Everlin Snipers - Promoted to Star League


Gladerial Divine

Char Sara Strike

Rinaldi Ravens

Turbani Tornadoes

Gladerial Fortune Dwellers

Mar Sara Extreme

Star League

Current Champs - Hondo Owls - Promoted to EPL


AC Valanari

Char Sara Volcano

Raynor City Rockets

Straightdale FC

FC Vernad

Everlin Snipers

Travesian Generals*

Capri Marksmen

  • Have been to the most finals but never won

Premier League

Current Champs - FC Capri


Raynor City Rockers

Rinaldi Gunners

Char Sara Inferno

Monaven Breakers

FC Longview

Gladerial Twilight

Mar Sara Flames

Baysleef Bombers

Hartdale Hawks

FC Travesian

Hondo Owls

FC Capri


Raynor City - The Battleground (59,000)

Turmondale - Turmondale Grounds(43,000)

Rolalas - The West Wall (41,000)

Valanari - Duran Palace (50,000)

Rinaldi - Beachfront (43,000)

Wexax - Castle de Mot (49,000)

Char Sara - The Tar Pit (39,000)

Juavi - Old Hartsfast (47,000)

Mar Sara - Donna Cathedral (50,000)

Cartmot - Haramos Park (43,000)

Gladerial - The White Fortress (70,000)

Monaven - Orange Gate Falls (39,000)

Manavawi - New Hartsfast (38,000)

Hartdale - Sky Fall(39,000)

Travesian - Base 09 (39,000)

Baysleef - The Runway (30,000)

Hondo - Raynor Memorial (40,000)

Capri - Hatire Memorial (60,000)

Kareen - Rose Gardens (49,000)

Everlin - The Black Jungle (30,000)

Oliviena - Aranfield Bridge (52,000)

Vernad - Blue Rapid Field (30,000)

Straightdale - Red Fence (39,000)

Turbani - The Pitch (46,000)

Longview - Angelotic Temple (71,000)

Goldsan - Miners Haven (36,000)

Sharala - Old Ravens Cove (43,000)

Vamas - New Ravens Cove (51,000)

Ianisle - Cold Top (32,000)

Aulian - Night Park (38,000)


The ESF hosts two Domestic Hockey Leagues that are played during the Fall and Winter seasons. An developmental league, and the EHL, a professional league. The country also offers gridiron, volleyball, canoeing, baseball, basketball, swimming, bowling, and cycling at the collegiate level.

Largest Cities

Raynor City (Capital)

Population: 1 billion

Attractions/Memorials: Senate Ruins


Population: 280 million

Attractions/Memorials: The White Fortress (now a football stadium) and The White Tree

Mar Sara

Population: 127 million

Attractions/Memorials: Donna Cathedral (doubles as football stadium)

Char Sara

Population: 91 million

Attractions/Memorials: Mount Sumarja / The High Preistess Temple


Population 90.5 million

Attractions/Memorials: Angelotic Temple (doubles as football stadium)


Population: 81 million

Attractions/Memorials: E.S.S. Devestation (battleship)


Population: 72 million

Attractions/Memorials: Hatire Memorial (football stadium and museum)


Population: 24 million

Attractions/Memorials: N/A


Population: 21 million

Attractions/Memorials: Library of Elune