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Erik Sirus Kersk Xericus
Reign March 15, 1980 - Present
Coronation March 28, 1980
Predecessor Lazarus Lionsbane Kersk Xericus
Successor N/A
Spouse Isabella Kersk née Isabella Messina
Loki, Prince of Jerusalem
Eris, Princess of Hades
Flavius, Duke of Elysium
Estia, Princess of Hades
Godfrey, Duke of Tol'Kethis Prime
Mary, Princess of Hades
Ulric, Prince of Olympia
Abila, Princess of Hades
Full name
Erik Sirus Kersk Xericus
HIH the Emperor of the Hadethan Empire
HM the King of Hades
HIH the Emperor of the Commonwealth Territories
Pater Patriae
Pontifex Maximus
Tribuniciae Potestatis
Royal House Xericus
Royal anthem N/A
Father Lazarus Lionsbane Kersk Xericus
Mother Rose Kersk née Rose Vosii
Born April 20, 1950
Hades, ITD
Baptised April 24, 1950
St. Josephs Cathedral, Hades, ITD
Died N/A
Burial N/A
Occupation Emperor
Race Caucasian
I.Q. 164
Height 6 foot 3 inches
Weight 240 lb.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Religion Roman Catholic, Religio Romani

Erik Sirus Kersk Xericus is the second born son of Lazarus Lionsbane Kersk Xericus, but the first born of the Queen consort, Rose Vosii. Erik assumed the throne in 1980 at the age of 29, going on 30; Lazarus had been assassinated by an Israeli loyalist who was upset that ITD invaded Israel in 1972, transforming it into a vassal state. Upon discovery that his close friend, Daniel, was in fact his elder and estranged brother, Erik officially made him a member of the House of Xericus and placed him as second, later third, in line to the throne. Erik is a direct descendant to Xerikus Xerik, who was responsible for first unifying the nation.

The official title of Emperor Erik is:
Imperator Erik Kersk Xerikus Augustus Pius Hadethus, Pontifex Maximus, Tribuniciae Potestatis XLIV, Consul XLIV, Imperator XLIV, Pater Patriae, Proconsul, Imperator of the Commonwealth Territories and King of Jerusalem.

Styles of
Emperor Erik Sirus Kersk Xericus
Reference style His Imperial Majesty
Spoken style Your Imperial Majesty
Alternative style Emperor
House of Xericus

Lazarus Lionsbane
   Prince Daniel
   Grand Duchess Anne Vossi
   Erik I
   Prince Peter
   Grand Duchess Mary Villefort
   Prince Joseph II Vossi
   Princess Persephia Vossi
   Princess Elata Vossi
   Prince Alexander Reck Kersk Xericus
   Prince Daniel II Reck Kersk Xericus
   Prince Lazarus II Reck Kersk Xericus
   Princess Emily Reck Kersk
   Princess Lisa Reck Kersk
   Prince Loki Kersk Xericus
   Princess Eris Kersk
   Prince Flavius Kersk Xericus
   Princess Estia Kersk
   Prince Godfrey Kersk Xericus
   Princess Mary Kersk
   Prince Ulric Kersk Xericus
   Princess Abila Kersk
   Prince Reginald Valor Xericus
Erik I
   Prince Loki Kersk Xericus
   Princess Eris Kersk
   Prince Flavius Kersk Xericus
   Princess Estia Kersk
   Prince Godfrey Kersk Xericus
   Princess Mary Kersk
   Prince Ulric Kersk Xericus
   Princess Abila Kersk
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