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Enda Guiness
30 December 1941
Chairman of the Wide Awake Correspondence Committee
Marital Status

Enda Guiness is a political activist in the Commonwealth of Peoples best known for his position as the Chairman of the Wide Awake Correspondence Committee. He is the leading exponent within the Commonwealth of a philosophy he describes as "human self-determination" and many more mainstream commentators describe as simple racism.


Guiness grew up in the city of Helios, capital of the Lanerian State of Aravana. He played football for his high school and was salutatorian of his graduating class. He went off to university at Oxdale, one of the premier universities in Laneria. After achieving a degree in literature, Guiness went on the become a librarian in the small town of Grover. He led his life in relative quiet until early 2006 when Laneria was rocked by major national disasters which led to its integration with the multiverse.

At the time of the crisis, Guiness volunteered to help the Lanerian Red Cross distribute aid to those directly effected by disaster. His experience as a humanitarian worker touched him deeply. The idea that ordinary Lanerians could have been placed in such a horrible situation both perturbed and enfuriated him. According to Guiness, he experienced a spiritual crisis during this period. He had trouble accepting that a universe where such suffering existed could be ruled by a benevelent God. Seeking answers to his questions, he travelled the Catholic world, visiting Rome, Pantocratoria, Finara and the Dominion. He is also rumored to have visited Iesus Christi, an act which would have been illegal at the time.

When he returned from his journeys with his confidence and faith restores, Guiness founded a political newspaper called Common Sense which he used to propogate the ideas he had formed during his travels. While the first few issues were fairly crude diatribes against non-humans, feminists and homosexuals, Guiness quickly developed a calmer, more intellectual tone for Common Sense while remaining faithful to its original far-right ideals. In late 2006, Guiness and some of his collaborators formed the Wide Awake Correspondence Committee to more directly promote their policies.


Guinness believes that the multiverse is a a threatening place full of powerful non-humans, extraordinarily advanced technology, dangerous fractal anomolies and evil occult forces. However, he believes that advanced or powerful non-human societies which seek to befriend human nations are more dangerous than those which seek to attack them. Guinness stresses that, while he believes many non-humans to be untrustworthy, his opposition to friendly non-humans is not based upon the fear that they will betray humanity but rather the fear that they won't. According to Guinness, help from beings of substantially greater power breeds dependence and turns humans into "pets" existing only out of the goodwill of their "benevelent alien masters." Because of these views, Guinness stresses that the Commonwealth and other human societies with "baseline technology" must maintain independence from non-humans and even from human "space empires and the like," develop their own ways to fight advanced and non-human enemies and maintain their current demographic composition.

Guinness believes that it is liberal ideals which prevent the baseline human nations from pursuing such a course. He believes that these ideals not only blind people to what he considers to be very real differences between peoples but also that they undermine the family and the nation, eroding patriotism and respect for life. He believes that feminism, homosexuality and abortion make the human nations morally weak and unable to act for their own preservation.

Guinness sees his structure as essentially defensive and has stressed that he does not seek to attack any other power and does not even necessarily want to see current non-human populations in human countries deported, although he considers the latter something of an open question.