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Forum: England Forums
Population: Approximately 200 nations
Delegate: West-Side
Founder: Tyrr
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As with most regions named after real world countries, the region of England has existed since the earliest days of NationStates. In an era before founders it frequently fell victims to invasions, but in each case the natives of the regions regained power, returning Scharfyville to the delegacy several times before power shifted to Tyrr. When the concept of founders was introduced into NationStates, Tyrr was installed in that position.

Tyrr joined an attempt to unite the fragmented British regions into an alliance, SABRE (the Sovereign Alliance Of British Regions), which lasted several months before falling into inactivity. With real life commitments becoming more demanding of Tyrr's time, the delegacy passed on to Mencken, the former Minister Of Culture. Mencken's real life commitmens restricted his activity, and the former Minister Of Intellgence, His Majesty, rose to power in November 2003. An endorsement war broke out between His Majesty and Laurinaq, with the delegacy changing hands several times before Laurinaq conceded defeat.

His Majesty discussed possible mergers with delegates of other British regions, persuading Gymru of Wales and Acasia of Imperial Britain to join. In return for the position of Foreign Minister, Acasia joined England (under the name Britains Empire), bringing twenty nations with him and boosting England's population to almost 200 nations. Britains Empire launched a forum for the England region on 1st December 2003, with thirty nations registered in the first month.

In January 2004 His Majesty created a new cabinet of five volunteers. So after England signed its first inter-regional treaty, with The North Pacific. After the invasion of Ireland, England established a intelligence and defence services, which weeks later helping in the liberation of Northern Ireland. In 2005 a new alliance of British regions, the ABI was created by Britains Empire, but months later collapsed due to in-fighting.

With fears among cabinet ministers that England was becoming undemocratic, the first delegate and cabinet elections were held in June. Simooooo fought His Majesty for the delegacy, with His Majesty ending victorious. Cabinet elections were held in early July, electing a cabinet to serve three month terms. In later 2004, a major recruitment drive was launched by Adamsgrad. Continued under his successor Earl Of Yonkings in the new Recruitment Centre (an idea proposed by Safalra) the population of the England peaked at over 300 in early December.


England operates through a loose system of Cabinet government, headed by the delegate. Elections are held every three months and results are determined through a plurality system. The Cabinet decides all policy but important issues are sometimes put to the region to decide. Individual ministers are very much responsible for their own departments and the rest of the Cabinet acts as an advisory body to each minister as decisions are made. Leading, long-term members of the government include His Majesty, Simooooo and Resine.

Current Cabinet:
(Taken from the World Factbook on March 2, 2007)

Delegate - The Disposable Puppet Land of West-Side
Deputy - Glerica
Foreign Minister - Ithania
Minister of Defence and Intelligence - Youngtung
Minister of Recuitment and Retention - Sanctaphrax
Honourary members - Resine, Leetuania

Foreign Policy

England advocates a foreign policy in line with what is known as the 'defender' school of thought in NationStates. We maintain that invasions of regions should not occur under any circumstances, hence our membership to the ADN (Alliance Defence Network). This however, has not always been the case. Historically, England has remained fairly neutral on in regards to foreign policy except when regions close to home are concerned, such as Northern Ireland. It is only recently, through our written treaties with the USK, for example, that we have participated in the defending and liberating of other regions.

England was once a leading member in the alliance established by Acasia of the region Imperial Britain - SABRE or Sovereign Alliance of British REgions. SABRE brought together many British regions and even brought Ireland into Alliance, though many subsequent troubles caused the fall of that alliance. A similar situation occurred with the Allied British Isles, an alliance founded by England's Foreign Secretary, Simooooo, which fell foul due to internal differences.

England is allied by treaty to the ASE (Allied States of EuroIslanders), the USK (United Socialist Kingdom) and The Proletariat Coalition.

Roll of Honour

These are nations who are either now inactive or deserve a special mention:
Adamsgrad - former Minister of Defence
Allandaros - skillful minister
Britains Empire - former Minister of Foreign Affairs
De Quincey - retired minister
Disposablepuppetland - resident entertainer, current delegate
Greccovia - outstanding ambassador and civil servant
Hirota - long-term member of region
His Majesty - longest serving delegate in NationStates
Ithania - retired Minister of Foreign Affairs Land of Glory - long-term member and retired Minister of the Interior
Leetuania - long-term member and hugely successfuly Minister of Immigration
Loch Fyne - retired minister
Minneapolis - long-term member and retired delegate of England
MonkeyWooWoo - retired player and entertainer of the masses
Poesia - retired Director of Intelligence
Rayers II - long-term member and Deputy Delegate
Resine - long-term member, retired Minister of Information, Director of Intelligence
Safalra - long-term member of England
Section - 31 - retired minister
Simooooo - long-term member, Foreign Secretary and ex-Minister of the Interior
Stargatopia - retired minister and happy poster
SurreyCCC - retired minister
Youngtung - long-time member, former Minister of Defense, founder of England's Protectorate