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Halls of Memory Member
Founder: United Nations Strangers' Bar
Author: UN Proposals Protocols
United Nations Moderator

Enodia was revered by the UN forumites as someone who cared about the UN process. Real life intruded, and Enodia was forced to relinquish his moderator duties. Enodia now lives amongst the ranks of the Halls of Memory. Enodia came upon his moderatorship by the simple expedient of being the only Australian to put up his hand when the first group of Mods was being recruited. While he was not recruited at this point, the first expansion of the Mod team saw his recruitment.

Enodia also created and enforced some of the first major proposal and resolution guidelines. He also created the Strangers' Bar thread which stands to this day to serve the various U.N. forumites with the fuel to carry on with the business of making the world a better place, one resolution at a time....