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Flag of Eorpa
Motto: "Peace is Only a Dove's Flight Away"
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Region Sheogorath
Capital Haen
Official Language(s) Eorpan (A Bastardisation of English)
Leader Aesura
Population 9 Million
Currency Eor 
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The Democratic Republic of Eorpa

‘’ Peace is Only a Dove’s Flight Away’’


In the year 1842, the Empire of Volghon began its famous march Westwards, towards its old enemy, Richanchu, and its ally Irashiru. All the peasants of Volghon were drafted into the armed forces, and called upon to commit heinous acts upon the enemy. One man, drafted from a small farm in a backwards part of Volghon called Viae, experienced these acts first hand innumerable times. His name was Aesthatar, and he was a Private in the Deathwatch, a Regiment of Volghon’s fiercest troops. He stayed with the Deathwatch for little over a month, when he stole away in the night, fleeing all gatherings of the Volgha, fearing capture. He detailed only once in his life the events that caused him to abandon his duties:

‘’It was in the final days of the year 1842, and the Deathwatch were stationed in a village called Golgora. It was meant to be a routine gather and guard, there was a central plaza and we were all posted at the entrances and exits, with the villagers camped in the square. I was happy to do it, and engaged some of the villagers in conversations, and gave my word that no harm would come to any of them. Unfortunately, I was caught talking to one of them outside of the designated area, as if were even told there was one. The man I was with was run through, and the order was given to execute them all; even the women and children. I was disgusted, and that night I fled. I wasn’t able to hold a weapon again for years.’’

Aesthatar moved from town to town, never staying for more than a day, never stopping other than to sleep. He eventually came to the border between Volghon and Irashiru, and after a brief fight, he was able to pass out of Volghon, never to return.

That was how he came to Irashiru, the enemy of Volghon since its creation in 1821. He wandered around the borders for several weeks, gathering followers who believed in a free nation where everyone would have a say, and where there would be no fear of government agents breaking into your home in the dead of night and taking you to concentration camps. These dreams were like a magnet, and people were drawn to them like moths to a flame. Quickly Aesthatar’s charismatic way of talking garnered him the support of whole villages, and people from not only Irashiru, but Volghon, Gael-Land and Brovenia hailed him as their new lord, and were prepared to follow his every command.

The ruler of Irashiru at the time, Lord Iashi Kakal, was soon aware of this Volgha in his territory, and he prepared to send assassins to remove him, but after learning of the support he had, Iashi thought it better to meet with the man, and discover his plan. He summoned Aesthatar to his capital, and there they held conference for three days. In the end, Iashi decreed that Aesthatar and his Free-Men were honorary countrymen of Irashiru. They lent their support to the armed forces primarily, for Irashiru was involved in a brutal war with Volghon over the Eor Plains to the south. After a year of bitter fighting, the savage Volgha Warriors were repulsed, and Irashiru set up the Free-Men, under the leadership of the aging Aesthatar, as province of Irashiru in the Eor Plains, which were renamed Eorpa, an old Volgha word meaning The Free Land (E-Ora-Pan).

Growth and Expansion

The Eorpans (as they came to be known) were content with their peaceful lives. For almost three years they tilled the fields, and as per the agreement they held with Irashiru, manned the Irashiru-Volghon Border, repelling the raids almost day and night. But the population began to grow beyond the ability of the Eor Plains to sustain it. They realised that something had to be done. Their chance came soon enough.

In 1859, the disgruntled Volgha Leader, General Zura Aljakia, ordered an all-out assault with the intention of reclaiming the Eor Plains. The full might of the Volgha-Korps were brought to bear, and they were inside the province the next week. Villages were razed to the ground, and people slaughtered as they fled. But the merciless Volgha-Korps had one objective: capture the Provincial Capital, Haen.

They finally came within sight of the city three days after entering the region. They expected to march into the city and face a token resistance, before claiming the territory once again. However, as they neared the city flaming rocks rained from the heavens, and a large force of warriors poured from the city repelling the dismayed Volgha-Korps. The Eorpan warriors then pulled back into the city, dropping wooden palisades into place as they went. It took the Volghan Army just over a day to recover and launch a second assault.

They charged the barricades, setting them alight where they could. They soon fell away, and the Berserkers entered Haen. They were the most ferocious warriors of the time, fighting with tooth and nail more often than with weapons. But the Eorpans were prepared. The savage men were lured into corners about the city and taken down with bows and primitive muskets. Once it was clear the berserkers would be unable to do the job alone as they had so often for Volghon, the remainder of the army was sent in.

The fighting was bloody and brutal. Almost no-one escaped without at least an injury, but bit by bit, little by little, the Volgha-Korps, most feared army in the world, was pushed back, out of Haen. Their doom was sealed little over six hours later when the Army of Irashiru arrived on the scene. They helped drive the last of the invaders from the land surrounding Haen, and together the Irashirians and the Eorpans routed the Volghans, reclaiming the Eor Plains and even some of the territory of Volghon as they chased the Volgha-Korps further back.

Eventually, after a weeks-long campaign, the Eorpans and the Irashirians had almost annihilated the Volghans, and Eorpa had more than doubled in size from the spoils of war.

Afterwards, when some semblance of normality had fallen over Eorpa, the aged Aesthatar was called to Irashiru’s capital. He of course obeyed the summons, but in his weakened condition it took him several times the norm to travel the relatively short distance. When he finally arrived, and after much pomp and ceremony, Iashi bestowed upon Aesthatar the Lordship of the New Democratic Republic of Eorpa, for services to Irashiru. Aesthatar was Prince of Eorpa for three hours, before he died.

Eorpan Beliefs

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