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Players in the Errinundera’s NationStates World Cup 36 national squad (aka the potoroos, the longfoots or the gorillas) are selected from teams belonging to the Errinundera Football Association.



The "White" strip is use for all games except away games where the home side has a significant portion of white in its strip. The gold "Gonad" alternative strip is used in its place in these instances. Should the home side have gold and white in their colours then the green strip is used. The grey "Bark" strip is worn by the Potoroo goalkeeper. The uniforms are made by volunteers from the Textile Workers Union.

The team

Details in brackets show gender, EFA club, age, playing position and World Cup experience.




Deputy Vice-Captain


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following

  • Choose my goalscorers Y
  • Godmod Scoring Events Y
  • RP injuries to my players Y
  • Godmod injuries to my players Y
  • Hand out Yellow cards to my players Y
  • Hand out Red cards to my players Y
  • Godmod Other Events Y

Single restriction: only one player to miss the next game through injury or penalty cards.

To avoid corruption the Errinundera Football Association does not accept sponsorship from any private organisation.

Football Grounds

For more details go to Errinundera's NSWC Football Grounds.

The Amphitheatre

  • Location: Big Tree Camp
  • Capacity: 20,000
  • Notable Feature: Semi-circular with panoramic views

The B.C.G (Bonang Cricket Ground)

  • Location: Bonang
  • Capacity: 101,000
  • Notable Feature: Home of the Gonads

Big Eye

  • Location: Malinns
  • Capacity: 43,000
  • Notable Feature: Shaped like an eyeball with eyelids that open and close

The Biodome

  • Location: Waratah Flat
  • Capacity: 36,000
  • Notable Feature: Lightweight bioframe roof

The B Triple R (Bemm River Recreation Reserve)

  • Location: Bemm River
  • Capacity: 35,000
  • Notable Feature: Built in the middle of the river

The Cavern

  • Location: Mount Ellery
  • Capacity: 52,000
  • Notable feature: Undergound, below the 3,000m Mount Ellery

Delegate Soccer Stadium

  • Location: Delegate
  • Capacity: 63,700
  • Notable feature: Great winged roof

Frosty Hollow

  • Location: Rooty Break
  • Capacity: 61,000
  • Notable Feature: Sunken pit with giant forest up to edge


  • Location: Bola Mine
  • Capacity: 53,000
  • Notable feature: First world class stadium to be built in the Goolengook province

Liberation Stadium

  • Location: McKillops Bridge
  • Capacity: 83,000
  • Notable Feature: Commemorates the 1941 liberation

Milosis Coliseum

  • Location: McKillops Bridge
  • Capacity: 41,000
  • Notable feature: clifftop stadium with panoramic views

National Downfall Stadium

  • Location: First Creek Falls
  • Capacity: 64,000
  • Notable Feature: 50m Hairy Man Falls dominates one end

New Glumbog

  • Location: Rodger River
  • Capacity: 78,000
  • Notable feature: the home crowd doesn't cheer or chant, it hums

Ootopia Forest

  • Location: Fanny Moo
  • Capacity: 45,000
  • Notable feature: In a broad gully with dense rainforest

Stade de siaros

  • Location: Deddick
  • Capacity: 80,000
  • Notable Feature: Named after siaros, the Civil War hero who died at the 1892 Battle of the Pass which took place on ground adjacent to where the Stadium is now located.

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