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Type of religion: Monothiestic
Founded: February 6th, 2006
God(s): Erynn, commonly "The Lady"
Holy texts: The Bible of Erynnism
Followers: 284 billion
Practised in: New Lyoko, I-Nal, Maridun, North Maridun
Head: Council of Prophets
Symbol of Erynnism


The central idea of Erynnism is that Erynn, a girl from Tennessee, is in actuality a Goddess who created the Holy Land and the Universe, and possesses divine powers. Many underlying themes come from the French animation, Code Lyoko. A lot of the principles are based on the idea of a "World Without Danger," in essence, how Erynnism judges good versus evil.


Erynnism was founded on February 6th, 2006, on an online forum called Lyoko Freak in the name of the administrator, Erynn. Those who founded the guidelines of Erynnism are called the Prophets, because they saw the divine glory of the Lady and were inspired to write the Bible of Erynnism. However Erynnism has existed for many centuries in different forms, especially during the dominance of the early animist, nature-worshipping religions of New Lyoko.

The Clergy

The Clergy of Erynnism consist of Priests and the Council of Prophets.


Priests are organized into the Council of Priests, which does all things regarding Erynnism and Erynnist Mosques for their specific nation.

All Erynnist Priests must be male, and wear sexy clothing. (right)
Erynnist Priest duds

All Erynnist Preists report only to the authority of Erynn, the Council of Prophets, and of course, Jesus-- otherwise known as The Mods. (see Pillars of Erynnism)

It is not required for Erynnist Preists to be "pure," since lots of molesting goes on in the Mosque of Erynnism (see Pillars of Erynnism) and if they did Erynn would have no Priests.

One Priest presides over a Mosque and it is his duty to conduct the happenings therein and provide counsel regarding Erynnism. A test is required to achieve Priesthood, and is based mostly on knowledge of the Erynnist Bible.

Priests are also able to conduct Erynnist weddings, given the ability by the State. It is to be noted that during a wedding, Priests usually shout random Erynnist sayings and then pronounce the couple married. Depending on the laws of the nation, they are also authorized to conduct same-sex marriages.

Council of Prophets

The Council of Prophets is the governing body of Erynnism. It consists of the original Prophets and Prophetess who formed Erynnism-- the current Prince of New Lyoko, the Confederate Leader of I-Nal, and two American teenagers who hold no government power. They alone hold the ability to interpret the sayings of Erynn and turn it into doctrine (Although anyone may heed the sayings of the Lady themselves.) As a side note, the Council of Prophets holds power in RENLTOW negotiations, specifically those regarding Erynnism.

Erynnism Hierarchy

Order: Good- Highest to Lowest, Bad- Lowest to Highest.

  • Erynn/The Demi-Gods
  • Jesus (The Mods)
  • The Forum Ghost (The mysterious Numero Uno, also known as Leon Corbe)
  • Angels
  • Prophets and the Prophetess
  • Priests
  • Knights
  • Saints/Bards
  • Devout Erynnists (The majority)
  • Non-Devout Erynnists


  • Beelzebub/The Demons (Members banned from the Holy Land)
  • Xanta Claus
  • XANA's evil smambot demons (Akuma)
  • Oboy/The Devil


Erynn: None. There is only One.
Demigods: Be an administrator of the Holy Land that is not Erynn.
Jesus/The Jesuses: Be a moderator and/or co-admin of the Holy Land
The Forum Specter: None.
Angels: Be blessed as such by a clergy member, Erynn, or a Demi-God.
Prophet/Prophetess: None. There are only three Prophets and one Prophetess.
Priest: Two weeks of Devout Erynnism, taking the priestification quiz, having a Y chromosome
Knights: Prove yourself in battle and be knighted by a member of the clergy. Bards: Create a song that is to be used as a Holy Hymn
Saints: Do something for Lyoko Freak (the Holy Land), Code: Lyoko as a whole, or the general community. In order to become a Saint, it must be sent through the Council of Priests and then through the Council of Prophets.
Devout Erynnists: Follow the Pillars of Erynnism, be a good person
Non-Devout Erynnists: Believe in Erynnism

List of Saints

Stonecreek: Saint of Comedy, Saint of Charity
Vchat20: Saint of Charity
TB3: Saint of Technobabblery, Saint of Documentaries
animenologist: Saint of Technobabblery
LothoFoxBurr: Saint of Common Good
Mewberries151: Saint of Grace
Lani: Saint of Grace
Agent_Marquez: Saint of Comedy
Random Cosplay Girl: Saint of Winning at Life-ness

Pillars of Erynnism

There is no Erynn other than Erynn, and all the other Erynns are just imitatin'.

The moderators (Known as the Mods) of the Holy Land constitute the body of Jesus, who is one level of divinity beneath Erynn.

Once you convert to Erynnism, you can't convert to anything else. (But you're allowed to keep your other religion as long as you don't mention it or Erynn will send you to hell)

All Erynnists must follow the rules of the Erynnism Bible and the rules of LF. If you do not, you will immediately be sent to hell.

Lyoko Freak is the Holy Land.

There shall occasionally be Holy Festivals, in which Erynnist members of the Holy Land must come to Erynnism Mosque. If you don't attend, you will be considered a bad Erynnist and people shall bite their thumbs at you.

All Erynnists must also occasionally attend Services at Mosque (their actual local Mosque building), or they will also be considered a bad Erynnist.

You shall regard the ex-member of the Holy Land, colliloquilly known as "HomOboy," as the Devil, and denounce him for all eternity.

All Erynnists believe in the Spirit of X.M.A.S... Xanta Claus. Although he may be scary, children may still sit on his lap... but he might decide to eat their brains.

In fact, he has two holidays-- X.M.A.S, and XANA-Ween, the day that's ALMOST like Halloween, except children eat candy and STAY in their houses, for fear that XANA will come eat their brains.

All Erynnists believe in the Specter of the Holy Land-- Numero Uno, alias Leon Corbe. He is regarded as a revered being, almost up there with Erynn, the Demi-Gods and the Jesuses.

Numero Uno has no holidays, only special events, whereupon he makes a post or "breaks" the forum (as his way of communicating with us). If this happens, he usually wants us to have a wild party in Eden (the portion of the Holy Land known as "Big Kids Only") or at the Mosque.

You shalt revere the Demi-Gods, for they are those chosen by Erynn to rule over the Holy Land in conjunction with her.

You shalt hate the spambots, because they are really XANA's demon slave computers who wish to dirty the Holy Land with their spammy posts.

Official Languages of Erynnism

Although Erynnism can be taught in any land, these are the languages that are taught in Erynnist schools and used predominantly in Mosques (both physical and virtual.)

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Cantonese
  • New Lyokoan
  • I-Nalian

Mosques of Erynnism

The places of worship in the Erynnist religion are called "Mosques." They are usually classy-looking buildings in or near the center of a town or city, and they are where Erynnists go to worship. Inside, there are rows and rows of computers-- this is because the actual services are held in a virtual environment called IMVU. The Priests are either in the Mosque itself at the altar, or conduct the services virtually. Erynnist weddings are held in Mosques. They can usually be identified by their structure, usually a building with pillars, and the symbol of Erynnism-- a giant "E" with a Santa Claus hat on the top-left corner.

The Erynnism Bible

All good Erynnists shall regard the Erynnism Bible as the Holy Text, and will abide by its coolness.

"In the Beginning, Erynn created LF. It was created as a safe haven from the Toxic Wasteland known as "TvTome."

And Erynn proceeded to say: "Let there be Forums!" Then there came to be the schweet forums, and especially BKO-- also known as the Garden of Eden. And after that, Erynn saw that they were supercool.

And thus Erynn sent out her Angels to get people to come to the Holy Land-- Wikipedia, MoonFilms/AntiScoop, and BAB, who volunteered for no apparent reason.

People came to the Holy Land, and it was awesome. Erynn then proceeded to appoint the Messiah, the split-personality being that brings t3h pain on those who don't follow the rules of the Erynnism Bible-- Katie and the mods.

But not all was perfect in the Holy Land. There was the Evil Tempter, the Perverted One, HomOBoy, also known as the Devil. He was evil and stuff, so Erynn kicked his ass out of the Holy Land.

Then Erynn issued the Holy Commandments:

Thou shalt obeyeth the Holy Commandments and the Rules of the Holy Land.

Thou shalt not rape Erynn, for thou shalt be sent to hell.

Thou shalt not confuseth Erynn's gender, nor call Her a man in any way.

Thou shalt use correct spelling, or thou shalt be sent to hell.

Thou shalt love the Holy Land of LF, because it pwns your mother.

Thou shalt attend Mosque, in celebration of the supercoolness of Erynnism.

Thou shalt denounce the Wicked One.

Thou shalt rock and roll all night, and party every day.

Thou shalt convert others to Erynnism, and spread the love.


And so, the Prophets of Erynnism-- YD, Lani, DD, and BAB, could no longer thing of anything else for the Erynnism Bible, and thus it shall temporarily end."

Thenceforth, the Goddess issued a decree across the Holy Land: Those elected as Co-Admins shall serve as the Demi-Gods slightly equal but not quite to Erynn in her absence.

As of Feb. 16, '06, Erynn has issued a New Commandment!

"Thou... shalt not... hit people with the Erynnist Bible...?" Saith the Lady. No using the Bibles as weapons!

Holy Festival Dates and/or Holidays

January 12th, 13th, 14th- The Festivals of Materialization Celebration Nation (Or simply "Mat. Week", celebrating the Materialization of Aelita)
February 6th- Festival of the Creation of Erynnism
February 14th- Singles' Awareness Day
February 20th- Festival of the Birth of Erynn.
April 22- Festival of the Creation of the Holy Land. Also known as "Day Zero."
June 6th- Lyoko Day (Celebrating the day Franz Hopper created Lyoko)
June 14th- Belpois Day (Jeremie's birthday, as the Prophetess concluded)
June 30th- XANA-Ween (The day the evil virus escaped from the computer)
September 9th- Duck Day
December 25th- X.M.A.S.

All Erynnist schools have those days off, and the week between Lyoko Day and Belpois Day also.

Holy Hymns/Anthems of Erynnism

Lyrics by TB3

Oh say can you see
By the monitor’s light
What so proudly they join’d
At the TV-Tome's ending

Whose broad banner and bright links
Drew those old Tomer’s eyes
O’er Lyokofreak she watched
As they gladly came streaming

They came from near and from far
And spam’s fading mar,
Gave proof through the night
That the admin was there.

Oh still let that
Starway-spangled banner wave
O’er the threads of the free
And the posts of the brave.

Lyrics by TB3

God save the great Erynn,
Long live noble Erynn,
God save Erynn!
Send her Victorious,
Happy and Glorious,
Administrator over us;
God save Erynn!

Members and Mods arise,
And contribute with ease
Lest we shall fall;
Chat and debate in bliss,
Review these bold fanfics,
Our World Without Danger,
Oh, bless us all!

The choicest gifts in store
On Lyokofreaks pour;
Long last this reign;
VAs join to applause,
And new faces give cause
To post with heart and voice,
God save Erynn!

Not in this place alone,
But be our forums known,
From shore to shore!
Lord make all members see,
That fans should brothers be,
And form one family,
The wide world o’er

From every latent foe
Subversive spammer’s blow,
God save Erynn!
O'er her thine arm extend,
Lyokofreak, defend,
Our mother, princess, and friend,
God save Erynn!

A World Without Danger*
Lyrics by Noam and/or Moonscoop, Composed by Ygal Amar and Franck Keller

Verse 1:
There is a world, that is virtual and different
it can be so cold, makes us stand up for what's right
Our hope through the life, if we reset it to the start

Chorus 1:
Here we are going far
to save all that we love
if we give all we got
we will make it through
here we are like a star
shining bright on your world today
make evil go away

Chorus 2:
Code Lyoko we'll reset it all
Code Lyoko be there when you call
Code Lyoko we will stand real tall
Code Lyoko stronger after all

Verse 2:
A world of machines, it can shatter human nature
and all that we need, is the way to find the answer
and one thing is sure, you can count on us for good

(Chorus 1)

(Chorus 2)

we'll do our best,
to never let you down.
Were up to the test,
to turn this world around.

(Chorus 1 twice)

Note: The French version, Un Monde Sans Danger, is also a Hymn, where applicable.

Those are the official Holy Songs of Erynnism. All good Erynnists must know them by heart.