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Flag of Etaros
Motto: "Liberty is best left untouched."
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Region Tareldanore
Capital Orbitas Enosti
Official Language(s) Lietuv, Quenya, English
Leader Eratis Cyrus Kasparov
Population 3.0 billion
Currency Etarosi Credit 
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The Erasati Republic of Etaros is a vast island in the region of Tareldanore, once filled with lush forests that have been mostly destroyed in a decades-long attempt to achieve industrial and technological superiority, and after that further destroyed in the Civil Wars of Etaros, a seemingly bitter series of battles between supporters of the former sovereign (Ëtaros Eledhwen) and his son (Ëchanor Eledhwen), and then the new leader (Calatari Liëssa Círyatan) and the forces of democracy.

The waters around the island of Etaros are quite cool due to oceanic currents that flow north from the Anarctic, and the Erasat has long been reputed as a comfortable vacationing area. Citizens of the Erasati Republic are descendants of the Lietuv race from the United Republics of the Hvittsted Pact and a host of elves, mostly Noldorin. They fled their homeland during the most destructive war to Lietuvs in history, the Lietuv War of Succession. In their flight, they came to rest upon Etaros, which was a colony of the vast Lietuv Republic at the time. It was named after the son of Itarildë Eledhwen, Ëtaros. At her death, he took control of the nation, and helped guide it to its greatness.

During his rule, Ëtaros set a precedent for laissez-faire capitalism, little foreign intervention, and a strong focus on defense and the space program. The Eratis, Cyrus Kasparov, has decided to carry on those policies in a somewhat moderated fashion, and seeks to ensure economic prosperity while seeing to more intervention in foreign affairs, if only to secure trade interests. The defense budget and space program are currently receiving vigorous funding and revamping.

The Erasati Republic is a proud signatory of the Knootian International Stabilisation Treaty and a very proud, devoted member of the Vinyatírion Economic/Readiness/Intelligence Treaty of Allied States.

National Information

  • Traditional Long Form: The Erasati Republic of Etaros
  • Traditional Short Form: Etaros, Erasati Republic
  • Abbreviation: ERE
  • Form of Government: Bicameral representative democracy
  • Locations: South Atlantic, Haven in the Pacific, Etarosi America, Archimedes II (extra-solar planet)