Etlo-Tommybob War

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Etlo-Tommybob War Summary
Date: 1982
Locations: Tommybob, United Island Empires
Deaths (approx.)
Military: 300,000
Civilian: 200,000
Total: 500,000
Main Participants
The Goonish Empire LAEC
United Island Empires

A brief but bitter war fought in 1982 between Tommybob, and the countries allies in The Goonish Empire, and the United Island Empires, and that nations allies in the LAEC, especally Caseia.

The Years Before

Phase 1 - 14th July 1982 - Tommybob invades United Island Empires



Phase 2 - 23th July 1982 - United Island Empires Retaliate



Phase 3 - 5th August 1982 - Tommybob takes Island Stongholds

Phase 4 - 16th August 1982 - LAEC Invades Mainland Tommybob

Phase 5 - 1st September 1982 - Tommybob Retreats

End of the War

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