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Flag of Etnier

The Etnierian Socialist Republic is one of Kelssek's provinces. It entered confederation following Kelssek's democratic revolution in 1886. Its provincial capital and largest city is Clayquot, and other important cities include Latrobe, Brandon, Katoomba, Kenting Rush, and Coldwater.


Etnier was not part of the Guedian Kingdom, but its monarch, however, was a vassal to the Guedian monarchs for most of the 17th and 18th centuries. Communist revolutionaries overthrew their monarch in 1853. The Guedian Kingdom's failed attempt to intervene and restore the vassal monarch of Etnier is considered by some historians to have been the first step in a chain of events which led to its own downfall in similar circumstances thirty-three years later.

With its roots in farming and manufacturing, which remain the chief economic activities in the province, Etnier has a history of labour activism and politically, it is a left-wing stronghold. The federal United Communist Party derives most of its support from Etnier and its provincial politics are dominated by left-wing and communist parties.


Etnier's provincial legislature is the unicameral Congress of People's Deputies. Elections must be held at least every four years. As with all Kelssekian provinces, its head of state is a lieutenant-governor appointed by the President of Kelssek, currently Karen Carpenter. Etnier's current Premier is Joel Martin, who is also the leader of the Fourth International Party of Etnier, which is the largest party in the Congress and governs with a majority.