Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Resurgent Dream

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The Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Resurgent Dream (ELCRD) is a mainline Protestant denomination headed in Agwenstadt, Thorlund. It is the largest of all Lutheran denominations in the Resurgent Dream, claiming roughly four million members. It is the established church in the Principality of Thorlund.

The church also has some foreign congregations, mostly in nations with no strong, independent Lutheran church of their own. However, almost all ELCRD churches are located in the Resurgent Dream itself. The next largest Lutheran church in the Resurgent Dream is Conservative Lutheran Ministries with 157,000 members. There are also many small Lutheran organizations as well as many independent Lutheran churches in the country.

The headquarters of the church are located at 158 Eckener St., Agwenstadt, Thorlund.

Organization and structure

The ELCRD is headed by a President elected by the Churchwide Assembly for a term of nine years. The Churchwide Assembly meets every three years and consists of elected lay and ordained members. In between Churchwide Assemblies, the ELCRD is governed by the Church Council, chaired by the President.

The ELCRD is further divided into twenty-five districts, one corresponding to each principality in the Resurgent Dream. Each district is headed by a District Council headed by a District Chair.

The Church structure is also divided into certain special programs or ministries, including global missions, outdoor ministries, campus ministries, social ministries, and education. There are forty colleges and universities affiliated with the ELCRD in the Resurgent Dream.