Excalbian Isles

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Excalbia, Upper Virginia, Confederation of Sovereign States, Free Virginia, Langeais
Western Atlantic

Geography and Early History

The Excalbian Isles rise from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in the Northern Atlantic, southwest of Thule and southeast of Greenland. One of the largest islands in the world, Excalbia, makes up most of the island chain’s land area. The Borodea Mountains split the island from north to south along the path of Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Highlands and foothills extend from the range to the west across much of the island. To the north of the highlands are plains and tundra; to the south are grasslands and forests. East of the mountain range, the terrain drops rapidly to foothills, pine forests and rugged coastline.

The location of the island ensures mild summers with long days and cool winters with long, dark nights. The flow of the ocean currents, however, keeps the island far milder than Greenland, located to the northwest.

Natural resources include uranium, cattle, iron, aluminum, salt, timber, seafood, copper, agricultural products and geothermal energy.


The Excalbian Isles were first settled by the Celts around the 6th century. By the early 10th century, they formed a number of stable, agrarian tribal groups, located mostly in the Southwestern grasslands and along the rugged Eastern coast.

In the late 10th century, a second wave of settlers – Norsemen – arrived from their colonies in Iceland and Greenland. While the earlier arrivals, now known as the Lowlanders, remained along the coast and in the grasslands, the Norsemen migrated into the highlands.

Despite relative isolation from Europe, occasional new arrivals continued to land on Excalbia. These included a small group of Scots, who moved into the highlands and submerged into the Norse Highlanders, and some Irish monks, who in the 12th century introduced Christianity among a small tribe of Lowlanders on the Eastern coast.

Nations in the Isles and Modern History

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Holy Empire of Excalbia

Confederation of Soveriegn States

Dominion of Upper Virginia

Liberated Republic of Free Virginia aka Free Virginia Liberation Army

The Principality of Langeais