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=== [[The Dozle War]] ===
=== [[The Dozle War]] ===
[[Category:Federated Klatchian Coast]]

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External History of the Klatch

Early Historical Events

Pre Constitutional Events

The Der Angst Raid

In the progression of the Shadow War between GDODAD and SATO over the future government of Knootoss the Klatchian State of Dyelli Beybi shelled The Hague from naval vessels off the coast.

In retaliation for this horrific act, Der Angst sent an air armada of ~400 bombers & additional fighter escorts across the Southern Klatchian Ocean and bombed the military facilities of Dyelli Beybi unopposed.

Alcona and Hubris attempted to save face by sending a squadron of fighters from on of their smaller carriers to attack the returning bomber force.

The retaliation and subsequent negotations between Der Angst, Vrak, and Alcona and Hubris led to the creation of the The Joint Defense Force of the Klatch and the New Klatchian Constitution.

Post Constitutional Events

The Dozle War