Fabien Armand

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Dr. Fabien Armand
last job
ambassador to the Green Think Tank (retired)
earlier profession
university professor

Dr. Fabien Armand was the representative of the PDSR Ariddia to the Green Think Tank, a United Nations organisation. He was also, officially, the sole member of the Esati Hemp Production Advisory Board, until the latter was dissolved. With the Green Think Tank' headquarters moved to the Errinundrian tree city of Goongerah, Dr. Armand spent much of his time there. Occasionally, he made use of a small office on the eleventh floor of the UN Headquarters building, and could also be found in Ariddia's UN office one floor below that, or in the library also on the tenth floor.

Dr. Armand held a doctoral thesis in environmental studies from the University of Rêvane, which he later became a professor at, lecturing in ecology and sustainable development. He was also a valued advisor for the Secretariat (government ministry) for Housing and the Environment. He was the author of several books and essays in his field of research.

He retired from his position in the GTT at the age of 86, and died three years later.

A sometimes cheerful, sometimes grumpy old man, Dr. Armand never married but had an adopted son, and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.