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This article deals with Fae as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

Fae are a race of non-humans and a relatively rare one compared to other races such as Elves and Orcs. The overwhelming center of Fae influence is the Resurgent Dream, though Fae are also known to live in other nations, such as Violets and Kitties.

The Fae race is divided into numerous sub-races. Superficially, these sub-races vary as widely as from one another as they do from non-Fae races. For example, on the surface Sidhe seem much closer to Elves than they do to Redcaps, another Fae race.

Despite their differences, all Fae have certain characteristics in common, characteristics of an essential nature which make them a unique people very different from all others and unified despite their surface diversity.

All Fae fundamentally consist of dream energy or glamour rather than of matter. While Fae seem to biologically resemble other humanoid lifeforms, even down to the blood and organs, any examination on a microscopic level will reveal a sort of homogenous energy rather than cellular or atomic composition.

All Fae are capable of using draocht or dream magic. Most Fae never actually learn more than a few minor cantrips or spells. That being said, some few Fae become truly frightening sorcerers, some even qualifying for the ranks of the Crystal Circle.

While most Fae consume food, all Fae also need creative and artistic energy to survive. An immortal Fae soul is destroyed if the Fae is slain with a cold iron weapon and most Fae are harmed by the mere presence of cold iron. The oath of a Fae is binding on him in a much more literal sense than the oaths of other races. Fae will be permanently weakened and tarnished in a way visible to any who see them if they break an Oath.

Fae are immortal. If they are slain, unless it be with cold iron, their soul will depart the world for a time. During this time, the soul walks the Shining Path and receives rewards and punishments for his conduct in life. After this process, which normally takes a century, the soul returns to the living, appearing as a body of any age the Fae wishes but otherwise identical to the Fae's last incarnation. All memories remain entirely intact but oaths are dissolved with even temporary death.