Fargon Archipelago

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Fargon Archipelago
Nation: The Freethinkers
Capital: Fargon City
Leader: Head Assembly Minister Jenna Foster

One of two autonomous districts within the Freethinker Commonwealth, the Fargon Archipelago is a large chain of mountainous islands that sits mostly within the Arctic circle, and is the home of approximately 25 million Fargonis. Previously famous for its troubled past, the islands are now considered one of the most desirable locations to live and work in the the Commonwealth, bouyed by considerable new industry and a rise in tourism.


Climate & Terrain: The Fargon Archipelago is located in the far north Atlantic, with much of the principle territory located near or above the Arctic circle. The northern edge of the islands are locked in permanent ice, and the majority of the province is either Arctic ice or tundra.

Enviromental Hazards: Snow storms and blizzards, large ice flows.

Enviromental Issues: Shrinking of ice flows from regional warming, increasing pollution levels from rapid economic growth.


Provincial Autonomy and Government

Because of its position as a member of the Commonwealth, Fargon incorporates a number of different institutions, both domestic and from the main Freethinker Government into its main government system. The official head of state for the province is His Majesty King Percival IV, the reigning monarch of the Freethinker Royal Family.

Although there has always been an elected Fargon Assembly since the end of the Nineteenth Century, up until the Second Fargoni Insurrection it served as little more than an easily-ignored advisory body to the main Freethinker Government in Navarre. Since the insurrection and the subsequent Fargon City Accords, the Assembly has been granted significantly more power in terms of its decision making and fiscal power, introducing almost total sovereignty over most domestic policy, excluding defence and foreign affairs.


The currency is that of the Freethinker Mintel, the official currency of The Freethinker Commmonwealth. However, unique designs for Fargoni-printed Mintels are issued, with different decorations and issue numbers. However, standard Mintels are also accepted and in turn Fargoni Mintels can also be used in the rest of the Commonwealth. Other currencies can be converted at the official Mintel exchange rate.

The economy of the Fargon Archipelago has come a long way since the pre-insurrection subsistence farming and fishing, though these activities remain important to many communities through the island chain. Agriculture is limited by the small amount of arable land avaliable in the sub-arctic climate, although some commercial ventures with hardier crops have been reasonably successful in supplying cereal crops. Fishing has also been significantly further industrialised and is now a major business concern, something that is not considered surprising given the heavy level of investment made after the second insurrection by the Commonwealth government.

  • Mining and Oil Extraction
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

Tourism is perhaps the biggest of the new industries, with the region attracting several million people a year to come see its spectacular scenery and historical settlements. A popular spot for cruise ships, adventure-holiday enthusiasts and eco-tourists, Fargon has embraced this new source of revenue with open arms and the industry is now the largest single earner of foreign currency in the province. Recent relaxations on travel laws and a significant investment in new infastructure has also played an important role in boosting visitor numbers.