Fascist White States

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Fascist White States
Moderator Deleted Ex-Nation
Offenses: Racism, flaming, traveling through time
Other Incarnations: Decisive Action Federal Byzanium?
Former NS Involvement: Unknown
IP-Ban Status: Deleted by Mods

Fascist White States was a well-known nation on the international scene in May and June 2004. FWS, as the name implies, was a fascist, racist state, committing gross abuses of human rights and provoking international outrage. This led to the making of numerous enemies, and Automagfreek, one of the most powerful nations of the time, offered protection to FWS, which FWS promptly abused. FWS's treatment of its ally provoked AMF to turn against FWS and its ally, Austo Hungary, which was wiped off the map, an act which triggered widespread condemnation of AMF.

FWS put up more of a fight, but not much. Their scientists used an experimental time travel device, which led to accusations by AMF of G-dmoding and Moderator intervention, despite the fact that only a few Fascian scientists managed to escape.