Fbrenia at the First Summer Olympics

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Fbrenia's presence at the First Summer Olympics was an unofficial one. Fbrenia is a lawless country, whose government collapsed four decades ago and has never been replaced; while a recognised sovereign nation, it has no official institutions, and hence no National Olympic Committee.

Two and a half months before the start of the Games, nineteen year-old Fbreni athlete Aey Mendez reached Ariddia on a cargo ship, having left from her home city of Uket, Fbrenia, several weeks earlier and paid for passage with her meagre savings. She announced her wish to compete in the field of athletics in the upcoming Summer Games.

As her country is not a member of the international Olympic Council, this posed a problem. It was suggested that she be integrated into Ariddia's delegation, which created a significant amount of debate. Eventually, the Ariddian Olympic Committee (C.O.A.) agreed to the idea, on the condition that Ms. Mendez applied for Ariddian citizenship. The C.O.A.'s President, Eo Sheh, cited "exceptional circumstances" and the need to "encourage talent from fellow so-called 'underdeveloped' countries. Accidents of birth should not prevent a skilled and courageous athlete from participating in an event noted for its spirit of international friendship and understanding."

It was agreed that Mendez would be seen as representing her homeland, despite officially representing Ariddia.

The young Fbreni competed in three events, and performed solidly (winning her heat in the women's 200m race). Having completed her part in the competition, however, she applied to remain in Casari (the Games' host nation) rather than return to Ariddia. It was the first ever recorded instance of an Olympic athlete defecting to the host country, and her decision sparked indignation and some measure of embarassment in Ariddia. Mendez thanked the C.O.A. and her fellow athletes for their earlier support, but stated that she did not wish to settle permanently in a communist, moneyless country.

Mendez was granted the right to remain in Casari, where she hopes to obtain citizenship, and to represent her new country in future events.


   Gold       Silver       Bronze    Total
FBR Fbrenia (FBR) 0 0 0 0

Delegation & results


Women's 100m

Heats: 0:10.55 (18th overall)
Semi-finals: 0:10.58 (17th overall - did not advance)

Women's 200m

  • Aey MENDEZ
Heats: 0:21.40 (5th overall)
Semi-finals: 0:21.99 (12th overall - did not advance)

Women's 5000m

  • Aey MENDEZ
14:27.06 (19th)

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