Federal Republic of Canada

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The Federal Republic of Canada
Canadian Republic


Flag and Coat of Arms of Canada
Motto (English): Towards the light (Latin: Ad lucem)
Anthem: O' Canada

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Capital Vancouver (???)
Five largest cities
Spoken Languages
 - Official
 - Unofficial

 - President
 - Prime Minister
· constitutional democratic republic

Dr. Anthony Raymond Wittrock
Iris Kayla Ryan

Establishment as a nation  
2 July 1982
 - Total
 - % water

3,898,290 km²
 - Total (2006)

4,668,000,000 (WWA: 1st)
GDP (FY2006/07)
  - Total (USD)
  - GDP/capita (USD)

National animal
English name
Castor canadensis
National flower
English name
Cornus nuttalii
Pacific Dogwood
National tree
English name
Acer circinatum
Vine Maple
CHDI (2006) .907 (13th) — high
Currency 1 dollar ($) = 100 cent (¢)
Time Zone GMT/UTC -0600 to -0900
National Charter of Rights Charter of Rights & Freedoms of Canada
International Abbreviations
 - sport
 - government

Naval Craft Classification
  - Military
  - Civilian

Pronunciation (IPA)
Internet TLD .ca, .cr, .cf, .frc
Calling Code +3

The Federal Republic of Canada is also known as the Canadian Republic. Canada is an advanced democratic and technological nation, based on the continent of North America that consists of western provinces and all of the three territories of the former-Dominion of Canada and the northwestern and north central states of the former-United States of America.

The Federal Republic of Canada was founded after an impasse was made on the Canada Act of 1982, due to the attitudes of other sides of the argument in the creation of bringing Canada as a federal parliamentary constitutional democratic monarchy with strong traditional ties to the British Monarch. The West of the Manitoba-Ontario border seceded from the rest of Canada to form their own democratic nation state to be known as the Federal Republic of Canada.

The Canadian Republic was formed on the date of July 2, 1982 after the Federal Republic of Canada held its first ever national-wide referenda on the system of government where they would vote in favour of the second option, a federal presidential-parliamentary republic.

Two nations Cascadia in the Northwest (Included; Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho) and the Centralian Union (Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, and Wisconsin) after the breakup of the United States. and in fear of being devoured by two rapidly growing fascist powers of the Mississippian Federation and the Kingdom of Kahta. Both the Cascadians and the Centralians favored the new Canadian nation that was recently formed three years ago as it has grown into a moderate global power with the ability to protect it’s sovereignty from hostile powers that threatened it’s national sovereignty.

Cascadia and Centralia would join the Canadian Republic on separate days of the month of June before Canada celebrated it’s third birthday:

  1. Cascadia: 08 June 1985
  2. Centralia: 22 June 1985

The Canadian Republic on 09 March 2001 was a fallen victim to terrorism on it’s homeland after the First Lady and First Daughter were both kidnapped from the Presidential motorcade on returning after the President had sworn in the next Parliament of Canada after a parliamentary election had taken a week and a half earlier. Fourteen Secret Service Agents were found killed on the scene, where the President received a bullet wound to the abdomen where he received emergency medical evacuation to Vancouver Memorial Hospital.

After the President’s quick recovery, President Wittrock signed an executive order for the Intelligence and National Security Communities of Canada to create a global-wide search for the President’s missing family. They would be discovered to be in the Oman S.S.R. of the Soviet Union/Laurasia.

President Wittrock issued several demands to the Premier of the Soviet Union, Vasilli Vitimnov to allow Canadian Forces enter Oman with assistance from the Red Army in finding the culprits who kidnapped his family. The Premier accepted. The President’s wife and daughter were found murdered at holding cell.