Federated Polynesia

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Federated Polynesia
Flag of Federated Polynesia
Motto: United and Seperate
Region West Pacific
Capital Apawa
Official Language(s) Naetuan (official), Samoan
Leader Queen Rewa
Population 42,000
Currency Polynesian pound (P£) 
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The Federated Polynesian States, sometimes refered to as Federated Polynesia, are a group of seventy-two islands and atolls in the Pacific Ocean, of which twenty-four are inhabited.


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Geography & Climate

The Federation's islands are low-lying; the highest point, on the island of Lahesa, is just eleven metres above sea level, and most of the uninhabited islands disappear below water during high tide.

The islands straddle the equator, and the climate is tropical, hot and wet most of the year round, with impressive thunderstorms.

The FPS contains both actual islands, with soil able to sustain lush plant life and crops, and coral atolls with little variety in plant life.


The people are mainly Polynesian (98.3%), with small numbers of other Pacific Islanders (mainly Melanesians) (1.3%), as well as Asians (0.3%) and Caucasians (0.1%).

The average life expectancy is 64 years, and most of the population is young (41% under 15 years of age).

An inhabitant of the FPS is refered to as a Federal Polynesian, or, occasionally, as a Naetuan. The latter is a reference to the nation's official language, but as it is not the native tongue of all Federal Polynesians it is not considered correct to consider it a term of nationality. Likewise, the term Maohi refers more to the ethnicity of indigenous Federal Polynesians than to nationality.


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The Federated Polynesian States were never colonised, but they were settled by missionaries in the early nineteenth century, resulting in many Federal Polynesians refering to themselves as Christians.

An indigenous Polynesian culture and way of life (faka maohi) has also remained strong, however, especially in the smaller islands distant from the capital, Apawa, on the island of Orowu.


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Main article: Politics of the Federated Polynesian States

The monarchy is hereditary, and Queen Rewa wields absolute power. It has however become customary for the monarch to yield some of her power to the National Fono, also refered to as the Federal Parliament.

International codes

International Codes
Internet code (TLD):.fps
Sports' code:FPS
Telephone dialing code:669